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 My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl

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My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl   My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl - Page 2 I_icon_minitime29th January 2016, 2:17 pm

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }

"Titus. It's time to retrieve another Rainbow Crystal. Show me and General Malachite the human who is carrying the next one." Zoicite commanded Titus and she bowed reverently.
"Of course General Zoicite." She raised her arms and summoned up an image of a tall woman with ginger-brown hair. "This is our next target," she announced proudly to Zoicite and Malachite who was standing next to her with his arm around her waist.
"That's Rita Blake. She's a research student at the School of Biology," said Zoicite.
"She is kind of beautiful." Malachite remarked.
Zoicite was shocked and turned upon him with resentment. "How can you say that of a mere human Malachite? You told me I was the perfect example of beauty!"
Malachite shushed her. "Be quiet Zoicite. Don't be angry. Queen Beryl will view your anger as weakness. She may have you tortured again."
Zoicite was still feeling king of miffed and turned her face away from him. "Go away."
Malachite produced a beautiful pink rose out of thin air and handed it to her. "Zoicite. Even that Rita Blake's beauty is pale and dim in comparison to you. You know you are the most important person to me in the entire Negaverse."
Zoicite's eyes grew as big as saucers as she accepted Malachite's peace offering. With adoration in her face she snuggled back against his chest looking up into his face. "I'm so lucky dear Malachite. I'm sorry. I was just feeling jealous. Silly." Her expression turned into a momentary cringe. "And you're right. I don't want to face any more pain."
"I don't want you to be hurt anymore either." Malachite held her snugly. "It hurts me on the inside."
As the pair kissed deeply Titus who had quietly observed this felt tears pricking her red eyes thinking of her Jedite again. She wanted him back in her arms so badly.
When they had finished their smooching Zoicite became serious. "Now it's time we prepared to collect what's rightfully ours Titus."
"Yes General Zoicite. We will get what's ours," Titus answered. Then she thought, "And soon I shall get what's rightfully mine."

While the Negaverse was making its latest plans Lita was on her way to visit Andrew the manager of the Video Game Arcade. Earlier he had met her around town and told her that Serena had been telling him what an awesome cook she was. Lita loved to cook and had dreams of owning her very own restaurant one day. When Andrew remarked that he couldn't even cook toast she had offered to give him tutoring at his apartment. Andrew had asked, "Are you sure you'd like to do this? I don't want to impose on you."
Lita had answered, "On the contrary. I think it'll be lots of fun."
In truth Lita really was jumping at the chance for an excuse to spend time with Andrew because she was so taken with the fact that he reminded her of her former boyfriend. Strangely enough every boy who she took one of her fancies towards seemed to look like her former boyfriend to her. But for now she only had eyes for Andrew.

So she knocked at his door and called out, "Hey Andrew. It's Lita. Ready for some hot cooking classes?"
"I'm coming." Andrew called out before he opened the door. He looked a little embarassed. "I'm sorry that the apartment is in such a mess at the moment."
Lita barged her way in past him saying, "Ah people always apologize for having a mess when company comes over but it's never half as bad as they say it is."
However when she saw the huge piles of dirty clothes, empty soft drink cans and bottles, old newspapers and other rubbish lying over the floor she did a double take. "Yikes! In this case it isn't half as bad certainly. It's TWICE as bad."
Lita steeled her resolve. "This won't do Andrew. Do you have any washing up detergent?"
"Er yeah. There's a little left in the bottle."
"Well you use it to start washing the dishes while I tidy up the rest of this mess. We can't cook anything in this state."
So while Andrew slaved over the sink washing the dishes and cutlery Lita zipped and zoomed around his apartment tidying things away, throwing clothes into the washing machine, vacuuming, polishing and dusting. Suddenly she noticed a picture of Andrew standing next to a woman with long hair as brown as ginger. She picked up the photo. "Hey Andrew. What's this picture?"
Andrew was just about finished his chore at the kitchin sink and he came over drying his hands.
"That's a photo of me and my girlfriend, Rita Blake, when we were at a picnic with some friends."
Lita's heart gave a very painful lurch. "Your girlfriend? How long have you been together?"
"Oh about one year."
Lita resisted the temptation to scream her head off and collapse in a heap, but she felt like the world had just caved in around her. "Th-that's very nice Andrew." NOT is what she thought quietly in her mind.
"Thank you Lita. She's a very sweet lady indeed."
As they finished the last of the cleaning and tidying Andrew said, "So what are you going to teach me to cook first Lita?"
Lita composed herself and said, "I thought we'd start with spaghetti bolognaise."
"Great. I have some spices and sauces we could use."
Lita showed Andrew how to prepare the dish and they shared some afterwards.
As she left Andrew remarked that he was looking forward to more lessons and Lita promised to come at least three days a week. But as soon as the door was shut behind her she thought, "This is the pits."

