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 [Advanced] Knight: Koga Knight/ Kiyoshi Sasuke

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Knight: Koga Knight/ Kiyoshi Sasuke   18th October 2016, 12:37 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Kiyoshi (nicknamed Kiyo) Sasuke
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 27, November 30th
Used Canons:
Manga and Anime
Appearance: Please include the physical description of your character as well as a description of their clothing or attire. Feel free to include a picture, but please do not substitute a picture for a written description. Please include at least one paragraph (3-4 full-sentence) of description. No sources may be quoted in this field; this description should be in the player's own words.
Personality: Please include as much detail as possible. May also include: dreams/goals/amibitions, likes, dislikes, weaknesses, and strengths. Please include at least one paragraph (3-4 full-sentence) of description. No sources may be quoted in this field; this description should be in the player's own words.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Kiyoshi is a student of Kōga-ryū, the Koga school of ninja. He is focused on the Bo Staff and unarmed combat, along with stealth skills.
History: Please include at least one paragraph of description. A paragraph is typical a minimum of four/five sentences long. If the character is a sailor senshi or a villain, please provide information on how he or she became a sailor senshi or a villain.
Other Noteworthy Facts: Optional! May include description of star sign, blood type, favorite gem, favorite flower, habits, favorite school subjects, least favorite school subjects, favorite food, and least favorite food, etc.
Storyline Specific Information: Optional! To be filled in during storylines, not before! This section is for you to detail information about your character that is specific to a certain storyline(s). Fill out this section with each separate storyline, so you don't have to send multiple character profile applications for the same character.

Source: New! This field is optional, only to be filled in if you directly copied information from an outside source. Post the link to your source here.
Knight Information
Senshi Name: Koga Knight
Realm of Influence(s): Shadows, Stealth, Athletics
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: 
Senshi Fuku: You may choose between providing a picture, providing a description, or both. Descriptions may include the sailor senshi's: signature colors, tiara, choker, collar, brooch, front and back bow, skirt, and bodice. This may also include descriptions of accessories, such as: shoes, gloves, jewelry, and other features not previously included.

  • Shadow Step- Koga can step into darkened areas and walk between them, seeming to bend reality and move far faster than possible. If the shadows disappear, he can be interrupted. Outside of shadows, this can be used to silence his footsteps.
  • Monkey Grip- Koga can climb up flat surfaces, hang on ceilings, and jump large distances without the need for tools.

Weapons or Magical Items: 

  • Sarutobi Staff- A wooden bo staff that can extend and retract, and imbues Koga with more flexibility
  • Smoke Bombs-A set of five small smoke bombs that regenerate every time he transforms.
  • Shuriken-Throwing stars he can generate and toss with excellent accuracy. They are nonlethal and can pin objects and living things down.

Guardian: If applicable. A guardian is not required.
RP Sample: The RP Sample should involve the character you are applying for and the sample must be at least 100 words. We've provided some themes to get you started.

  • "It's raining outside..."

  • Memories of the past

  • You get a call on your communicator: A Youma's attacking in the park! Where are you? What happens when you get there?


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[Advanced] Knight: Koga Knight/ Kiyoshi Sasuke

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