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 The GC Forums Club Directory

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PostSubject: The GC Forums Club Directory   14th July 2015, 8:02 am

Here at the GC Forums we have various clubs for our members. Anyone can join these clubs, no matter what their rank. We offer many variety of activity clubs as well as general interest clubs and good old regular fan clubs. Membership is as easy as posting in the thread to say you want to join, and any member of any rank can even start their own clubs if they want to! We hope this can help you guys have fun and enjoy things together as well as get to know each other better!

Here in this thread we have compiled an index, a directory of sorts to help old and new members find their way much more easily because these clubs are located all over the forums in various parts of the board. Check out the list below to see if there's any club you might be interested in joining or participating in! Special thanks to Henshinyo for helping us compile this list. As new clubs are made or closed, this list will be periodically updated to reflect the changes.

Monthly Activity Clubs

Anime Watching Club
Club Leaders: Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter
Let's watch anime together! Every month, this club votes on a new anime to watch and then spends that month watching all the episodes (or as many as any member can manage). At the end of the month, they will discuss the title. There are occasional livestreams too!

Book Club
Club Leaders: Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Neptune
Prefer to read novels rather than manga? Then this club is for you! Each month, an active member of the club will choose a book to read and within six weeks, everyone will be reading the chosen book, discussing it in parts as everyone progresses along.

Club Leaders: Brit-chan and Sailor Neptune
A club made for cats by cats (face it they are our supreme overlords)! You can post photos of silly cat memes, your own adorable fluffy cat babies, cat questions and advice and well...anything cat related!

Club Leaders: Sailor Pluto & Sailor Jupiter
Interested in playing D&D yet don't know how? Well come join join this club to learn all about play Dungeons and Dragons and even more tabletop roleplaying games!

Manga Reading Club
Club Leaders: Addelyn & Brit-chan
This club will be reading various shojo and shonen manga besides Sailor Moon. Each month a new manga title will be chosen, and at the end of the month all members will discuss it together.

Club Leaders: Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter
A club for those who have lived at least a quarter of a century, so that we may age gracefully together. Join the Old Lady Social Circle to chat with like minded ladies (and gents), share knitting tips, and more. Also don't forget the most important thing of all, tea!

Sailor Moon Manga Club
Club Leaders: Brit-chan and Addelyn
Sailor Moon is what brought us here, so in this club they will be reading the manga that starts it all! Every month, they will be reading a volume of the Sailor Moon manga, and at the end of the month, they will have a live reading/discussion in the GC Chatbox or Discord.

Club Leaders: Dark Sportsnutd & Cosmos-Hime
Do you want to be the very best? Well then join the Pokemon Club today! Come discuss your favorite Pokemon, share friend codes, and participate in monthly flash games!

General Interest Clubs

The GC Wellness Club
Club Leaders: Cosmos-hime & Sailor Mars
This is a place to get with fellow members to discuss physical wellness with one another and encourage one another to continue on a healthy track of living. Here you can discuss goals, reasons, methods, share recipes of healthy food, etc. We want to focus on the positive aspect of healthy living and achieving these goals in a positive, healthy manner.

Club Leaders: Sailor Venus & Sailor Mercury
This is a place for those who enjoy planning, productivity and organization! This club is dedicated to sharing fun, creative tips and tricks that will help you fall in love with planning. We're a group of members that have different styles of organization and would like to improve our workflow or simply learn how to be better at organizing whether is your day, week, month.

Club Leaders: Celest & GreenPea501
This is a place for all your asian pop culture needs! You can discuss different korean pop groups or soloists,  japanese pop/rock groups and idols, dramas, and more!
Club Leaders: Sailor Jupiter & Diana
This a place for the members of GC to come together and share their love for food. Share discussions about cooking/baking tips, recipes, restaurants, and how much you love food in general!

GC Lonely Hearts Club
Well, don't deny it guys, we all have love troubles, and this club is a space to tell others about your romantic problems, ask for advice, as well as give encouragement to each other.

Club Leaders: Eidolune & Cosmos-Hime
This is a place for those who seek the strange and unknown! The Paranormal Club is dedicated to expanding knowledge of cryptids, ghosts, aliens, demons, unexplainable events, and urban legends.

Sailor Moon Character Fan Clubs

Queen Beryl Fan Club (Sera Myu Version)
A club to share your love for Sera Myu's Queen Beryl.

Mamo-Chan Fan Club
A club to celebrate your love for the main male protagonist of our beloved series, Mamoru Chiba.

The Four Kings Fan Club
Love the Shitennou? Then this club is for you!

Inner Senshi/Shitennou Fan Club
Do you ship them? Who cares if they're only canon in Sailor Moon Crystal and that one artbook image? Celebrate their love here anyway!


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The GC Forums Club Directory

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