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 [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Nyx

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Nyx   25th July 2016, 9:22 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Amaya Artemisia
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16 / July 15th
Used Canons: Manga and anime
Appearance: Amaya stands at around 168cm / 5'6''. Due to lack of exposure to the sun, as she is generally active only during the nights, her skin is extremely pale. Her hair is very long and straight, dark blue in color, reaching well below her hips. Her eyes are of the same color. Unlike her sister, she dislikes physical activities and is far more frail. Thus, she is not much of a physical fighter, preferring to practice her magic when she is able to instead.

Like a typical princess, she will always be found dressed in elegant attires, usually long gowns as they are her favorite. She prefers to wear dark colors; mostly dark blue or purple. Perhaps she would make an exception and wear something brighter for a special occasion, such as her sister's wedding. But knowing her, she probably won't get much of a choice in her dress that day anyway.

Personality: Amaya is generally very quiet and reserved. She is not the type to casually chit-chat with strangers as her sister often does, and while she will generally be polite and kind, she can inadvertently appear as rather cold to people that first meet her. When placed in a group of new people she tends to stay in the background as much as possible, quietly observing and making mental notes about their character and behavior. Especially if she is with her sister. She views her as extremely trusting and more vulnerable to be manipulated, thus feeling the need to especially look out for her in such circumstances. However, her protective tendencies can often make her extremely cautious and critical of people.

Overall, Amaya is your typical princess. Graceful. Elegant. Gentle. And she is perfectly content with that. Her ultimate duty is to protect Dies Nox, and there is no greater honor than that. Why should she poke her head where it's not her business anyway? Unfortunately, her sister does not seem to see things the same way. So far she has managed to talk her out of her crazy ideas for adventures on faraway planets. She tried to warn her of the dangers lurking, but that wasn't particularly effective. Instead, their duty to Dies Nox seemed to do the trick for now. However, she feels guilty about holding her sister back in that way. Especially since that is, in part, due to her own selfishness. As much as she tries not to show it, Amaya simply cannot imagine being separated from Inara. She does not like it when they’re apart for too long, and even if they hardly see each other on their planet due to their day and night shifts, they always make time during the transition to catch up and be with each other. All in all, just the very presence of her sister is what Amaya needs the most.

Contrary to her sister, Amaya always feels the need to explore each and every possible outcome to her decisions. Perhaps it's also because she feels she has to look out not only for herself but just as much for her sister. If not more, as, much to her frustration, sometimes she seems to outright provoke danger for the fun of it. However, while this generally renders her able to make more informed and wiser choices, she will likely panic when faced with a situation that simply does not allow her enough time to think it through.

Generally, Amaya is the yin to Inara's yang.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
 Night Vision: Amaya is able to see at completely dark places with no issues at all. Note: This innate ability of hers works by amplifying even the faintest flicker of light in the atmosphere. She will still not be able to see in an environment of absolute darkness.
 Cold Tolerance: Amaya can stand cold up to -20C (-4F) before she even gets uncomfortable.
 Intuition: Amaya will often sense that something is going to happen (mostly a general sense of dread in bad situations), and she may have prophetic dreams. However, she does not know/predict actual details. 
History: For as long as anyone could remember, the Queens of Dies Nox would give birth to a single daughter, that would inherit the power to protect the planet. Their element of control would alternate, just like day gives way to night. A Queen with powers over the sun would give birth to a child with powers over the night, and so on. There would only be one Sailor Dies Nox, always, regardless of her element. This was the eternal balance of Dies Nox, until one generation changed it all.

The reigning queen of Dies Nox, Queen Kalinda, could not produce an heir, no matter how long she tried. This was unprecedented, and people began worrying over how their queen had been abandoned by the gods, as well as who would inherit the power of Dies Nox if the royal line ends with the current queen. The court's wise woman gave the answer to their worries; a new queen, which she indicated as well, was to ascend the throne. While a queen of Dies Nox had never been chosen before, let alone while the current one was still alive and well, the royal court followed the advice and did as they were told.

And so, Queen Aurora reigned as the new queen of Dies Nox. Naturally, Kalinda was suspicious, both of the court's wise woman and the new queen. She did not believe this to truly be the will of the gods. At first, she expected that Aurora would also fail to conceive, but she was quickly proven wrong. Even so, there was no way that the child of a commoner would receive the blessing of the planet. Something would go wrong.

And something did.