The following day Lita was sitting alone during lunch break at school under a tree quietly moping and Luna was standing nearby her. Suddenly Serena came crawling behind the tree on her hands and knees. "Hey Lita. Why so down in the dumps?" She asked her in a sing-song voice smiling at her.
Lita's face became furious. "Go away and leave me alone you pest!"
"Whoa. Don't be mad at me." Serena jumped back in shock. "What happened? Did you have an accident yesterday teaching Andrew to cook? Drop a dish or something?"
Luna tried to intervene. "Give her a break. She found out yesterday that Andrew has a sweetheart."
Serena was in instant denial mode. "No way. He can't have!"
But Lita gave a miserable scowl and asserted. "Yes. It really is true. He's been going out with her for a year by now."
As the truth of Lita's tone sunk in Serena began to cry her usual bitter loud tears. "It's not fair that he never told us so we could at least have started moping over him back when it all began."
"I thought you were over him now?" Lita suddenly forgot how miserably grumpy she was.
Serena wailed in reply. "He was my very first crush."
"But I thought you were now heavily interested in Tuxedo Mask?"
"Well yeah. But he doesn't show any serious interest in me." Serena was practically talking in a squeaky voice by this time.
Lita groaned and raised her voice. "Will you please lower the volume?"
Luna said, "You can't blame her too much. The only boy in the school who's interested in her is the class nerd Melvin."
"Did you have to bring that up Luna?" Serena cried again.
But she quickly brushed aside Luna's remark and said in a calmer voice, "One thing I've learned since I became a Sailor Scout is that you never give up no matter how bad things become. I'll get what I want. Yes I will."
Lita leaned in closer. "Who do you have in mind?"
"Andrew of course." Serena was on the verge of crying again but Lita put a comforting hand on her shoulder.
"Don't worry. Let's both try to woo him. May the best one succeed in making him forget about his current girlfriend."
Serena warmed to the idea of playing such a friendly competition game with Lita. She threw herself in her arms and they hugged each other laughing. "You're right Lita. It can't hurt to try."
"Yeah Serena."
They rocked back and forth in a tight hug exclaiming together in unison. "The romance will be ours and together we will find it. We're love scouts."
Just then a voice said nearby. "What are you girls doing?"
With faces blushing bright red they turned to see three boys and two girls staring incredulously at them. They separated themselves and tried to reply.
"Uh n-nothing." Serena stammered.
"Um. We were just excited about something we hope to help each other accomplish." Lita exclaimed and the other students shrugged and walked away leaving them beetroot red with embarrassment and Luna gave a meow-type sigh.

