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 Theory: The Silver Crystal's power

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PostSubject: Theory: The Silver Crystal's power   21st October 2011, 10:23 am

So I got to thinking about the Silver Crystal/Ginzuishou's power - if it's just the sailor crystal of a small moon, how can it produce such energy? Why aren't all sailor crystals that powerful? o.o are they not all created equal? ... So here's my thought process, which is kind of like a theory that's completely open to debate. I've probably overlooked something or didn't consider something and I'd love for other fans to read it through, pick it apart, and put it back together using what makes sense in the Canon and our own personal head-canons. P.S. I see I've used the word 'so' like a billion times. I'm sorry.

Step One: Galaxy Cauldron.

Wikipedia (er, I know, but it's true) wrote:
Sailor Moon learns about Sailor Crystals and their power in a conversation with one of the Sailor Starlights,
Kou Yaten, in which she explains how Sailor Crystals were made to
protect the celestial bodies they were assigned to. The manga explains
that Star Seeds are created in the Galaxy Cauldron, a sacred place
located at the center of the galaxy and guarded by Guardian Cosmos.
Some Star Seeds grow into Sailor Crystals and are sent to planets and other celestial bodies to develop with them. Eventually, a Sailor
Crystal usually takes a host, and is subsequently 'born' into a Sailor
Senshi. This Sailor Senshi is then the guardian of that celestial body.
Upon the death of a living being, its Star Seed returns to the Cauldron,
and can choose to either remain there or be reborn
Okay, so we know that the galaxy cauldron is where star seeds are born and where star seeds go when they die (to join the soup of life xD), and that Sailor Crystals are what happen when a star seed sticks to the side of the cauldron (jk) and just keeps growing for a while, absorbing strength and characteristics of that soup - the goodness, love, compassion, etc. - before being sent to chill with a celestial body (planet, star). Once it's familiarized itself with that celestial body, it chooses a host (why not a prince or princess? everyone listens to them) before that pre-human receives its own star seed, thus becoming inexorably linked to that being (as its soul, in theory). As the being grows, the crystal within them anchors that being with the celestial body, and eventually the being awakens as the Sailor Senshi of the c.b., bound to protect it and the lifeforms on it with their power (and why not? They's good people infused with galaxy cauldron love and a deep attachment to the celestial body)(Note: Sailor Crystal is drawn to protecting lifeforms over dead planets/stars, so can use power of its own lifeless planet/star to protect life on a more lively planet).

OKAY. So why is the Ginzuishou so powerful?

Step two: Queen Serenity
Note: I read through the 'Queen Serenity at the Galaxy Cauldron' thread and found some backup for this idea there, some really awesome theories and thought-provoking questions; I didn't put this on there though as it deals more with the idea and power behind the Ginzuishou, rather than just Queen Serenity's involvement with it. Super special thanks to MercuryLove for her last statement, which made my head go 'OHHH YEAAAAH~' ... Er, for some reason, while most sailor crystals exist and are activated within the user, we find that Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity/Sailor Moon share a sailor crystal, the Ginzuishou, and that sailor crystal exists outside of them both, but can and has been absorbed by Usagi and was born within Usagi when Queen Serenity sent them all to the future (like the proper little sailor crystals of the other senshi she sent forward). We know for certain that both of them can use its power, and we know it is a legitimate sailor crystal. ... Wait. What? Why? How? >.< Huh? One person, one crystal or one star seed. Two people, should be two. Can't share the same soul, shouldn't be able to share the same sailor crystal. What's up?