The morning into which Aurora would go into labor, the sun rose as usual. But the sky remained pitch black. Similar to an eclipse, yet the sun was in full view at the same time. Panic filled the people of Dies Nox. This had to be a terrible omen. Perhaps it was the wrath of the gods for choosing a queen against their true will.

Despite this all and after a long labor process, a child was born shortly before dawn, with the sky still at its darkest. A Senshi of the night, just as expected. She was named Amaya. But that was not the end of it; apparently the queen was expecting twins. Shortly after dawn, another girl was delivered. She was named Inara.

An eclipse with the sun in full view? A queen of Dies Nox giving birth to twins?? Kalinda became even more certain that this was all wrong. It all went against how things worked on Dies Nox for centuries and more. The people remained wary as well, but ultimately, they decided to wait until the girls reached fourteen years of age, the point at which they are destined to inherit the planet's blessing from their predecessor.

And that day finally came. There was unrest over the population. Would the transfer work? And if it did, which of the girls would be the new Sailor Dies Nox?

Kalinda was certain that her Sailor Crystal would refuse to recognize those girls that did not descend from the royal line. And so she was shocked as she felt it leave her body, along with her powers. The Crystal, as if it had a will of its own, orbited around each of the girls for a few seconds, until it suddenly split into two, the shards shooting inside the girls and transforming them for the first time. The Rods of Sunlight and Moonlight, never before existing together at once, materialized in front of them.

It was official; the planet had two new Senshi and not one. They were named Sailor Hemera and Sailor Nyx. Whatever the reason for this, the people accepted it as the will of the gods and celebrated it.

Except Kalinda. She felt betrayed, abandoned by the planet she spent her entire life protecting. Her dark feelings gave an opening for Chaos to take hold in her heart, turning her from a Senshi of light to a warrior of darkness. With her newfound dark powers, she intensified the fragment of doubt that remained in people's hearts, and convinced several that the two new Senshi were fake. Impostors that would take over their planet.

Kalinda, with the help of the small group of rebels she gathered by her side, threatened to divide the planet and enter it into an age of civil war. And so it was up to Hymera and Nyx to stand up for their first battle, against the previous Sailor Dies Nox herself.

After a long and hard battle, they managed to weaken her enough. They urged her to realize that she was fighting for the wrong side. To look around her, see the destruction she has caused to the planet she had sworn to protect. Kalinda finally came to her senses. She realized that, after believing the birth of the twins to forewarn of disaster for Dies Nox, it was her own actions that did so.

At that moment, the Chaos entity taking hold of Kalinda's heart left her and showed its true form. No longer constrained by Kalinda's doubts, it unleashed the full extent of its powers on the inexperienced Senshi, easily bringing them on their knees. Just as the battle seemed hopeless, the rods of Sunlight and Moonlight appeared before the girls once more, seemingly resonating with one another. Crossing the rods, the girls unleashed their joint attack, Midnight Sun, for the first time, easily destroying the Chaos agent. However, the attack took nearly all of their energy and left them unconscious for three days.

Ashamed of her actions, Kalinda decided to leave, but not before apologizing for what she had done. No, she could still not understand the reason for all of this. Why she could not have children of her own to inherit her power. But she witnessed the power of those girls, and she now believed in them. It really must have been the will of the gods.

Since that day, Amaya and Inara have been more inseparable than before, and they now knew that if they were together, they could take on whatever threat they might face. They set up a system of 24/7 protection, with Inara guarding from threats coming during the day and Amaya guarding during the night. Now they were even better protected than before, and Amaya was glad to have a partner rather than having to shoulder the burden alone like her predecessors. After all, two was always better than one.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Amaya's regular body temperature is colder than most people. She is sort of like a human cooler even when untransformed. Her favorite season is winter, she cannot stand heat and daytime usually turns her moody with all its brightness, which is why she prefers to keep an opposite sleeping cycle, sleeping during the day.
Storyline Specific Information: 
Conscription: Like a lot of other senshi, Amaya had been conscripted by Sailor Jin to help fight Chaos on her region. Or so she thought. In reality, Sailor Jin had only requested one senshi from Dies Nox, but as Inara does not want to be separated from her sister, she has decided to twist the truth and tells Amaya they both have been conscripted, seeing this as the opportunity to finally go on an adventure together with her sister.

