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 Love for Starchild

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PostSubject: Re: Love for Starchild    18th January 2014, 12:27 pm

Wow, I decide to log in after not visiting in a while to come and see this. I really hope she makes it through this. It would be awful for her to leave us and for her child to grow up without his(?) mother...


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PostSubject: Re: Love for Starchild    20th January 2014, 9:42 pm

Been gone a couple months and I saw this post. Sad I hope she overcomes this as well, and I also sent an email out.
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PostSubject: Re: Love for Starchild    22nd January 2014, 10:00 am

The small star sounds like a wonderful idea.

Also, I have sent my message to GC's e-mail address that NQS posted.


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PostSubject: Re: Love for Starchild    8th February 2014, 1:51 pm

I've sent both the emails and the letters I received <3



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PostSubject: Re: Love for Starchild    20th February 2014, 11:08 pm

I'm wondering how she is doing.. Sad
I still can't believe it.


Thanks to all the GC Members for Siggies.
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Love for Starchild

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