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 Animal Crossing "My Gates Are Open" thread

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Lotus Crystal

Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Animal Crossing "My Gates Are Open" thread   1st September 2013, 10:20 am

So I thought it'd be a neat idea to put a thread up for Animal Crossing for when we open our gates Smile

I'd stay follow this format...

Town Name:
Friend Code:
Open or Closed?: (Red for Closed, Green for Open)

You can just go in and edit whether or not your gates are opened or closed. Also make a separate post for each different game/platform.


I'll start Smile

Game/Platform: Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii)
Name: Chilly
Town Name: Zilly
Friend Code: 4643-0876-2550
Open or Closed?: Open


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Lotus Crystal

Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Animal Crossing "My Gates Are Open" thread   5th October 2013, 12:38 pm

I have no idea how to work any of this stuff hahah but I'll try :p Also I only get wi-fi when I'm at home because it doesn't work at my school Sad

Game/Platform: New Leaf (3DS)
Name: brandi?
Town Name: "Buttland" -.-
Friend Code: 4785 - 5259 - 4365
Open or Closed?: Closed


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Animal Crossing "My Gates Are Open" thread

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