Source: Sailor Mercury is the original creator of this character.
Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Nyx
Realm of Influence(s): Nighttime/Darkness
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Nyx Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: 

 Moonlight Lullaby: An attack that sends dozens of cold beams toward an opponent. Has a chance of freezing opponents.
 Darkness Focus: An attack that can envelop an enemy in a sphere of darkness, blinding them temporarily.
 Darkness Ultimate!: An attack that can plunge the arena into darkness to the point where anyone but her cannot see a thing, effectively creating mass blindness temporarily. (multi-target version of Darkness Focus, not yet unlocked)
 Midnight Sun: Joint attack with Sailor Hemera only. A finishing move that envelopes an opponent in both light then darkness, leaving them with oblivion. Requires both the Rod of Sunlight and Moonlight wielded by their respective bearers. Note: This attack takes almost all of their energy and as such will be used for emergencies only.

Weapons or Magical Items: 
 Moon Brooch: Inara's transformation item that allows her to turn into Sailor Nyx. It's shaped like a silver crescent moon.
 Rod of Moonlight: This staff is a symbol for Nyx as one half of the Dies Nox's protectors. It is a silver rod slightly taller than her with a silver crescent moon at the top. When used in combination with her sister's Rod of Sunlight, they can create a deadly attack that is almost sure to vanquish any enemy. The staff is quite useless on its own without its pair.

Guardian: None

RP Sample:

It was bright noon on Dies Nox. Just as it was regular for her at that time of the day, Amaya was sleeping. But her slumber was far from a peaceful one.

Sailor Hemera and Nyx were both on their knees. This... this creature simply would not be eliminated. They attacked again and again with all their power, to no avail. On the contrary, one single blast from it nearly knocked both of them out.

Is it hopeless? Nyx thought to herself. For Dies Nox... for her... it can't end this way!

The creature of Chaos prepared to charge another of its destructive beams. But at that moment, the rods of Sunlight and Moonlight materialized on their own accord in front of the twins and began to glow. Instinctively, they knew what they had to do. 

"Hemera! Do it now!"

"Midnight Sun!!"

Amaya woke with a gasp.

This dream again... Those past couple years have been mostly peaceful. What is up with that recurring dream from the past? Why now?

Hurried knocks sounded from her door, and without even waiting for an answer, Inara barged in, her breathing heavy. She seemed frazzled but vaguely excited. "Amaya! Wake up!"

"Inara! What's the matter?"

"Oh! Were you already up? Why are you already up?" her sister asked in confusion.

"Oh um, don't worry about it. It's nothing. More importantly, what did you want?"

"Listen, this might come as a shock, but... Sailor Jin from Queen Zhi's court is here. Apparently, we've been conscripted. She has requested our help to fight in the war against Chaos. It's desperate, Amaya. They can barely get enough volunteers, so it seems we have no choice but to go and help."


Amaya had only heard of the situation with Chaos on some faraway planets, but she had no idea it had become so desperate. For Queen Zhi to resort to such drastic measures...

However... As much as she was unwilling to let her sister face this situation alone anyway, regardless of being conscripted. Could they really both abandon their planet? Especially when this war against Chaos continues to escalate and could come knocking on their own door any day?

She sighed. "Dies Nox. We can't both leave it, especially not now. One of us needs to stay behind, in case of an emergency. If I talk to Sailor Jin, I'm sure she'll--"

"No!" Inara interrupted suddenly, and what seemed like panic flashed in her eyes. "They want both of us. All the other planets only have one senshi; it's unfair that one of us should get to opt out just because we have two. Besides, do you remember how we took out Chaos last time? It took both of us to defeat it." Now Inara seemed scared. "I can't take on this threat alone, sister. I can't do it without you. You know I'm not at my best when I'm alone. What if I need to unleash Midnight Sun again and you're not there? Please. Come with me. I don't want to leave you here alone either."

Right... Maybe that was what this dream was about all along. A reminder that, united, the two sisters can overcome any hardships.

Or at least have a better chance at that.

"Alright. I'll prepare quickly."

Inara had started grinning the moment she agreed, looking as if she'd just heard that they were about to go on a fun adventure instead of a war in which they might very well lose their lives.

"Just one last thing..." Amaya subtly rolled her eyes. "Can you at least pretend to be a little less excited about putting your life on the line?"



Signatures by Sailor Mercury Neptune o: and Roro

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Nyx   25th July 2016, 9:23 am

This profile is ready for review! ^^

Disclaimer: Inara's bits from the RP sample are from her player, Sailor Mercury.



Signatures by Sailor Mercury Neptune o: and Roro
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Nyx   31st July 2016, 7:27 am

Approved by Sailor Uranus for use in Conscription HC Event!


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Profile Officially Approved!


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[Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Nyx

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