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 [Advanced] Senshi - Belle / Sailor Beauty

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Belle / Sailor Beauty   8th March 2015, 11:45 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Belle
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 20 / September 5th
Used Canons: Manga & anime
Appearance: Belle has long brown hair that she usually adorns with a blue ribbon. She has wide brown eyes, a slender body, and an average height for her age. She typically wore simple dresses when she was still an ordinary girl, but her princess gown, the one she is most often seen in, is an off-the-shoulder floor-length gold ball gown with gold elbow length gloves.

Personality: Belle is a daydreamer and a bookworm. She dreams of a better life than the simple one she was living in a small town in France with her inventor father. She loves the world depicted in fairy tales, where there are princes and heroes and extraordinary adventures. Her favorite thing to do is read the books in the town library over and over again.

She is selfless and would do anything for her father, even at the cost of her own life. This was proven when she offered to trade herself for her father’s freedom when he had been imprisoned by the beast.

She is independent and, unlike most women, does not simply dream of marriage and romance, but rather a greater adventure. Belle is also someone who always looks beneath the surface. Though Gaston is very popular with the girls in the village, Belle is able to see through him, noting his arrogance and his backwards opinion about what constitutes a wife. It’s why she constantly rejects him. Likewise, though at first she finds herself irritated by the beast’s prickly nature, she soon realizes that he has a softer side, and slowly falls for the man beneath the scary appearance. She is also patient enough to help him learn to be more polite and refined, reminding him of who he once was.

Belle is smart, determined, kind, and brave. When the beast and his castle were attacked, she did everything she could to get there and help him, even if she had to go up against her entire village. In the end, her heart and her ability to love the beast is what saves him from his curse.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Due to her being an avid reader, Belle is quite knowledgable. She is also quite adept at horseback riding.
History: Belle lived in a small village in France with her father, always wishing for more than the provincial life. Other people at the village looked at her—the bookworm and daydreamer—and her father—the odd inventor—as the strange pair that didn’t quite fit in. Despite this, she had managed to attract the attention of Gaston, a popular hunter idolized by many village girls and admired by many other men. Gaston was determined to marry her, but Belle could see his arrogance and his callousness, so she constantly rejected him.

One day, her father Maurice informed her that he needed to travel to a fair to present the wood-chopping machine he invented. After bidding goodbye to him, Belle soon found Phillipe, their horse, returning to the house without her father. She asked Phillipe to take her to him, and the horse led her to a mysterious castle. There, she found the terrifying beast, who had imprisoned her father for trespassing.

Belle bravely offered to take Maurice’s place, and despite Maurice’s protests, the beast accepted. Instead of the cold dungeon, however, Belle was given a lavish room, though that did not assuage her devastation at being separated from her father. That night, Belle refused the beast’s invitation to dine with him, and in anger, he told her she wouldn’t eat at all. But when she ventured outside her room, she discovered that every furniture in the castle was alive. They threw a feast for her.

Though some of them later offered to give her a tour of the castle, Belle wandered on her own to the West Wing, where she was specifically forbidden to enter. There she found a picture of a handsome man and a strange rose that attracted her attention. Just when she was about to touch the rose, the beast found her. In anger, he chased her away. Belle ended up in the forest surrounded by wolves. Right when she thought they were going to devour her, the beast came and fought them, saving her.

The two returned to the palace, where Belle nursed the beast’s wounds. He was grumpy about the pain, but she thanked him for helping her.

That was the beginning of their friendship. The beast showed her his extensive library, much to Belle’s delight. They played, dined, and even danced, growing ever closer every day. One romantic evening, after dancing with the beast, Belle admitted that she missed her father. That was when the beast brought out his magic mirror. Belle asked the mirror to show Maurice, and saw him dying in the frozen woods in an attempt to rescue her. Belle pleaded to go save him, and the beast reluctantly relented. He let her keep the mirror to remember him by.

Belle found her father and brought him home, but their peace did not last long. Gaston came to bring Maurice to the insane asylum, claiming that he’d told the village an outrageous story about a beast keeping Belle hostage. Belle used the mirror to prove the existence of the beast and that her father was, in fact, not crazy. However, seeing the way Belle spoke tenderly of him, Gaston realized she had feelings for the creature. He declared that the beast was a dangerous killer and riled up all the villagers, asking them to join him in attacking the castle and killing the beast.

He trapped Belle and Maurice in the basement, but Chip, one of the living cups from the castle, had stowed away on Belle’s baggage. He freed them both and they raced back to the palace to help the beast. Belle arrived just in time to see Gaston about to kill the beast, but the moment the beast saw her, his strength returned. He defeated Gaston, but spared his life in the end, telling him to leave. Just when Belle was reunited with the beast, Gaston wounded him badly, though he ended up falling off the rooftop to his death. Belle professed her love for the dying beast just before the last of his rose petals fell. Before her eyes, he turned into a handsome prince, his curse having been broken. He was Prince Adam, the heir of the kingdom that had been cursed for his arrogance.

