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 Cell Phone Game Apps (Usernames/looking to play ads)

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PostSubject: Cell Phone Game Apps (Usernames/looking to play ads)   25th March 2012, 8:25 pm

Hello every one! Do you like apps like Words with Friends or Drawsomething?

If you do, I'd like this thread to be a place for people to share their usernames/or details so that we can add people Smile

I'm looking for people to play "Drawsomething" with, my username: Dainty Duchess


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PostSubject: Re: Cell Phone Game Apps (Usernames/looking to play ads)   25th March 2012, 10:10 pm

Oh I love games like this! I'll totally play Draw Something with ya, Crystal! My username on there is SquirtleLovesKomu

On the Zynga games (Words with Friends/Hangin with Friends/Scamble with Friends) my username is KiraKira Niji with the little rainbow icon iphones can do XD (I might have to start a game with you first if you can make the rainbow XD)

I also play Dice with Buddies, my name is NijiiroKokoro on there.

And Disc Drivin' is the other one I play... my names on there are Shiratama Yurie and Zenigame.


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Cell Phone Game Apps (Usernames/looking to play ads)

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