Later after school Serena and Lita went to the Video Arcade to speak romantically to Andrew. They stood together by the doors. "Which one of us goes first?" Serena asked.
"I thought perhaps we might see him together," Lita answered.
"Okay then." Serena began to smile cheekily. "Just don't get mad or jealous when I make him throw himself in my arms."
Lita did a double take and groaned. "Can I count on you to follow your own advice if perchance I succeed in charming him first?"
Before Serena could say anything in return Darien appeared from behind. "Hey Meatball Head." He placed his hand on top of Serena's hair making her jump.
"Buzz off creep!"
Ignoring her retort Darien spoke to her and Lita. "Andrew's not working today. He's over at his girlfriend Rita's home helping her pack for her trip to Africa."
"She's going overseas?" Lita was intensely interested by this revelation.
Darien explained. "This morning she phoned him with the news. She's finally been selected to accompany Professor Bennett on a two year field trip to study African insects in their natural habitat. I have sensed that you both have enormous crushes on him but believe me. He only has romantic affection for Rita. You should accept that before you get yourselves into deep humiliation and hurt."
"Ah why would you care anyway?" Lita scoffed.
"Yeah why?" Serena echoed.
"He and Rita are strongly knit together so you'd better leave him alone Meatball Head."
Serena lost her temper. "For the last time. My name is Serena. Not Meatball Head, or are you too dim-witted to remember that?"
As Serena began to enter the Arcade in a huff Darien called out behind her. "But you know your name is Meatball Head."
She jumped once in rage and walked through the doors leaving Lita with Darien.
Inside she called out, "Hello? Andrew?"
But another man answered her voice. "Pardon me. Andrew's not here. I think he's spending time with his girlfriend today."
Serena sighed and tried to cheer herself up by playing the Sailor V Game. "I hate it when Darien tells the honest truth," she muttered.
As for Lita Darien was still trying to make her see reason but she was impossible. "But if she's going to be away for two years then he's technically free. We're love scouts and we won't give up our mission till we succeed and Andrew shows feelings for one of us."
Darien sighed. "You're way beyond freaky with obsession."
"FREAKY! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Lita lost control and suddenly shoved Darien backwards up against one of the streetlamps.
"Ow!" He yelled rubbing the back of his head.
Lita was aghast. "Uh sorry. I guess I got carried away."
But Darien was beating a hasty retreat. "I'm gone but be warned Lita. You and Serena will make fools of yourselves."
Lita defiantly shook her head. "We love scouts will be triumphant," she muttered with her eyes closed.

The following day Andrew had called Lita to say he was ready for another cooking lesson so Lita invited Serena to come along. Serena carried the grocery bag full of ingredients for vegetable soup behind Lita and Luna walked beside Serena. She had insisted on accompanying them because she was a little worried about their ego from yesterday while she had sat nearby them in the school grounds. Luna had very good reason to worry about Serena especially. As soon as Lita pointed to the row of apartments and told her, "Andrew lives in the unit towards the middle left," she began to squeal like a little piglet. "Ooohh. Oooooohhh."
"Serena," Luna gasped. "Get a grip. It's just a cooking lesson for crying out loud."
"But Luna. There's a special agenda to this cooking lesson," said Lita with a wink.
Serena added in a squeaky voice. "That's right. A love mission."
Luna groaned to herself as they knocked at the door. "I wish I knew where this is going to go? I only hope it doesn't go out of control."

Andrew opened and met them with his best smiling face. "Why hello Lita. And also hi to you Serena. I wasn't expecting you also today."
"Hi Andrew." Serena waved and grinned.
Lita added. "I hope you've kept your place clean as a whistle so we can get started cooking Andrew."
"Don't worry. I've turned over a new leaf since our first lesson Lita. Come on in."
Andrew was indeed telling the truth. Lita and Serena were both very impressed at how neat and in tidy order every single thing was.
"By the way," said Serena slightly blushing. "I hope you don't mind my showing up Andrew. I also need to learn to cook."
Andrew was very cheerful as he replied. "Not at all. In fact I'm glad. I invited Rita to join us for dinner. You can both meet her."
Serena almost inadvertently gagged and Lita closed her eyes and said after taking a deep breath, "Let's get started then shall we?"

Andrew was very eager to learn as he stood by the two girls in his kitchen.
As the bag of vegetables was tipped up and emptied into the sink Serena suddenly asked, "I'm hungry. Is there anything here to eat Andrew?"
Before Andrew could answer Lita said, "We'll be eating as soon as we finish preparing our soup." She had picked up a carrot in one hand and a knife in the other and was just about to start peeling it when Serena asked another question.
"What'll I do then?"
Lita replied, "Well how about you grab a knife and begin peeling the potatoes?"
"Me peel potatoes? I can't do that. It will feel like I'm in the army."
Lita was incensed by Serena's stupid objection. "Whatever. Start on the onions then."
"Oh no. Not onions. They always make me cry." Serena practically whined at the thought of it and Andrew tried hard not to laugh.
"Let me try the onions then girls." He grabbed a couple of small onions while he spoke and took them aside to the kitchen table where he began to chop them up.
Lita groaned. "Serena you're never going to make it as a cook."
"Then I'll let you cook so I can eat," Serena declared.
Andrew was really finding it hard not to burst into riotous laughter and fortunately he was saved by the ringing of his phone.