The entire castle turned back into humans along with him, and Belle married him. The lost prince reclaimed his kingdom, and soon the two of them rose to the thrones of king and queen. Many happy years passed, until Gaston impossibly returned. With him he brought an army that was undefeatable, and caused mass destruction all over the kingdom. Adam finally left the safety of the palace to fight them. He ended up being taken, and finally the army retreated.

Belle was left alone in the palace, her happy ending suddenly taken away so cruelly from her. Her kingdom had fallen apart, her husband was gone… and she had no idea what to do to fix it.

Other Noteworthy Facts: -
Storyline Specific Information:
Helpless Girls - In one of many peaceful kingdoms in the world, Belle rules over an area in France with the lost Prince Adam, formerly the Beast. They are now the king and queen and have achieved their happy ending.

But even said happiness can only last for so long. Deep within the darkest cave known to Earth, one figure dwells, studying the blackest of magic and practicing the darkest of deeds. This unknown figure has been recreating the world's most dangerous, cunning, and ruthless villains the world has ever seen, and they have all been assembled into an extremely dangerous army.

Suddenly, Gaston, the villain that Belle and Adam thought to be dead, invades the peaceful kingdom and wrecks havoc upon it. As the king, Adam sacrifices himself for the lives of his wife and his people. Once he is taken, Gaston's army retreats. Now all that is left is to let the Belle suffer, then kill her in her darkest hour.

Belle is indeed, miserable beyond belief. Her kingdom is destroyed, her husband is stolen, and she has nothing left to believe in. Hope is gone, and so is everything she has ever loved. Who would come to change the fate that has devastated her? Who always comes when things go wrong?

The Fairy Godmother.

She appears before Belle, telling her of a deep, mysterious power buried within her. It's the power of her soul, the precious seed that holds all of her love and purity. The Fairy Godmother shows her the new power and reveals to her the ability to become a Sailor Guardian.

There's only one catch - she must never kill, or else lose her powers forever. Under the direction of the Fairy Godmother, she is told to go straight to Destiny's Waterfall, a worldwide location that would serve as the meeting place for all sailor senshi. After their first meeting, it would be up to them to decide how they would defeat the villains who had taken everything from them.
Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Beauty
Realm of Influence(s): Charm
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Beauty Princess Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: Belle's main color is gold/yellow. Her fuku comes in two shades of the same color. Her bodice is white, but the front and back bow are light yellow, so is her lower layer of skirt. Her upper skirt layer, her heart-shaped brooch, her collar, hair tie, shoes, and glove ends are darker yellow. She wears yellow heart-shaped earrings and white pearl barrettes. Her shoulder pads are transparent yellow. Her shoes are gold heels. Finally, her tiara is silver with a gold jewel.


  • Rose Petal Hurricane: She can summon a hurricane made out of rose petals to surround someone and make it difficult for them to see. It could also knock them back or propel them away with the energy generated from the hurricane.
  • Enchanted Gaze: With just one look, she can enthrall an enemy, making them temporarily infatuated with her. This will make them more susceptible to suggestions, more inclined to answer questions or do whatever she asks.

Weapons or Magical Items:

  • Magic Mirror: Originally belonging to the beast, the mirror can reveal the location of any enemy or any person that she seeks as well as see what they are doing at any given moment. (Ironically and cruelly, she can not use the mirror to find where Adam is held after being taken from her, because his location is protected by powerful magic and a specific blocking spell against the mirror is used.)

Guardian: N/A
RP Sample:

It was the eighteenth day since Adam disappeared.

Belle looked out the window at the falling snow, holding his magic mirror to her chest. No matter how many times she asked the mirror the reveal his location, it would only stay blank and dark. Empty.

And she knew it wasn’t broken, because she’d used it to find her father earlier, still thankfully far away and safely on another land, still traveling all over to show off his latest invention and possibly sell it to the masses. Belle was happier than ever for her father’s success… and yet at the same time she was devastated over losing her husband.

No matter how many times she looked out that window, he never returned.

She hadn’t told Maurice about this. She didn’t want her father to worry, and the last thing she needed was her father rushing back here and getting taken by the enemy as well. No, he was safer where he was.

She finally turned away and lay carefully on their shared bed, trying to inhale what was left of her husband’s scent.

Every day, more of it faded away. Every day, more of him became lost to her.

Belle tried so hard not to cry. She had to be strong for her people, she knew. They needed her, now that their king was gone.

But the tear fell anyway, and she choked a sob.

I really, really miss you.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Belle / Sailor Beauty   24th March 2015, 1:37 pm

This profile is now ready for review!


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Belle / Sailor Beauty   1st April 2015, 11:58 am

Fairy tale senshi are always so fun to read about! I really enjoyed how you continued her story after the "happy ending", though I suppose Belle herself might not enjoy it as much.. xD The fact that she can use the magic mirror to find things except for the one person she wants to find the most, is quite tragic =( hehe I will wish her luck in getting back to her happy ending xD



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[Advanced] Senshi - Belle / Sailor Beauty

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