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 [Advanced] Antagonist-Nishiki Toyotomi/Ryu Lupin

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Antagonist-Nishiki Toyotomi/Ryu Lupin   25th March 2016, 8:23 am

Character Name: Nishiki (Means brocade, or something gorgeous) Toyotomi (Clan name of the first man to truly unify Japan in the Sengoku Jidai period)/ Ryu (Simply means "Dragon) Lupin (Last name of the fictional French gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin).


Age and Date of Birth:
19, December 1st, 1979.

Appearance: In several ways, Nishiki can best be described as a bit plain. Adorned atop his head is a messy mop of black hair that refuses to conform to even the best of combs. Covering his face are two dark grey eyes that, when Lupin takes over, turn either red or yellow. When taking his wardrobe into account, well Nishiki ain't a male idol that's for sure. His school uniform consists of a buttoned up black blazer with red buttons and his school's emblem, a white turtleneck shirt that has two black chevrons on the collar and black and red plaid trousers. Nishiki also wears black glasses, although he hardly needs them for vision correction. These are more for show.

When Lupin takes over however, he'll mainly wears whatever Nishiki has, but for jobs/heists, that's Lupin breaks out the big guns. Every thief needs some kinda classy outfit, and Lupin has just the thing. Dubbing it the "Sneaking Suit", based off a game Nishiki really enjoys playing, this classy get up consists of a black trench coat with a gray collared shirt, black trousers and boots, and a pair of red gloves. However, to help protect Nishiki from prosecution from Lupin's crimes, he'll also don a white bird shaped mask with a black design around the eyes.

Personality: Well, we ARE dealing with a kid with DID here, so let's go about this slowly. First up, Nishiki Toyotomi. He's not aiming to be the next great mechanic, he's not aiming to be an idol, he really has no big dreams. Nsihiki just wants to graduate, go to college, becoming a writer and settle down with a family. Nishiki himself isn't the most assertive person on the planet. He's a bit quiet and lacks a presence in his class (oh the irony), but despite that, Nishiki's a friendly lad and a bit of a bookworm, preferring them to real friends in the long run.

Now we get to Mr. Lupin. Born of a lack of friends at a young age by Nishiki, Lupin is in short, Nishiki's only brother. As such, Lupin tends to be a bit protective of Nishiki and his body. Let's use an example. If Uranus threatened Nishiki, Lupin would quickly drop the flirty, tricky demeanor he usually carries and makes one thing perfectly clear. He's a gentlemen thief, he does not normally kill, or hell, even start a fight in general. But by Cosmos, he will FINISH IT. The same goes to any he really considers a friend or even a love. A good example of this is Mercury herself. Out of ALL of the Senshi, Lupin enjoys flirting with her the most, but that's because he holds legitimate feelings for the Senshi of Water. Lupin is capable of  emotions outside of being the devilish rogue type, but knows it could never truly work given his dangerous profession.

Beyond that, on the surface, Lupin is a tricky, devilish rogue. C'mon, his name is Lupin for a good reason. He's a gentleman at heart and actually prefers it when a heist goes so smoothly that he doesn't even need to fight his way out. Lupin, much like the fictional thief, leaves a calling card in the form of a note with his mask design as the signature, as a taunt of sorts.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Given that he IS a thief by night, Nishiki has developed enhanced hearing and even sight. These are skills however that have developed over time in his career with Lupin, much like his pakour talent, which is a general given for thieves. Beyond that, when Lupin is at the helm, he also has a decent amount of skill with boxing, however like I previously stated, Lupin prefers to not even fight in the first place.  This is just a last resort, or if Lupin is pushed over the edge. Curiously, Nishiki and Ryu are perfectly aware of each other's existence.

History: It all began with a lonely cry. You see, Nishiki was born an only child. His mother just didn't have it in her to be able to have more kids after Nishiki was born. Given Nishiki's secluded personality, this meant he really didn't have too many people to talk to as a kid. So....he kinda made his own friend. Ryu Lupin, based off a popular anime he watched the other day, he imagined Ryu as a big brother thief who would fight the world just to protect what he held dear. 

And his wish was granted, he DID get Ryu, just not in the way he expected. Over the years, Nishiki developed an advanced form of DID. This form basically split him into two beings. The first half is Nishiki himself, the second half is his "big brother", Ryu Lupin. The two work in harmony with eachother and are aware of each other's existence, but couldn't be any more different. 

Realizing that Nishiki obviously won't get anywhere in life with his current mind set, Lupin uses his talents to their fullest in order to get in money for Nishiki's future. Nishiki, aware of this, wants to be able to forge his own path, but is helpless to stop his other persona from doing what it pleases. 

And now it's gotten to the point where Lupin will even assist the Death Busters, all for Nishiki's wellbeing. 

The die have been cast, let's see how far Lupin's choice will take him. 

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Well, in terms of Nishiki himself, he enjoys reading, writing, video games and ramen beef bowls. He spends a lot of of his free time writing more then most other tasks however, given his aspirations of becoming a writer. 

Lupin however enjoys some unique things of his own. Fine foods, flirting with Mercury, reading books about Arsene Lupin himself, and challenging heists. To Lupin, there's a greater sense of reward and accomplishment for pulling off a trickier then average heist then just stealing from an average jewelry store.

Storyline Specific Information:

Source: It might be obvious at this point, but Nishiki is based off of the protagonist of the upcoming Persona 5. But instead of just that, I also decided instead to go with a Jekyll and Hyde complex.


RP Sample: A cool drop of rain splashed the young man's face. Followed by another. And another, before diving into full shower. 'This wasn't in the plan...', Lupin thought to himself. The job this time was a bank, entry point; the roof, exit strategy, the back door. The rain could complicate matters. Generally after accomplishing whatever his heist needed of him, Lupin tended to run. And run fast. Rain could cause him to slip and fall, loosing the take, and potentially put his other half into issues with law enforcement if held up for too long. 

That would be bad. 

Very bad. 

Yes, Lupin took everything into account when plotting out his big heists. This included weather, site layout, just about every little thing into account to ensure that he wouldn't be caught and unmasked. This, obviously, would land Nishiki in trouble too. After all, they WERE the same person. It would seem that Lupin would have to find another way to the roof and escape that way. The ground would be too slippery in this storm. So that left the rooftops. 

As Lupin pondered on this in the cold rain, he couldn't help but have his thoughts wander back to the Senshi of Water from the other night. The blue haired one. Out of all of those...er...senshi, it was her that interested him the most. She looked smart, intelligent, honestly she looked like a good match for Nishiki. Sadly however, Lupin knew that such a relationship could never work out in the long term, their professions were just too different, and no matter Lupin's reasons for being a thief, there was no way she'd ever approve. 

Wait, why was Lupin THIS torn up over one girl? He couldn't possibly be developing affections for her, right...?

With a sigh and a heavy weight in his heart, Lupin began the job.
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Antagonist-Nishiki Toyotomi/Ryu Lupin   25th March 2016, 8:24 am

Nishiki's all set for a review! Hit me with your best shot.
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Antagonist-Nishiki Toyotomi/Ryu Lupin   29th March 2016, 10:20 am

I don't have any requests here!



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[Advanced] Antagonist-Nishiki Toyotomi/Ryu Lupin

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