"Pardon me." He excused himself setting the onions down and rushed to where the phone sat on a small table in his living room area. Picking up the receiver he said "Hello," then exclaimed delightfully, "Rita!"
Lita and Serena both stopped what they were doing to listen to what he said with itching ears.
Rita was talking to Andrew from a phone booth halfway between her house and his apartment. "I'm sorry Andrew. I can't make it to dinner. I'm feeling unwell."
Andrew was very concerned. "What's the matter? Are you getting the flu?"
Rita's voice was quivering. "No it's not that Andrew. As I was walking to your place it really hit me hard to think about how long two years absence actually is. I know it's always been my dream and ambition to travel overseas to study under Professor Bennett. But I- I'm really g-g-going to miss you." Andrew could next hear loud uncontrolled crying noises in his ear. Rita was bawling her eyes out heavily.
"Oh no. Please tell me where you are. I'll come and get you."
Rita blubbered out where she was and said she would not leave the side of the phone booth she was in. Andrew promised to meet her as fast as he could before hanging up.
"Lita. Serena. Do you mind watching things for me while I go get Rita?"
The girls put on a brave face. "Sure you go on ahead and get her." Serena smiled.
"Will dinner still be ready in time?"
"It'll keep," Lita promised.
Andrew thanked them deeply for being so understanding but as soon as he was gone they both groaned and laid their heads upon the table.
Lita did try to make vegetable soup but somehow her heart was nowhere at all in it and she ended up burning it into a smelly pile of slop to Serena's added dismay. "I'm so hungry and heartbroken as well."
Lita felt just the same so instead of arguing they just sat at the table and moped.

As time went by and Andrew did not return with Rita or even call Luna spoke up. "I wonder what's going on? Andrew's not the type to just wander off when he has visitors."
"Who cares Luna?" Serena groaned.
In truth Rita had been so distraught when Andrew found her that he had sat down on the nearest public bench to talk to her and comfort her. He had honestly forgotten all about the girls waiting back at his home. But then something else was about to happen that would make things much worse for himself and his Rita.
Luna suddenly heard a familiar beeping sound emanating from Serena's bag.
"Serena! Lita! That's the Moon Crescent Wand alert!" She yelled urgently. "The Negaverse is nearby. Perhaps they may have Andrew in their clutches? Transform quickly."
The girls were shocked into action.
"Moon Prism Power."
"Jupiter Power."
They transformed and Sailor Moon took the Wand in her hand to lead them to their enemies for battle. "Follow me Jupiter."
"I'm ready for action Sailor Moon."
Luna ran after the two Sailor Scouts. What could be awaiting them this time? One thing was sure. It would not be anything pretty.

At that very moment Andrew was standing in front of Rita glaring at Zoicite and Titus, his fists raised prepared to fight. "I don't care if you are women," he yelled with rage. "If you try to attack my girlfriend you'll both answer to my fists in your faces."
Rita was shaking with fear behind his back terrified for both herself and for him.
Zoicite sneered with venom in her voice. "If that's the way you feel then I'll just get Titus to literally cool you off. You know what to do Titus."
"I hear and obey General Zoicite." Titus raised her hands and summoned up a wave of her water that picked Andrew up and threw him over Rita who ducked and shrieked. The wave completely soared above Rita leaving her completely dry but Andrew was saturated and dripping where he had been deposited onto his back. He was groaning with the shock and pain as Rita ran to kneel beside him. "Andrew! Andrew!" He fell into unconsciousness as she took hold of his hand and she turned angrily towards Titus as she approached.
"You monster. Why are you doing this?"
Titus spoke. "It's nothing too personal but you have something that I need to extract from you and I can't allow anybody to get in the way."
Rita's emotion turned from rage back to fear as she felt Titus' influence paralyzing her. "What are you doing to me?"
Titus didn't answer. She just grabbed the back of Rita's clothes by the top of her neck and plunged her other hand inside her chest feeling her fingers close around the Rainbow Crystal inside. She felt joy as she pulled it out and Rita screamed in horror.

