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 [Multiverse][Advanced] Hina Ginbayashi

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Advanced] Hina Ginbayashi   30th September 2016, 4:09 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Hina (light) Ginbayashi (silver and woods or grove combined)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Universe: Persona 3/Persona 4 
Canon or Original: Original
Appearance: Hina has dark brown hair, long enough to reach her back, and a few strands hang over her forehead. She keeps it in a tightly woven braid most days, though she will simply tie it back if she's too lazy to do the former. Her eyes are a lighter brown color, and she's around 5'5" tall. She is athletic, with good upper arm strength because of her training with the bow.

Her school uniform is a white collared shirt and dark blue tie, and a knee length indigo skirt and brown shoes. In winder, she wears longer black socks and a dark blue blazer jacket with the school's crest on the front pocket. Outside of school, she wears a red and white set of robes when she's at her part time job. Otherwise, she sticks with t-shirts and sweatshirts with lots of pocket room, and prefers pants. She likes the colors white, gold, and blue.


Hina is an explorer at heart. She hates being told where to go, or even worse, where not to go, and tends to not listen to advice once she's set on a path. She's stubborn when admitting her own mistakes and faults, and would rather fake being great at something than just telling the truth. It takes a lot of trust for her to drop this act around others, and they are usually people she considers close friends. Hina acts as if she has no fear, but it's more to drown out her own negative thoughts on her abilities. She doesn't feel accomplished, so she pretends she is already.

In direct contrast to her bravado, she's terrified of the supernatural, especially ghosts or spirits. She does her best to appear unaffected, but as soon as it gets too close for comfort, she shuts down in fear and needs help pulling herself back together. Hina admires people who actually are confident in themselves, something she attempts to strive towards, though she's not very good at telling people this upfront. She has the tendency to tease her friends as a joke, but she is immensely loyal to them, and will ignore her own doubts to protect them. Hina isn't great at studying, but she does know quite a bit of history and mythology, something she has interest in but isn't too open about.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

  • Hina has joined the Archery Club, and can use most bows, but isn't an incredible shot without magical assistance
  • She is a Persona User, and can summon Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, to defend herself.

Artemis info:
Hina Ginbayashi was born outside of Sapporo, in a smaller town that bordered the woods and mountains. Her family was well known in the community for their hunting prowess generations ago, something that left them fairly wealthy even now. As young children, Hina and her older two siblings played in the forest frequently, and even when they moved to the city, her desire to roam around never died. She ended up in multiple close calls after wandering into the less savory parts of town, only to be found and saved by her big brother and sister. In an attempt to slow her down, her parents got her involved with a local Shinto shrine, and from middle school onward, she did part time work there. Hina even grew close to one of the actual Miko who lived there, following her around to assist her with tasks.

In her teenage years, Hina began to feel inadequate compared to her siblings and their own talents, always two steps behind them in skill. To try and impress her family, she took up the bow, as her ancestors did when they were hunters. To her embarrassment, she wasn't very good at shooting, but was determined to prove herself somehow, and stuck with it anyway. Years went on, and as she struggled to make her own niche in her family, she became more and more self-conscious of her flaws, and as a result, became over confident to cover them up.

Other Noteworthy Facts: 

Universe Specific Information:

  • In the Persona universe, creatures known as Shadows exist, born from dark human emotions, and prey on unprotected minds, turning them into empty husks of themselves, or even more shadows. Some people have the potential to fight back, and can utilize their own shadows to gain a Persona, giving the user a myriad of magical abilities. Regular people can't see a Persona or Shadows unless they are in a certain special location or there is a space-time anomaly affecting the area. 
  • There are also gods, spirits, and other entities that can step in and affect reality, though this is very uncommon under normal circumstances.
  • Personae- The main power that the players (Called Persona Users) will defend themselves with. They are manifestations of a person's soul, as in their personality, base desires, and will, in a tamed and controlled form. They're the "masks" people use to face the hardships of life, and usually come out in a time of emotional intensity or at the perceived risk of death. Summoning a Persona is draining both physically and mentally, and will take a toll on the user as they fight. They tend to take the shapes of mythological, historical, or even popular fictional figures. They are "born" in the unconscious collective thoughts of humanity, called the Sea of Souls. Each one has a collection of physical and magical abilities it can use, depending on the Major Arcana it is assigned.

  • Shadows- The main enemies, creatures that are also born of human thought and emotions, though from negative ones. These monsters are also assigned one of the Major Arcana and possess skills to attack with, but they tend to be more instinctual and animistic without guidance. Stronger shadows are much more intelligent, and can even manifest as dark versions of their creators, known as Shadow Selves. A Shadow that has been tamed and accepted by the one that created them becomes a Persona, though this process can revert under huge stress, and a Persona can even turn on its master if their will is too weak or if their creation is unnaturally forced. Shadows can manipulate time and space, but this power grows stronger when they gather in large numbers, causing reality itself to shift in unexpected ways.

Storyline Specific Information: 

Persona: The Broken Sea- Now a second year student at Hokkai Gakuen Sapporo High School, Hina joins the Occult and Supernatural Club at the beginning of the school year to prove that she's not scared of anything. She awakens her Persona, Artemis, during the club's first outing.

Source:List of Persona 3 Skills
RP Sample: 

The miko paused her sweeping of the shrine's grounds and looked up, staring off into space with a strange look in her eyes.

"..Hina-chan?" Hina, sitting on the stones steps leading to the shrine itself, stopped sorting through charms at the sound of her name.


"Don't you have school soon?" The miko asked, looking back at her. Hina shrugged. 

"Yeah, in a few days..." Hina wasn't sure what she was getting at.

"Maybe you should go home early today, it's going to be dark soon." Hina pouted and crossed her arms, a stark contrast to the ceremonial robes she was wearing.

"I'm not a kid anymore!" she insisted, to the miko's amusement. "Is this about all the weird stuff going on at night?"

"I'd rather you didn't wander into an alleyway and not return. You know you like to stray from paths." 

"I can walk home by myself..." Hina sad, though she look a little less confident.

"Sure you can, but...I'm just worried is all." 

"Well... well I'm not scared, so don't worry about me, okay?" She hated the thought of anyone having to watch out or her. She was capable enough to look out for herself and not be spooked by some ghost stories floating around town. The disappearances were probably a prank anyway... A crow screeched from atop the shrine roof, and Hina let out a less than dignified yelp. The miko fought not to laugh as she recovered from it. 

"Yes, of course you aren't."


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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Advanced] Hina Ginbayashi   13th October 2016, 12:06 pm

Ready for review!


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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Advanced] Hina Ginbayashi   28th October 2016, 7:46 pm

Sorry for the delay!



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[Multiverse][Advanced] Hina Ginbayashi

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