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 Advanced Otaku Villain Kimera

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Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Advanced Otaku Villain Kimera    19th December 2015, 12:39 am

Character Name: Kaiyo Yamada AKA Kimera (Kimera means “ghost flame”)  
formerly  - Shrine Maiden Sahiye in previous incarnation – (Sahiye means “auspicious child)
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 24 born January 7th

Used Canons: manga, anime



Kaiyo has brown eyes and brown straight hair with short bangs. Her angular shaped face and clear pale skin give her a sort of beauty, but she can also easily blend in to a crowd as her features do not really stand out. She is of average height, about 5’5’’.

In her civilian form during the current incarnation, she wears either a business suit or a blouse and blazer with slacks and heels. She is always neatly dressed but conservatively so.  Most common colors are tan and black.

In her priestess form from her former incarnation as Sahiye she wore a white and purple priestess outfit with white sleeves, an ornate patter in purple and white on the front, with an undershirt and skirt of purple. Tucked into the front of her kimono was a small blade, used as a focus device but also ceremonial. Every priestess is given one when they reach that rank.

Kimera form:

In her villain form, which is her true priestess form that she hid on Altair, she wears a very similar outfit except the shades are a bit darker. She has tattooed inscriptions and characters running up her arms and on other parts of her body which hide under the robe mostly. These are part of ceremonies and bindings used to strengthen her magic through alignment with other more powerful energies. The small ceremonial blade is sharper and has a poison tip.

Personality: Kaiyo lives within a deep chasm of seething anger, hatred, and beneath that, emotional pain. She is exceptionally good at hiding it. She can be smiling and joking with you while digging her nails into her palm and plotting how you will die. That talent comes from a former lifetime of experience. Kaiyo is headstrong and used to making her own decisions and doing what she likes. To others she appears cal., business-like, and knowledgeable. She is very responsive to emotions both hers and others and thus fairly adept at manipulating people by changing her outward emotion at will. Kaiyo can also come off as slightly cold or aloof in her business life.

While she wants to act purely on the raging seas of emotion, she has a cold, patient, and calculating side that reigns those urges in.

She has no romantic attachments, nor is she looking. Her current career as a paranormal researcher is really just a means to an end. She was born with an innate affinity for the spirits of the dead, and she uses her prowess in that area to gain fame and power in order to pursue her real goal – that of eliminating Knight Altair and finally enacting her revenge on the last heir of the kingdom of Aquila.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

In civilian form most of her powers are concealed but she remains able to communicate telepathically with spirits and while unable to do so with living people, she is slightly empathic. Due to the fact that others might sense the power she emanates, she has to seal it while operating as a civilian. This seal is released by unlocking her third eye chakra with the placement of two fingers in her forehead and the words “release” being spoken.

In priestess form with her powers released she is highly empathic and can manipulate ethereal energies in her surroundings and between herself and other spirits. She can draw power from them and also bestow power to them. The more unrested spirits she can gather to her to do her bidding, and the more emotional energy they produce, the more powerful she or her chosen minion will be. The weapons or abilities of a spirit that she endows with power will depend on the reason for their emotional turmoil and its strength.
Priestess talents include: curses, telekinesis, energy blasts, small illusions

History: Sahiye was the illegitimate child of the king of Aquila, father to Knight Altair. Even though she was born first, she could not inherit the kingdom because she was not of royal blood, not to mention that her existence was a secret shame. Her and her mother lived in abject poverty, unacknowledged by the king who was persuaded by his advisors to cut all ties and deny everything. Due to the harsh conditions her mother, who was a fragile woman to start, grew ill. Sahiye was desperate to get the attention of the royal doctors, feeling in her heart that they could save her mother, but she was not even admitted into the palace. Her mother died when she was only 11.

When word got around to the king, who sometimes spied on them in secret, he felt a deep remorse and had his daughter bright to the palace grounds to be enrolled as a priestess. He deemed it a safe place where she might live decently enough that his guilt could be assuaged. But Sahiye never forgave him for abandoning her and for letting her mother die. A deep anger burned within her. It drove her to study hard at the shrine while she watched her younger half-brother, the prince living the life with her father by his side. Every day she was reminded of it, that she was illegitimate.

She kept a close relationship with the prince as they grew, and acted in a lot of ways like an older sister. He looked up to her and she hated him with every breath. But she kept him close, hoping one day it would pay off.

Sahiye had quite a talent for communing with spirits. At first it was the gods that were worshipped at the temple. She always seemed to know what portents meant. But soon she began to hear other voices in the dark of her mind, voices crying out with similar pains to her own and screaming for vengeance. She began to experiment with a darker magic secretly, just as they promoted her to head priestess and advisor to the king. Not only did she commune with the unrested spirits of the deceased but she sought out darker entities of chaos who could lend her insight or power.
Tensions were building between the kingdoms of Lyra and Aquila and she saw an opening. She knew she could never take her rightful place as heir if the royal family was alive, but if something were to happen to all of them, she knew even with her half blood she would be the only suitable heir. As advisor to the king she knew so much more about their day to day habits. She orchestrated a faux assassination attack on the king to distract the guards and succeeded in taking out the queen to ensure there could be no more heirs. A few years later she would grab her chance to take down the prince on his annual trip to see Orihime, but even though she succeeded in killing her half-brother, in defense of her attack he took her life as well.

