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 Princess Jellyfish (Kurage Hime)

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PostSubject: Princess Jellyfish (Kurage Hime)   16th July 2012, 9:57 pm

So has anyone watch/read this anime/manga? I recently discovered it via seeing some gifs in tumblr and being intrigued. You can watch the entire series subbed (or dubbed) on Youtube via Funimation (so its official!). Its a short watch, the anime being 11 episodes.


It's a pretty adorable series about an otaku girl named Tsukimi who lives with a bunch of other Otaku/Neets. Tsukimi one day meets a fashionable girl and things just go from there. It ends up being kind of a romantic comedy but in a good way. My only beef is that the anime rushed the ending and somethings are left unresolved (which I hope there is a 2nd season that will fix that).

So with my unsatisfied ending and a desire for more, I searched out scanlations of the manga and devoured all of its current release (49 chapters and it explains things and continues things further than the anime, which leads me to believe there will be a 2nd season) and love it to death now. Its just stupidly adorable and i was sad because there was no more manga for me to read cause its on going. T______T

Anyway, yeah, I recommend it a lot. Its super cute and is quite funny. <3 <3

And you may end up with a bit of a love for jellyfish afterwards.


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PostSubject: Re: Princess Jellyfish (Kurage Hime)   16th July 2012, 10:02 pm

I seen this advertised on rightstuf but wasn't sure about what it was about but now I know! Thanks for sharing!


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PostSubject: Re: Princess Jellyfish (Kurage Hime)   16th July 2012, 10:08 pm

Ooh this seems awesome! I really think I could get addicted to this Wink


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Princess Jellyfish (Kurage Hime)

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