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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor ? / Princess Friderikke

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor ? / Princess Friderikke   18th October 2016, 11:36 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Princess Friderikke Beata Kron, called "Femke"
"Friderikke" contains the elements for "peace" and "ruler". "Beata" contains a Germanic element for "blessed". "Kron" is "crown," family name for the royal family of her planet. Those close to her refer to her as "Femke," a nickname that means both "little girl" and is a diminuative of names containing the Germanic element for "peace": "frid". She received her name upon her recognition as the heir to the power of their world. Her birth name was Inka Blom.
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Approximately 18, born in the late summer

Used Canons: She can exist in a universe drawing inspiration from the manga, 90s anime, and Crystal.

Appearance: Please include the physical description of your character as well as a description of their clothing or attire. Feel free to include a picture, but please do not substitute a picture for a written description. Please include at least one paragraph (3-4 full-sentence) of description. No sources may be quoted in this field; this description should be in the player's own words.

Personality: Please include as much detail as possible. May also include: dreams/goals/amibitions, likes, dislikes, weaknesses, and strengths. Please include at least one paragraph (3-4 full-sentence) of description. No sources may be quoted in this field; this description should be in the player's own words.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Reality Distortion - She has an innate ability to make slight and temporary changes to reality. This is not illusion—the changes that Femke creates are not perception based. They actually change. At this point, she does not have fine control over this ability. She can only reliably manage small alterations, and usually those distortions can only be held for a limited period of time. For example, she can change a small physical object into a similar object permanently: broccoli into beans, or a pen into a pencil. Anything on a larger scale: removing the door from a room, making a mountain less steep, preventing the rain from falling directly above someone... This needs a higher level of concentration, can be exhausting for her to control, and tends to revert back after a few minutes. This power is strongly tied to her emotional state—some changes just "happen" without her control, and those are often stronger than what she can consciously manage. When she is stressed or upset, the likelihood of an unplanned alteration increases.
The Knight's Princess - Even in his very young reincarnation, and even though she is different from the person she once was, Femke inspires loyalty and adoration in her child knight. When he was a baby and toddler, he would cease crying in her presence. She is less impacted by some of his abilities than others would be, unless it would benefit her to be subject to those abilities. He always seems to know where she is—it is impossible for her to hide from him and get some solitude. Femke is like a homing beacon always calling out to him. In the same way, because the two are tied, Femke can channel energy and increase her own power by borrowing from Eilert. Due to his current young age, this is very taxing on him; she must be careful.

History: Please include at least one paragraph of description. A paragraph is typical a minimum of four/five sentences long. If the character is a sailor senshi or a villain, please provide information on how he or she became a sailor senshi or a villain.

After this point, it was clear to everyone that the princess they had been seeking had been reborn. In a grand ceremony, the little girl was christened with her full name and title. She moved into the palace, to live and learn under the close watchful eye of the old nurse. Princess Friederikke received the very best of tutors and trainers, all doing their best to raise a fine ruler for their world. She continued to protect her people and home as Sailor ?.

Shortly after she turned 13, something very strange happened—it was determined that another was reborn, a knight who had fought valiantly to protect this planet. He was located, identified as a 1-year-old boy with golden hair and bright eyes, and brought to live at the palace—much in the way that the princess had been. Although she didn't know much about this child, Femke felt drawn to him. Eilert preferred the princess over anyone else in the castle, and in a way he became the little brother she had never had.

She doesn't realize that this little boy is actually the knight her previous self once loved.

Eilert insisted on following her everywhere, even into battle. Even if she wanted him to stay back and keep safe, she couldn't keep him out. Femke has tried to train him, but he's only a child. Instead, she spends a lot of time having to save him from disaster—very different from the relationship between their previous selves. She has resigned herself to having him alongside, even if it is inefficient and problematic at times. Sailor ? hopes that she can continue to train him to fight, so that he will require a bit less work on her end to manage.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Optional! May include description of star sign, blood type, favorite gem, favorite flower, habits, favorite school subjects, least favorite school subjects, favorite food, and least favorite food, etc.

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Qircuit
Realms of Influence: and Distortion
Transformation Phrase: Qircuit

Senshi Fuku: You may choose between providing a picture, providing a description, or both. Descriptions may include the sailor senshi's: signature colors, tiara, choker, collar, brooch, front and back bow, skirt, and bodice. This may also include descriptions of accessories, such as: shoes, gloves, jewelry, and other features not previously included.

Powers: Please include the name of the attack, a description of how the attack looks when performed, the effects of the attack, and the strengths/weaknesses of the attack.

Weapons and Magical Items:
Locket of Devotion - This charm allows Femke to transform into a sailor soldier. It is a heart-shaped locket of aged silver, with an engraving that has worn down, now impossible to read. Femke has been unable to open the pendant to see what might be inside. She wears it around her neck on a simple cord.
? - Weapon!

Guardian: If applicable. A guardian is not required.

RP Sample: The RP Sample should involve the character you are applying for and the sample must be at least 100 words. We've provided some themes to get you started.
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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor ? / Princess Friderikke

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