We jump back in time to Sailor Stars, when the Galaxy Cauldron is chatting it up with Sailor Moon before (or after?) offering that adorable little group of sailor crystals their choices (stay and live together in peace here, forever, or I'll break that whole 'reborn' thing and just let you go back home. You've done such a good job, Solar senshi~). She tells Usagi about a little visit with Queen Serenity...
Galaxy Cauldron Guardian wrote:
Long ago, a shining star came here. She was carrying a small star's shell. That star had a shine similar to yours, Sailor Moon.
It was Queen Serenity holding seemingly nothing, then flashes to a picture of Queen Serenity holding a baby Princess Serenity in her arms.
So Queen Serenity brought a small star's shell to the Galaxy Cauldron that felt like Sailor Moon. The 'shell' is always referenced with the body of a person, so here's where the root of this issues comes into play. Bouncing off of what we know about the sailor crystals and star seeds, I'm thinking that Queen Serenity came to the cauldron with the embryo of Princess Serenity within her and, before that fetus gained its own star seed, Queen Serenity asked if she could share hers with it.

Er, why?

Gaah! Another note and I don't know how I missed this other thread: Who is Queen Serenity? I was looking for Nehelenia's quote and found it right in the forums. @.@ so much to read in that one, but I bet I'm summing up a lot of what's on there.
Nelenia to Queen Serenity wrote:
You, too, have come from another galaxy. We share the same origin.
Since you, too, came to this planet after wandering the galaxy. Aren't we both immigrants here?
Nehelenia comes right out and says it - Queen Serenity isn't originally from the moon. The crescent mark on her forehead is on a chain and serves as her crown, not coming from within herself like the markings on Princess Serenity or any of the other senshi. So, a theory: Queen Serenity came to the moon to escape the reach of chaos in another galaxy. ... I mean, how else would she have hooked up with the Mau, Luna and Artemis? (... omg, what if she found them on her search for a new celestial body? The idea gets cuter in a minute) ... but she bears a sailor crystal, why didn't she stay and fight?

This might get fan-ficcy here guys. Sorry, I have this need to embellish things.

1. Perhaps Serenity lost her battle with chaos there and there was no way to bring things to rights? What if she barely escaped with her own life, and had only left the fight because she knew she was pregnant and that baby was the only remnants of the man she had loved, who had died protecting her?
2.Or if she had won, had triumphed over the agent of chaos, but at an incredibly steep price? What if she had won in the final hour, after chaos had almost completely destroyed her planet? All life had been lost, but she managed to contain and destroy the evil before it could move on to another planet and bring forth another genocide. She was utterly alone, her friends and lover had been killed in front of her, yet she still lived. And she had to keep living, for the budding child within her, the only thing she had of the man who had her heart?

Either way, as she searched for a new planet with lifeforms that needed a guardian she stumbled upon the center of the galaxy, the Galaxy Cauldron, and met with the Cauldron guardian. The chance that the child within her was a senshi was minimal - her lover had not been a guardian and hers was the only planet in their system (hmm. I like thinking of Serenity as a star senshi. So let's say that the senshi of the planet was female and she died, too), so there was no need for a sailor guardian for where she was from - but Serenity couldn't bear that idea. Her lover had died protecting her, but would he have died if he had the power of a sailor crystal? Would he still be alive now if he had been born a guardian? She couldn't protect him, but she would risk everything to protect their child and save it from his fate. So the asked the Cauldron Guardian, before her growing child gained its own star seed, if she could share her very life source, her own star seed / sailor crystal, with this child and give it her own powers.

The guardian was touched by the display of selflessness - if Serenity gave the child her star seed, Serenity herself would fade away and die - and, being so moved, the guardian accepted, but she blessed Serenity: the child, a daughter, would share her sailor crystal and they would both be allowed to live together. The catch was that while both were alive, the crystal would be at its full power, the power of two senshi, but only one of them could use it. At that moment, the Sailor Crystal within Serenity left her body forever, signifying that it did not belong to only her anymore. The guardian told her that the crystal would change with her daughter when her daughter gained possession of it, binding itself to the celestial body that Serenity chooses for their home.

Serenity accepted this gift, and left to find a suitable system that held many dead planets within it. She had already made a plan for the future protection of her daughter; while she, Serenity, lived, her child could not used the Ginzuishou and she would need protectors. She would awaken the latent sailor crystals of those planets and bring those senshi to live with her, to befriend and protect her child with their own powers. They would live in peace. Her daughter would be safe. She wouldn't lose another loved one, not again.

