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 [Theory] Golden Crystal Planet Power

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Pyramidal Crystal

Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: [Theory] Golden Crystal Planet Power   25th June 2016, 9:52 am

Do you all think that the Golden Crystal grants Mamoru immortality in the manner that the Silver Crystal grants Usagi immortality (or at most long life)?

I'm of the opinion that Helios is Mamoru's priestly avatar, and thus it is theoretically possible that it does.

What intrigues me, however, is that we have no mention of Helios' relationship to Silver Millennium. He obviously survived it, and yet, we have little to no mention of his relationship to Queen Serenity and her Empire. I don't want to headcanon that he's Princess Serenity's father (I maintain that QS created Usagi for herself and gave her life via the Silver Crystal (RE: Wonder Woman), but I'm open to the possibility that he's Mamoru's father and born in the same manner that Usagi was.
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Princess Cosmos
Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Golden Crystal Planet Power   25th June 2016, 6:17 pm

I think the golden crystal is their just for sailor moon. I think it's like an activation key because we have never seen her use it without Mamoru there. Usagi says He always gives me the strength and courage to fight whenever I’m scared or uncertain. She also says This man is always there for me whenever I need him. Also in the dead moon arc in the manga she says Your pain is my pain. Which I think is why He was born from the silver crystal.

I think Queen Serenity made him exactly for that reason as well. To give Sailor Moon power. The golden crystal lets him heal things or give life to things that he holds much like the Silver Crystal (when he holds Chibi-usa's hand when her Silver Crystal was stolen). I think he has less power because it’s like a duplicate and they never have as much power as the real ones. But Usagi can bring back the dead like we saw with Pluto.

Personally I think Sailor moon is a fragment of the Cosmos. Queen Serenity couldn’t bear a child so she asked her. Because she is also Sailor Cosmos in the manga. And Sailor Mars was born so she protects mars and so on. Usagi only being SAILOR MOON is because she had the silver moon crystal.   But that’s a different topic...
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[Theory] Golden Crystal Planet Power

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