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 Mamoru Hosoda Films

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PostSubject: Mamoru Hosoda Films   14th April 2015, 12:19 am

Are there any fans here of the works of Mamoru Hosoda?  I absolutely love all his movies and I feel like he's quickly become one of my top favorite modern anime film directors.  I love how his movies mix in supernatural stories with real world issues and there's usually some compelling and thought provoking social commentary to his films.  The animation in his movies are always so gorgeous and I love his distinct art style. His movies always seem to manage to move me emotionally, especially Wolf Children which really made me cry at the end.  I also love The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but Summer Wars is probably my favorite of his works.  I just love how Hosoda took the plot from his earlier Digimon movie he worked on and expands on it with his own original stories and characters.  It has a great combination of family drama and relationship issues and political commentary but also plenty of action and comedy and in spite of the large cast, you really end up connecting to everyone in the family.   What are your favorite Hosoda films?  He also has a new movie coming out soon called The Boy and the Beast which I'm really excited about and they just released a trailer for it:

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Mamoru Hosoda Films

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