In her search for a suitable system, her precious daughter grew slowly within her - the gestation period of her people was extremely long, to match the millennia-long length of their lifetimes, but this pregnancy took even longer as the energy promoting her daughter's growth was the same energy that sustained Serenity during her journey (chu see, in any pregnancy involving star seeds, the fetus uses the energy of its star seed to grow while the mother's star seed provides the fetus with its own energy to promote its health, is why its so taxing on both ends; with this pregnancy, the ginzuishou was doing double duty and then Serenity was like "let's fly through space, too!" and it was all 'chokay. Imma hafta take in energy as we go, k?' ...my head-canon tells me so). The balance was precise and there was little downside except Serenity often had to stop and rest on life-given planets to restore her strength and energy. On one such planet, planet Mau, visibly-pregnant-Serenity meets Luna and Artemis, a young couple that befriends the single mother after hearing her story. With permission from their Queen and their own scout, Sailor Mau, Luna and Artemis left with Serenity, to aid her and guide her to a new home, their friendship slowly knitting together the void left by the loss in Serenity's broken heart.

They let several systems pass by - some with too few planets, some with too many populated ones. They passed up a system comprised of completely dead planets, stating that they needed to have access to at least one growing planet for its supplies, resources, and the joy of finding other lifeforms.
At last they found one. There were 8 planets, only one of which held life. As they entered the system they were met by a male guardian who asked them of their purpose. He introduced herself as Chronos, guardian of the gates of time. Serenity explained herself and told him of her plans for the system. Chronos had only one remark - that she needed to protect Earth, the small terrestrial 3rd planet from Sol, and ask that his future daughter be made a senshi to replace him, so that he may finally rest for eternity. Serenity agreed, and to mark their treaty Serenity used the power of the Ginzuishou (which had grown incredibly in their tour of the Milky Way Galaxy) to create a palace on the planet Pluto, Charon Castle; Pluto used her own powers to give Serenity the power to create a time gate within Serenity's future palace. They parted as allies.

Serenity set up her palace on Earth's moon, dubbing her world as the Moon Kingdom and donning the symbol of the moon as her tiara. She descended to Earth and the king there allowed some of his subjects to join her in her new realm, eager for such an ally that could travel through space. Serenity was finding that her own sailor crystal was slowly becoming the strangest she had ever heard of, with enormous powers to heal and create. It absorbed more energy from her than ever before, but it was capable of creating miracles. Just as she had planned, she used the Ginzuishou to awaken the sailor crystals dormant in the Solar system. The first was Sailor Pluto. She took the young senshi to the Gate of Time and did as Chronos had asked, telling Pluto of her duty as the new Guardian of Time. She hated to leave the tiny senshi alone there, but she would be met by her Father soon. The next she awoke were Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. She created palaces for them on their respective planets and set them with the task of protecting the Solar System from threats stemming from beyond the system's boundary. Finally, as the birth of her daughter grew near, Serenity awakened the sailor crystals dormant in the inner planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars. For some unknown reason, she was unable to awaken the crystal of Earth, though no senshi of Earth was present. It was an oddity that she dwelled on for years to come, but in the meantime she chose to awaken the crystal of the largest of the outer planets, Jupiter, to use as the last protector of her child.

The senshi she awakened were born of the volunteers that came with her from Earth and so she knew that, no matter what duties she had awoken them to fulfill, they would always protect that little blue planet with their lives - the duty of all senshi. The awakened guardians grew quickly at first, but leveled off at the apparent age of four, and it was then that her daughter was born, the symbol of Earth's Moon glowing faintly in the middle of her forehead. It was as the Cauldron Guardian had said - her daughter belonged to this moon and would grow to protect the planet Earth.

