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 Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?

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PostSubject: Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?   6th September 2012, 11:14 pm

Okay so since we have the topic 'Which version is the best?' I came up with this question:

Do you prefer the PGSM (live action) or Sera Myus (Musicals) and why? I haven't watched the whole live action neither all the Myus but I have to say I personally prefer the Myus. PGSM did some awesome job with characterization and followed the manga plot but I like Myus more. I think PGSSM made some too radical plot changes to be 'accurate to the manga'. I love the music in Myus and all the emotions I can feel when I watch them. They many some beyond awesome scenes focusing on the characters and most of the actors are amazing. Myu songs are so catchy and they have some many variations. And one thing that disappointed me in PGSM is the fact Bandai only made the first season .__. Myus have some many story arcs and we see all Solar System Senshi (woot outers!) plus many new characters. I also like how Myus have their own twist and both, manga and anime in them. I certainly don't want to bash PGSM since I like it a lot, as well but I'm just telling my opinions. So let me hear your opinions Smile!


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PostSubject: Re: Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?   6th September 2012, 11:28 pm

I don't know much of the Myu, but I am crazy about PGSM, so... PGSM, hands down


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PostSubject: Re: Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?   6th September 2012, 11:48 pm

While they're two very different things with different purposes so i find it hard to compare.

The Musicals start off following the anime, then they decided to make up their own stuff and then start following the manga. Music-wise of course Myu's better with its 100+ songs against PGSM's 19. However, being musicals, they cannot possible characterise everyone properly, they expect the fans to be familiar with the characters already, unless they're specifically focusing on someone. Being live, the musicals have more heart and emotion than PGSM does, however PGSM really is technically better, its got editing processes and the ability to redo scenes. But with Myu its sort of a one-chance thing. I guess it depends on what your comparing. In Myu, you can't just act, you have to really care about your character and everything in PGSM you're able to act out of it, but luckily it seems everyone does genuinely love doing it. PGSM is also quite straightforward but i like how Myu makes you consider the plot more, in particular, Myu uses more thematic devices and subtler techniques to get its point across or convey things, more so than any other version, where they almost always spell it out for you. Myu is just slightly more adult and mature to the other versions, while PGSM is aimed at a young audience, Myu is more aimed towards the parents while they entertain the kiddies with fun and brightness. But again, it all depends on what you're comparing.

For example:

Plot Detail: PGSM > Myu
Deeper Meanings: Myu > PGSM
Mystery and Depth: Myu > PGSM
Characterisation: PGSM > Myu
Singing: Myu > Pgsm
Predicatbility: Myu > PGSM
Acting: Myu = PGSM

What I love about myu is the perfect mix of professionals and amateurs that make it so heartwarming, everyone comes together in myu to sing and love sailor moon!


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PostSubject: Re: Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?   7th September 2012, 2:53 pm

I have seen the entire PGSM series and some of Marinamoon and all of Anazamoon (I can't seem to make it to the next stage!). I love both intrepretations of Sailor Moon but I'd have to say that Sera Myu is my favorite out of the two. I love the emotion and music in the Myus and I love the fact that it is live and theatre is something any community can do so it felt like being Sailor Moon on stage was more of possibility than being on a set for television. I did love the characterisation of PGSM but I agree that it changed too many things at towards the end that I didn't really like. I love singing along with the myus and the dancing ect.

Like Miki said, the myu combines both pros and amatures which makes a nice mix of the old and new, it feels like you can be given a chance even if it is your first musical ever. Which is something in my community that never happens, its like you have to start at age 5 or you will never be accepted or any good at anything, sports, the stage, ect. So for me the myus felt very hopefull.

I still have to say that the emotion is one of the best things about the myus. I also like how it is directed or an older, more mature audience whereas PGSM is directed at the kids. The Myu covers darker themes and always makes me happy to watch again.


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PostSubject: Re: Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?   7th September 2012, 2:57 pm

PGSM. I have seen some myus and I do enjoy them, but I just like PGSM better. Probably because I can keep up with it better. In myu I have a hard time keeping up with what's going on.


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Debate - Sera Myu or PGSM?

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