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 [Advanced] BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon

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Star Seed

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PostSubject: [Advanced] BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon   18th October 2016, 2:55 pm

Welcome to BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon, a Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura crossover RPG!

News & Updates
19 Oct 2016 Chibi Moon, Ceres, Pallas, and Juno's elements have been changed to moonlight, flowers, precipitation, and vitality respectively.
18 Oct 2016 Hello! We are currently looking for Ceres, Pallas, & Vesta. Please post if you're interested in reserving one of these girls. :3

The Story
Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and the Sailor Senshi’s star seeds have been stolen and turned into cards by a new enemy only known the Card Master. It's up to Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet to find the Senshi Cards. But it won't be easy. The Senshi Cards have been scattered across Japan, and several of the Senshi Cards will not go quietly.

Will Chibi Moon and the Quartet be able to collect all the Senshi Cards and defeat the Card Master? Stay tuned!

The Cardcaptors
Chibi Moon/Usagi "Usa" Tsukino - Moonlight (Aurae)
Ceres - Flowers
Pallas - Precipitation
Juno/Moe Ino - Vitality (Sailor Anemone)
Vesta - Fire
Diana (NPC)

The Cards
The Peaceful
Pluto - Space-time
Serenity - Moonlight, purity

The Cunning
Cats (Luna & Artemis) - Guidance, magic
Endymion - Dreams, restoration
Mercury - Water, knowledge
Neptune - Deep waters, reflection
Venus - Love, beauty

The Violent
Mars - Fire, passion
Jupiter - Thunder, protection
Saturn - Ruin, silence
Uranus - Sky, flight

The Enemy
The Card Master is a renowned tarot card reader, who was reborn, like Usagi, Mamoru, and the Sailor Senshi, after the fall of the Silver Millennium. He had foretold the Fall of the Silver Millennium, but the Queen disregarded his warnings. When he awoke on Earth, he tried to tell the reborn Princess about Nehellenia, but once again he was ignored. This instilled a Seed of Bitterness in the card reader – enough for Chaos to plant her own Seed of Chaos in his heart. The Seed has slept until the right time.


めがねっこ (meganekko), noun, manga slang, “girl with glasses; glasses-wearing girl”

Love Sailor Moon? Love Cardcaptor Sakura? 
Come join BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon
We're currently in need of Ceres, Pallas, & Vesta.

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Star Seed

Star Seed

Title : Formerly Sailor Anemone
Posts : 55
Join date : 2013-12-04
Location : Arizona

PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon   19th October 2016, 1:27 pm

Additional Info
– All characters' civilian names should be Japanese and reflect their respective elements, like the original senshi.
– Chibi Moon and Ceres is 17; Pallas and Juno are 16; and Vesta is 15.
– The Sailor Quartet are not related, but were raised together. Therefore they are very close.

The Sailor Quartet
Fuku Colors
Ceres → pink & purple (alternatively, yellow & pink)
Pallas → light blue & blue
Juno → green & brown
Vesta → red & dark grey/black

Please note that these are over-simplified color schemes.

Magical Items
After having been revived/purified by Neo Queen Serenity, Amazon Stones now are called the Quartet Crystals.
– Ceres's crystal is citrine
– Pallas's is aquamarine
– Juno's is peridot
– Vesta's is sunstone
Their crystals appear as cute little phone charms that are attached to their communicators. Ceres's is shaped like a flower; Pallas's is shaped like a raincloud; Juno's looks like a seed; and Vesta's looks like a flame. **Their charms appear as their secondary fuku color and the crystals are hidden inside.**

Chibi Moon and the Quartet use communicators that are essentially customized smartphones by Sailor Mercury. They all have an app on them called DIANA (Dedicated Interactive Analytic Network Application).
– Chibi Moon → Pink Moon Communicator
– Ceres → Citrine Quartet Communicator
– Pallas → Aquamarine Quartet Communicator
– Juno → Peridot Quartet Communicator
– Vesta → Sunstone Quartet Communicator

Credits & Thanks
A big THANK YOU to Aurae Sailor Mercury for helping my fine-tune the RPG, for the DIANA app & its meaning, and everything else. You're an absolute gem!
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[Advanced] BSSM: Cardcaptor Chibi Moon

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