Kaiyo was born in the heart of Kyoto to a single mother with a drug habit and a penchant for partying. She was an unwanted mistake and her mother did not let her forget it. Night after night she would have to endure strangers coming to the house late at night, the noise and the unpredictability. But even worse were the nights where her mother did not come home at all which were many, She learned at an early age to fend for herself and spent a lot of time alone outside when she couldn’t take the parties anymore. A burning resentment built up between her and her mother even as a young child.

It wasn’t until one night when she was too scared to sleep alone in the house that she wandered into a cemetery and saw her first ghost. It was a woman who had died due to malpractice in childbirth with her baby. She was kneeling by a small tombstone crying “Where is my baby!” over and over. Kaiyo could feel the pain radiating off of her in waves and it was the most alive and beautiful feeling she had ever had. Slowly she began to experiment with her new found talent and eventually contacted higher negative entities that were aware of her past life and helped her regain her memories. It all came rushing back, all that beautiful anger and pain. She was just like the ghosts, walking in a world in which she did not belong and chasing the pain of a life a long time ago.

Using her talents under cover to make a living she eked out a niche for herself as a paranormal investigator and author who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and to know what was going to happen where. She used the guise of pseudoscience but in reality the ghosts themselves were her helpers, her marionettes on command.

As her memories returned she realized one thing, she must stop Orihime from meeting Hikoboshi in this lifetime, stop his awakening to his true self, and when the opportunity arises, kill him once and for all.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Favorite season is winter
Favorite drink – herbal tea

Storyline Specific Information: Star Crossed – Same as above

Source: Sharing this profile with Sailor Mercury – joint creation

RP Sample:

Kaiyo couldn’t stand the quiet of the house, nor all the strange noises that broke up the silence. She had been lying in bed for an hour but she could not sleep. It was hot and sticky, the covers clung to her. Tomorrow was her eleventh birthday but she doubted there would be a cake. Finally sighing she pushed herself out of bed and padded over to her closed, tripping over an errant beer bottle that ad rolled in from the living room.
Dressed now, she made her way into the night darkened streets. Kaiyo didn’t know quite where she was walking, but she soon found herself outside of an old cemetery. Far from being scary, cemeteries seemed peaceful and quiet. She slipped past the gap in the gate and crept into the furthest depths. She realized suddenly that she heard a faint sobbing and hastened to reach the source. There before her was a semi translucent woman in a torn hospital nightgown sobbing over a small tombstone. Her hands kept digging into the dirt or trying to grab the tombstone but passed right through everything.

Kaiyo moved through the world feeling little or nothing, cold and numb, which she supposed was safer than wearing your heart on your sleeve. She didn’t even feel fear as the spectre unfolded before her young eyes. Sobs wracked the woman’s body as Kaiyo stepped forward into the row of stones.

“Where is my baby? What have they done with my baby? I want my baby!” Her face distorted with rage and pain as she screamed at the top of her lungs, wind whipping around the trees. “WHERE IS MY BABY?”

The sound should have been terrifying as should the cold breeze that seemed to swirl around her. But Kaiyo was raptured, eyes wide. The sheer pain rolled off this woman in waves, slamming into Kaiyo and waking up parts of her that she had never felt before. Her stomach churned and pulse raced in time with the pained cries. A sharp intake of breath started the spirit, which whirled to face her, demanding that she return her baby but Kaiyo stood transfixed.

“Let me feel it.” The young girl said to the startled spirit who had never been spoken to before. For a second she stopped her screaming tirade and truly looked at the young brunette with curiosity.

“Let me feel it? Let me feel your pain.” Slowly she reached her hand out to the woman, electric tingles racing along her arm.

Seeking something in the earnest eyes of the child, the spectre reached out slowly, a plaintive look upon her face as if to say Please, help me.

When their hands clasped Kaiyo gasped as great seas of emotion and thoughts came rolling through her mind. It was raw and intense. She knew sadness and she knew anger at the doctors who had robbed her of her child. A part of her own mind resonated with that and anger flared within her as well even as she failed to notice the faint purple aura that had begun to glow around them, nor that fact that the woman was slowly becoming a bit more substantial.


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Pyramidal Crystal

Pyramidal Crystal

Title : GC's Official Loof Merrow
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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Otaku Villain Kimera    19th December 2015, 5:02 pm

This profile is ready for approval! ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Otaku Villain Kimera    23rd December 2015, 12:18 pm

This looks great! Approved!


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Advanced Otaku Villain Kimera

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