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 Magic Knight Rayearth

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PostSubject: Re: Magic Knight Rayearth   Fri 14 Aug 2015, 05:44

@Sailor Zelda wrote:
@Cosmos-Hime wrote:
I'd read the manga first if you want to get your feet wet. The anime goes off on unnecessary fillers often, considering the manga is only 6 books and the anime is around 46-50 episodes.
Shoooott.... and I thought Sailor Moon was bad about filler...
Though CLAMP DID have a hand in the anime fillers, so the fillers weren't nearly as bad as other anime. Heck, the fillers flow incredibly well with little distraction-though there were like 3 changes that grind my gears. Still worth a check out though-there's a reason it's considered a classic.


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PostSubject: Re: Magic Knight Rayearth   Fri 14 Aug 2015, 05:58

I have some changes that really grind mine as well...being...


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PostSubject: Re: Magic Knight Rayearth   Sun 12 Feb 2017, 13:35

"The OVAs tell the same story in a different way."

>.> Uh... sure...

Loved this series! Saw the first season, read the entire manga series. I think I preferred the anime. And I own the OVAs on video tape and... was not impressed. °_°

As far as favorite characters, of the main three I liked Fuu, but overall probably Ferio and Caldina/ Gardina/ Botched-up-translation-of-the-day, and after them Zagato, Presea, and Emeraude.

Oh my gosh people, if you haven't seen it, watch it. It. Is. Powerful. It is frequently cited as anime you need to watch before you die. It is so amazing.
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Magic Knight Rayearth

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