The Next Step - Step Two

Become a senshi-in-training


We are a larger community, and so one of the things we like to offer is a mentorship program. This program is a great way for new members to make friends with a more established long-term member, who can help you with any questions you may have as well as just being someone friendly to chat with. Each person is different, of course, so mentors and mentees are matched as best as possible based on their responses to a questionnaire to ensure a good fit. If this is something you are interested in, you can read more information and sign up for a mentor here!

Fill out your profile!

Whether or not a mentor seems right for you, another step in getting started is to customize your profile. This primarily involves choosing a signature and avatar, both of which are a way to express who you are and also act as your "face" over the internet. We also have a special page dedicated for signatures and avatars for new members who need them, which you can visit by clicking here.