GC Collectible Stamps


Hello there! It seems you've made your way to our Daily Stamps Page! These are our special Collectible and Tradable stamps! Here's how this works! Each day you can visit this page and collect 1 stamp that will appear at random!

Make sure to come once a day to try to collect them all, though, you may get the same stamp multiple times! Oh No! Good thing you can TRADE them! That means that if you rack up multiples of a one stamp, you can save them and trade them with other members who may not have that stamp! This may come in handy if another member wants or needs a stamp you have!

Please visit the page only once a day, the stamp won't refresh until the next day but please don't take multiples of the one you got!

If you would like to learn more information on stamps and how to Trade stamps you have collected then please click here!

How to Collect a Stamp!

  • Right Click and choose "Save Img As.."
  • Upload your image to a hosting site, such as imgur
  • Once uploaded, you can now post them in your thread found in the Galleria of Dedications and Collections.
  • Once you are editing your thread, click on this image and paste your uploaded image link, and hit "insert".
  • If you would like to change the position/alignment of your image, then hit ctrl+a and use the alignment buttons to move it.
  • if you are interested in different means to display your collection such as in a table format, check out our tutorials on our posting functions.

Today's Stamp