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 Advanced: The Little Moonbeam

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PostSubject: Advanced: The Little Moonbeam   22nd July 2015, 2:46 am

Storyline Name: The Little Moonbeam
Creator(s): Sailor Pluto and Sailor Uranus
Forum: Silver Millennium
Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced
Plot Summary: The people of Earth have been under the impression that the Moon's citizens are cruel, heartless, and dangerous. From birth, all Terrans are told by their parents that the Moon is a horrible place and its queen is even worse. After centuries of conflict between the Moon and Earth, young sorceress Beryl is able to launch an attack against the Moon and its queen - Serenity. The monarchs of Earth support Beryl, providing her with soldiers and the means necessary to take over the Moon and get rid of any possible threat it may pose. What the Terrans are unaware of, however, is the true nature of the Lunar people. In reality, the Moon is full of beauty, love, and kindness. The rumors that plagued the hearts and minds of Earth's people originated from one being of darkness - Metalia. Upon arrival on the Moon, Beryl's army began to question their actions, but were pushed on by Beryl and her hatred towards the Lunars. The attack commenced, taking all of the Moon by surprise. Queen Serenity, the ruler on the Moon, was unable to organize her soldiers in time for a decent response to the threat. The Moon's defenses were poor, and not even the four legendary sailor senshi were enough to hold back Beryl's dark magic. Princess Serenity, the queen's daughter, was distraught by all of the death and horrors surrounding her. Her distress caught the attention of Beryl herself, and in her lust for bloodshed, the sorceress approached the young girl. Queen Serenity saw this confrontation and rushed to her daughter's aid, but was too late. Beryl's dark magic had seeped inside of the princess's body, draining her energy and leading her closer to death with each passing second. In one last desperate attempt to save her beloved child, Queen Serenity used her legendary Silver Crystal to cleanse the princess of Beryl's darkness and send her somewhere where she would be safe. Unfortunately, the queen was already weakened from the ensuing battle, and her magic was limited. The condition of her child was unknown to the queen, for she had sent her to a safer future on Earth. Knowing her daughter was protected, the queen surrendered to Beryl's evil intentions, and was never heard of again.

On Earth, the news of Beryl's successful takeover promoted celebrations among the Terran people. Finally, the one species they feared had been eradicated forever. Unknown to them, there was one Lunar remaining, and she existed among them. Princess Serenity had been sent to Earth by her mother, and had arrived unconscious in front of the Terran Royal Palace. Her body was discovered by a pair of guards, and they quickly brought her to the king and queen. After discussing the strangeness of finding such a girl, the queen managed to convince the king that they take her in for a short while. Serenity was given her own temporary chambers and placed there to rest until she woke. Upon waking, Serenity was surprised to find herself in an unfamiliar location surrounded by servants. They tended to her, bathing her and dressing her in some of Earth's finest garbs. The princess's mind was reeling with questions, and she tried desperately to ask them, but there was just one problem.

She had lost her voice.

Details on any necessary information: In this roleplay, Serenity is 16 and Endymion is 18. The relationship between the Earth and Moon is very volatile, and by the start of the RP, the Moon will have already been taken over. This roleplay will start upon Serenity's arrival on Earth, and will end when she gets her voice back and marries Endymion. 
Restrictions: Serenity, Endymion, and potentially Beryl and the only playable characters in this roleplay. Everyone else will be NPC'd.
Source: N/A
OOC Thread: Skype/PM
Member to Character List:
Princess Serenity ~ Sailor Pluto
Prince Endymion ~ Sailor Uranus


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced: The Little Moonbeam   24th July 2015, 8:17 pm

She had lost her voice.


approved <3


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Advanced: The Little Moonbeam

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