The First Step on your Journey - Step One

Let us get to know you!


There are a couple basic first things to do when joining the forums. Both are simple, easy and will help your overall stay at GC be pleasant and fun for all. If you haven't already done so, read and review the rules of the forums by clicking here to read. The Rules and Code of Conduct can seem intimidating, but all are added for a very good reason and to make your time here smooth and enjoyable.

After completing the rules, it's time to introduce yourself! We like to offer a couple different options here for people to get to know new members! The first option is to make a post in our dedicated new members thread, all you have to do is say "Hi!" This thread is for people who feel less comfortable starting a thread for themselves but would still like to be welcomed. If you are comfortable and want to jump right in then feel free to start a thread in the Introduction Section.

Lastly, coming up with things to add to an introduction can be difficult, so if you find yourself in need of direction, check out our special tips for introductions.