Just then Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived. As soon as they saw what was happening they cried out.
"Stop! I am Sailor Moon."
"And I am Sailor Jupiter."
"We are Sailor Scouts of love."
"We fight for romantic justice."
The two of them said this final bit together.
"In the Name of love we won't have creeps like you after our boyfriends."
Luna groaned. "They are getting crazy over this crush they share."
Zoicite and Titus were taken aback at this strange speech but Zoicite quickly cried, "I don't understand what you're gibbering about but I don't care. Titus you know what to do next."
Titus sprang to attention. "Of course General Zoicite. I know just what to do about this Sailor Jupiter in particular."
She turned her powers upon poor Rita who screamed, twisted, writhed and changed into a green skinned lizard-like humanoid with a forked tongue sticking out of her mouth. Fully confident she directed the hissing snarling creature to focus upon the two silly Scouts.
Sailor Jupiter prepared to attack. "I'll stun her quickly. Then you can heal her with your wand Sailor Moon. Jupiter Thunder Crash!"
Titus, still holding the Rainbow Crystal in one hand laughed. "I've designed Rita's transformation with your power in mind Sailor Jupiter. Watch and see."
While she spoke the monster opened its mouth and drew in Sailor Jupiters' lightning bolts.
"It's sucked up all your power," Sailor Moon gasped.
"No way!" Sailor Jupiter was deeply shocked.
"Wait till you see what happens next," declared Titus as she rose into the air alongside Zoicite who was already floating with her legs crossed. Titus kept her arm stretched out to guide the actions of the terrible beast and it regurgitated Sailor Jupiter's attack straight back at her and Sailor Moon.
"Look out!" Sailor Jupiter grabbed Sailor Moon and jumped aside with her as the powerful bolt hit the pavement sidewalk drilling an ugly gaping hole in it.
Sailor Jupiter said "If I try attacking again my lightning will just keep being used against us."
Sailor Moon sobbed. "I wish the others would show up. We called them on our communicators."

Suddenly a familiar voice cried "Mercury Bubbles Blast!" A familiar chilly wave of bubbles hit the lizard creature stunning it. The others had arrived.
"Mercury. Mars." Sailor Moon was elated.
"We got here as quick as we could," said Sailor Mercury.
"I call upon the power of Mars. Fireballs charge!" Sailor Mars slapped one of her charms on the forehead of the creature immobilizing it. "Now's your chance Sailor Moon."

In the meantime Zoicite was saying to Titus that they'd better take the crystal back to Queen Beryl when a familiar caped and masked figure flew through the air and snatched it out of Titus' hand. As he landed lightly on his feet holding it high above his head the Sailor Scouts were distracted from the frozen monster and all called out. "It's Tuxedo Mask."
Zoicite and Titus flew down to the ground squaring off with him. "Hey! That crystal belongs to our queen!" Titus pointed her finger at it and Zoicite clenched her fists.
"Give it back!" She snarled menacingly.
"Take it back if you two witches can." Tuxedo Mask twirled his cane brandishing it just like a staff as he weaved and dodged waves of water from Titus and other blasts of blue-green energy from Zoicite. They tried so hard to knock the crystal out of his other hand but they could not score any hit on him
Watching the fight Sailor Moon said "He's such a hunky dreamster when he's fighting."
Sailor Jupiter said, "I thought you were back in love with Andrew."
Sailor Moon turned to her with a gaga smile. "You can have Andrew. Tuxedo Mask is way cooler."
"Hey listen. Forget about him." It was Sailor Mars who spoke up.
Sailor Moon was deeply offended. "Who are you to tell me to forget about Tuxedo Mask?"
"I mean stop wasting time and save poor Rita."
Sailor Mercury added, "Sailor Mars is right. Do it now Sailor Moon."
"Yeah. You'd better save her," Sailor Jupiter agreed with a reluctant sigh. Part of her was still a little jealous of Rita but it was the right thing to restore her to normal.
"Oh okay. Moon Healing Activation!" As the power of the Crescent Wand washed over Rita, the monster lizard vanished transforming back into herself again. Sailor Mars removed her charm and she collapsed unconscious to the ground just like Andrew.