Step Three: The Power of the Ginzuishou

Okay, so if you follow/believe anything above, (sorry again for the fleshing out of an idea that could've taken sentences to explain. >.< ) the Ginzuishou could be powerful because it is the sailor crystal of two different people - Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity - and exists outside of their bodies, allowing them to use all of its power and then some (the 'and then some' comes from when it uses more power than they have available and promptly kills them. How many sailor crystals do that? Naoko didn't say, so Imma assume none and its a quirk of not existing inside of them).

But is it just that?

Speaking only about Usagi's time now, does it only draw energy from within her, the senshi it is a part of? What makes her life force so much more powerful than, say, Minako's? Is it because the silver crystal also belonged to Queen Serenity and could be drawing strength and power from both the Moon and whatever star/planet Queen Serenity used to protect, being the sailor crystal of both? Or does it work like a Spirit Bomb from DBZ and just sits there absorbing miniscule amounts of energy from the world around it (from willing donors - not taking it like the youma do)?

How can it take energy from the other senshi? Is it because (in this head-canon anyway) it awakened them, so their power can return to it? Can this be done with any set of senshi that follow a Queen? Ex:) could the Starlights lend their power to Sailor Kakyuu? Or is it only a Sol system thing? What would make the Princesses so different, if they didn't have a hand in awakening the other senshi of their system?

Not every senshi can accept power from others - I mean, then why would they have always allowed Usagi to also die? If Venus could take in everyone's power to shoot off at the enemy, she totally would to protect her princess.

And here's a fun question, would other scouts gain more power if they, too, had the ability to pull their star seeds out of their body without reprecussion?

Thanks for stickin' with me. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: The Silver Crystal's power   1st November 2011, 10:02 pm

Oh WOW I can't believe I never saw this thread until now. I thinking checking the forums on my phone then at home messed up when it shows me new threads (cause trust me i'm always checking the new posts).

Anyway, I think these are very interesting and I see a lot of ideas at play in the fic you posted (which I'm enjoying btw, i just haven't finished reading all of what you posted to comment properly). However, I really think these are very plausible theories and possibly something Naoko thought about in the back of her mind too.

I've always thought it'd be interesting if Naoko were to release a short about the origins of Queen Serenity. Especially with all of the bits and pieces of info she gave out during the Stars arc. I swear I think Naoko is just a troll, making all of us go "whaaa??" for all these years. XD Or maybe she never thought of any back story at all and was just making up as she went along? I dunno, but i like your theories and I like that you've taken them and made them into a fanfic. Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: The Silver Crystal's power   14th January 2012, 8:08 pm

I have a question. Why is that in vol. 2 of the manga Princess Serenity produces the 'legendary silver crystal' (yes reading the new Kodansha releases, haha) and it overpowers the dark crystal but I remember watching the youtube videos on the Prince Diamond dedication thread and he told her that her silver crystal wouldn't work in the presence of the dark crystal...?

What? I'm probably missing something. My knowledge of the silver crystal isn't as advanced as yours Kyralih. Smile

I also know that it's terrible to compare the manga and the anime but something as big and vital as the silver crystal? You can't screw that up.
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PostSubject: Re: Theory: The Silver Crystal's power   14th January 2012, 8:38 pm

Lol, there are quite a few discrepancies where the crystal is concerned in both anime and manga (which I'm hoping get fixed in the rerelease...) . >< I'mma hafta reread the manga before getting back with you on the dark crystal business though ^^'

I mean, at the beginning of the series, the crystal could destroy stars and could be used by both good and evil people, but it's also a sailor crystal? How does that work? Lol. I think Naoko kept evolving the purpose and intent of the crystal and didn't go back and change it. But it kinds works with the villains not knowing exactly, but Luna? ... then again, why would Luna be privy to all the secrets surrounding the crystal?

Long story short: ill reread and puzzle it over XD

Unless anyone else has any coolio answers? Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: The Silver Crystal's power   11th April 2013, 8:24 pm

I am liking this one!
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Theory: The Silver Crystal's power

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