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 Tales of Zestiria The X

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PostSubject: Tales of Zestiria The X   19th October 2016, 12:31 pm


Quote :
Sorey is a human youth who grew up among the “seraphim” (tenzoku), spiritual beings invisible to human eyes. He believes in the folklore that every human was able to see the seraphim long ago and dreams of unraveling the ancient mystery to make the world a place where people and seraphim can live together in peace. During a visit to the human capital, he becomes embroiled in an incident during which he pulls out a holy sword embedded in a rock and ends up becoming a “Shepherd,” one who casts away calamity from the world.

I just started watching it, and I really like it even though I haven't played the game before (Don't own the consoles needed, and I don't know if my computer can handle it). The animation and CGI are luscious and the characters and story all seem interesting, so I'm gonna watch the first season subbed first, then dubbed, and then impatiently wait for the second season. So...discuss the anime here!


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Tales of Zestiria The X

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