While this was happening Tuxedo Mask had actually lost his grip on the crystal while fighting and it fell to the ground. But even so he was determined to protect it where it lay as he dodged, thrust and parried at the two women with his cane. "You're not getting that crystal."
Just then Zoicite motioned for Titus to stop attacking. "You have beaten us this time. Titus, we're no match for the great Tuxedo Mask."
Titus couldn't believe that General Zoicite would really give up knowing the wrath of Queen Beryl, but as soon as Tuxedo Mask smiled and bent down to retrieve the crystal one facial gesture from Zoicite instructed her to act quickly. She had been right in her assessment of her superior officer and she immediately sent Tuxedo Mask flying backwards with a jet of her water. As he was hit his mask was knocked off and he quickly turned tail and fled covering his face with his soggy cape.

Zoicite had snatched up the Rainbow Crystal as Sailor Moon noticed what had happened after she had finished healing Rita. It was too late for her to do anything though as Zoicite and Titus teleported themselves back to the Negaverse. As they vanished Zoicite laughed with fiendish triumph. "I can't believe he actually was suckered so easily into letting his guard down. The great Tuxedo Mask indeed."
"We did him in by his own ego General Zoicite and now we have recovered three of the Shadow Warrior team." As she said this Titus thought to herself, "Jedite. I won't let you down. I'll help General Zoicite rescue the other four and then we'll be together again."

Tuxedo Mask ran all the way back to his apartment and as he so often did, he jumped through the air into the window he always left conveniently open. Inside he took off his hat, once more in his Darien persona and cursed himself for his own stupidity. "How foolish I was to believe they really had given up."
He walked over to his dresser drawers, pulled open the second from the top, took out a fresh new mask and held it in both his hands staring at it. "Next time I will not be so naive and I will defeat them. I'll get the three crystals they also have as well."

As for Andrew and Rita when they recovered consciousness the Sailor Scouts were present watching over them. "We saved you both and got rid of those bad ladies," said Sailor Jupiter.
"You're going to be okay," added Sailor Mercury.
"Thank you Sailor Scouts." Andrew was overjoyed.
So was Rita. "Thank goodness for you amazing warriors. I dread to think what may have happened after I was knocked out."
Rita would never know just how much reason she really had to dread. But neither she nor Andrew were upset anymore in any case. As they held themselves in each other's arms and kissed, Sailors Jupiter and Moon had to close their eyes or turn their heads but the other two and Luna were all smiling brightly.

Eventually the time came for Rita to depart for her flight to Africa. At the airport she and Andrew had a tearful goodbye. They were both going to miss each other very much but they told each other they would be together in their hearts. "I will e-mail you as much as I can Rita."
"I will too Andrew. I love you."
"Me too." They dried their eyes and blew their noses as the final boarding call for Rita's plane was announced over the intercom. Rita composed herself, said her final farewell and then she was gone.

Serena and Lita had said goodbye too. They had said farewell to Rita then stood off at a distance to give her and Andrew privacy. Serena was crying. "That's the most romantic thing I've ever seen."
Lita suddenly became all cocky. "Now that she's gone I must invite him out for a milkshake sometime."
"You mean to tell me you still want him?" Serena asked incredulously.
"Well not really. But it will be good practice." Lita winked.
"Practice you say? What for?"
"Oh for when I get an opportunity to invite Tuxedo Mask out on a date."
I'm afraid Serena was not in the least bit amused by this prospect of romantic competition.
"Wait. Tuxedo Mask's mine."
"But I'm thinking that underneath the mask he could very well be just like my ex-boyfriend."
"Aaaaarrgh!" Serena buried her face in her hands but Lita went walking alongside Andrew towards the exit without a care at all.
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My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl   My version of the Dark Kingdom of Queen Beryl - Page 2 I_icon_minitime29th January 2016, 2:18 pm

