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 Anniversary Admin Have Transformed

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PostSubject: Anniversary Admin Have Transformed   17th July 2017, 2:49 am

While playing a Game of Candyland, a strange tale has happened to the Admin Team:

After having one bad dice roll after another, Sailor Jupiter made use of her forbidden Attack "Jupiter Gingertree Evolution", before rolling the dice. Charged by an immense power, the dice hit the board, unleashing a cascade of Lightning, knocking out our lovely Admin Team. One by one they awoke from their unwanted slumber, only to notice that everyone has transformed into a Candyland Character.

You want to know who is who? I am still confused too:

Neo Queen Serenity --> Queen Frostine
Sailor Mercury ---> Gramma Nutt
Sailor Mars ----> Lord Licorice
Sailor Jupiter -> Mama Gingertree
Sailor Venus ---> Jolly
Luna --> Gloppy
Artemis --> Mr. Mint
Diana ---> Princess Lolly
Sailor Uranus --> The Kid
Sailor Neptune --> Bazz
Sailor Saturn --> Gramma Gooey
Sailor Pluto --> Plumpy

What's that? You want to help us return to our former selfs? The only clue I have, is that finishing the Board Game will probably undo the Transformations! There is still some room at table, so we'd be happy if you join our Game of Candyland. Who knows: You might even be able to become the Winner!


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Anniversary Admin Have Transformed

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