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 Debate: Did Haruka and Michiru ever get engaged/married?

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PostSubject: Re: Debate: Did Haruka and Michiru ever get engaged/married?   30th April 2013, 4:11 pm

Quote :
I wouldn't have thought about it if you hadn't mentioned it. I was just saying what I saw from it. Really I don't think it had everything to do with it being Seiya. Sure that could have been part of the reason but I really think anyone would have gotten the same reaction out of Haruka for it. Michiru also coming right out and asking Haruka if she was jealous leads me to believe that was all their was to it. I think it was just Michiru's way of making Haruka jealous.

I agree Michiru liked making Haruka jealous and vice-versa. Jealousy when in small doses and not done to hurt others can be very nice^^

It makes the person feel special and I know when my ex got jealous I felt kinda good about lol and vice-versa but without trust it can be very damaging. When my ex started getting aggressive with his jealous in an possessive obnoxious way it didn't make me feel nice at all and I actually hated it and made me feel very uncomfortable. The massive jealousy he later admitted came from his own guilty conscious thinking subconsciously whenever someone would flirt with me he's think I was cheated because he assumed I would do what he was doing.

With Haruka and Michiru, they have full trust and jealousy can be a fun feel good relationship thing when trust, love and honesty are real and that's why I see them as making each other jealous from time to time. Haruka with her flirting with other girls, Michiru with them flirting with girls/men but they don't let their jealousy go overboard.

With Haruka she made it very clear she did not like Seiya from the beginning, and she was hostile towards all the starlights. Setsuna and Michiru sided with Haruka and her standing but we see throughout the StarS anime saga they aren't actually seem to dislike them and weren't that hostile towards them, Setsuna and Michiru just don't trust them. When it came to Haruka's feelings there seemed to be more then mistrust, she just didn't like them much at all and didn't hold back showing them those hostile feelings
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PostSubject: Re: Debate: Did Haruka and Michiru ever get engaged/married?   19th October 2016, 2:15 pm

No, marriage does not necessarily strengthen a relationship. As long as you are with the person and love each for who you are rather than the amount of money you might share, then I find no meaning in a bunch of documents or a celebration. I feel marriage is more for people who need money related benefits, insurance benefits, etc.
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Debate: Did Haruka and Michiru ever get engaged/married?

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