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 (Relaxed) Girl power! OOC

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PostSubject: (Relaxed) Girl power! OOC   9th September 2016, 5:10 pm

Storyline Name: Girl Power!
Creator(s): Dark Sportsnutd
Forum: Free Form
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: In this world there are many types of people, normal humans, superhero and supervillains.. and none of them are more good and more bad then the Rangers and the Sailor Scouts…(The good guys) and Rita Repulsa and Queen Beryl..(The baddies) While the scouts and Rangers enjoy some days off Beryl and Rita meet up and decided to try and rid the planet of their enemies once and for all..

Details on any necessary information: This is an AU crossover based RP, taking place in Angel Grove, California. The Scouts decided to take a vacation and chose Angel Grove. That is where the two groups should meet and where the two baddie girls will also meet. Queen Beryl (Still wanting revenge) had found out where some of the girls were going and followed them there in secret. The players of the rangers may chose any name they like for them as long as it’s female.

Restrictions: No male heroes or baddies for this one… GIRL POWER!! List of characters can be made smaller if not as many people show up. Also if you chose a Ranger character you may make-up 2 attacks but they must sort-of follow Power Ranger lore i guess. (If you have any questions PM me and we can talk. I’m pretty lenient about this part)

OOC Thread: your here

Member to Character List:
Pink Ranger-
Blue Ranger-

Sailor Moon-
Sailor Chibi Moon-

Queen Beryl-

Rita Repulsa-


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(Relaxed) Girl power! OOC

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