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 Clubs Matsuri~ 6th Anniversary edition~

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PostSubject: Clubs Matsuri~ 6th Anniversary edition~    12th July 2017, 6:56 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to our Clubs Matsuri ~ 6th Anniversary Edition!
This Matsuri will work the same way as the first one, ALL clubs Discord channels
will be open for everyone starting today July 17th until August 6th
This mean that you can participate in the activities or discussions each
club will be having during this period of time!

And if I want to join a club?
It's very simple! just post on this same thread the following information
1. I would like to join [Insert here all clubs that you want to join.]
2. I do have a discord account [Insert here your username] 
Note: if you don't know how to see what is your username follow this steps:
1. Click on the tiny wheel located on the bottom left side of Discord (User Settings)
2. My Account will be the first option and your username is the one right next to your avatar
also you're going to see that it says "username", remember to include all information
including the "#" followed by the numbers.

Once you join a club Sailor Venus or Artemis will add you to the club chat on Discord and
will also add you to the members list on that club's thread here on GC!

Clubs News~

Some of the clubs will be holding special activities during this 6th anniversary
make sure to check here what does activities would be!

SM Manga Club
Read bellow for more info!

Hope everyone have an awesome time lurking around the clubs as well as joining them!


By: Serenvye, Moonlight Dreaming, Diana

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PostSubject: Re: Clubs Matsuri~ 6th Anniversary edition~    20th July 2017, 9:50 am

The Sailor Moon Manga Club would like to invite all forum members to join our live-chat discussion of Vol. 5 of the manga! (Note: we're following the shinsoban or Kodansha release of the manga.) The discussion will be followed with a quick trivia game too!

The livechat will be held in our club's discord on July 21st 2017 at 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST.

You can learn more about our club here: Sailor Moon Manga Reading Club Official Thread

Hope to see some new comers!!


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Clubs Matsuri~ 6th Anniversary edition~

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