The Last and Final Step - Step Three

Things to do!

Kumori Hopefully these webpages have helped you in finding your way around the forums, getting your profile set up, and finding some friends. The last step is to dive right in! We offer such a wide range of activities and places to visit that it can be a little overwhelming. Here is a break down of some good places to check out!

  • Join a Guild!
  • We have three to join: Arists, Writers, and Cosplayers! Pick one, two, or all three!
  • Join a Contest!
  • They pop up all the time, especially in these sections: Writing, Otaku Senshi and Artists!
  • Have fun Roleplaying!
  • There are plenty of options for you and your character--all you have to do is jump in and come say hi!
  • Act silly and enjoy some SPAM!
  • Spam is a term for silly non-serious posting. The rules are less strict in our spam focused area, and it's a great place to just be a dork! Whether it's games or silliness you seek, look no further than your friendly Crown Arcade and Parlour!