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }

At the Cherry Hill Temple that evening Raye's grandfather was enjoying a pleasant stroll by himself in the neighbouring forest track area. He paused to look up at the moon overhead. "What a lovely full moon," he happily thought to himself.
Suddenly Zoicite and Titus materialized in the air right in front of his view of the moon. "Hey! Who are you two and what are you doing up there?"
Neither of them answered him. They just looked at each other and spoke. Zoicite said to Titus. "Queen Beryl will be so happy as soon as we retrieve the Rainbow Crystal inside this old codger. As soon as all seven Shadow Warriors are with us they will lead us on to victory and we will unleash the Negaforce."
"And I'll be so happy back in the arms of my boyfriend," Titus added ecstatically.
Zoicite grimaced to herself. She deplored Titus deeply and hated every time she brought up her boyfriend Jedite who she also despised. But Jedite was trapped forever in eternal sleep and she comforted herself with the secret knowledge that she would kill Titus on Queen Beryl's orders once all seven Shadow Warriors were gathered back at the Negaverse.
"Well don't waste time Titus. Get him." Zoicite pointed at Raye's grandfather and as Titus began to swoop down towards him with outstretched arms he became very tense.
"I sense an evil force," he cried as he felt Titus attempt to exert her charm to hold him still. "I must summon all the strength of my will to resist this power." With an anguished cry he raised a barrier in front of him which Titus hit and bounced off rolling head over heels back into the air just a few feet under Zoicite.
"What are you doing?" She yelled as Titus put one hand to her forehead to steady her dizziness.
"This man may be old General Zoicite, but he's far from weak. He blocked my attack."
"Oh is that so? Well take this old coot. ZOI!"
Raye's grandfather gasped and steeled himself against Zoicite's attack. It rallied heavy against him but he concentrated with all his might and though it made a shallow indentation in the ground of the path he was standing on he stood triumphantly unscathed panting for breath with defiance.
Before Zoicite could attack again she heard a voice call out "Grandfather."
Back at the temple Raye had psychically sensed that he was in some kind of trouble and had come running as quick as she could.
"Retreat for now." Zoicite commanded Titus and they disappeared before Raye could notice them.

Raye ran up to her grandfather as he collapsed to catch his breath. "Are you all right Grandfather? What happened?"
He had no desire to worry his granddaughter though and said, "I'll be all right Raye. Help me stand up please."
When Raye pressed him for more information he insisted. "There's nothing for you to be concerned over. Just help me get back to the Temple. Understand?"
Raye was used to her grandfather's stubborn ways and quietly supported him as he staggered back home. But when they arrived at the stairs to their temple they were met by a man dressed in dark trousers and coat with very long, shaggy hair and a carry bag slung over his shoulder.
"Pardon me," he started to say but Raye spoke sharply.
"Who are you and what do you want? Our Temple's closed for the night."
As soon as the man caught a good look at Raye's face he was mesmerized by her beauty. He literally fell down on his hands and knees before her and her grandfather as he cried out in answer. "My name's Chad. I'm a travelling rock and roll musician who's down and out on his luck. I've heard wonderful things about this temple. Please let me stay with you for awhile as an assistant and an apprentice. I'll do anything you want in your service. Please?"
As he placed his face humbly on the ground Grandfather said, "I think we can take him on his offer Raye."
"All right then Grandfather," consented Raye.
Chad rose from the ground smiling merrily, his eyes still locked on Raye. "Oh thank you! Thank you both so much!"
Grandfather spoke again. "For starters my boy, you can help my granddaughter assist me carefully up the stairs and to my bed. I'm feeling a little drained tonight. She will arrange a room for you to sleep and we'll begin your new life after breakfast."
So Chad did as he was told and after putting her grandfather to bed, Raye showed him to a spare bedroom. Then she went to bed herself wondering what had really happened to her grandfather that he refused to tell her about. Could it be related to the Negaverse? And where would things lead to with this Chad fellow? At least he seemed to be unrelated to the incidents in question. But all the same she would need to keep a close eye on him to be sure.

The following afternoon Raye met the other girls and Luna in town. As they all stood on the sidewalk she explained all about what happened and how worried she was.
Serena said, "Perhaps you should take your grandfather to the doctor?"
"I have made this suggestion to him but he will not consent to go." Raye sighed.
Amy was holding Luna in her hands and while she was stroking her she added, "Do you suppose it could be the Negaverse getting to him Raye?"
"I've been wondering about that myself. Furthermore this stranger turned up last night and has taken up residence to live with us and be Grandfather's apprentice."
"What sort of stranger?" Lita asked.
"He calls himself Chad and he claims to be a rock and roll musician whose last concert appearance was a total washout. He says he came to experience Temple life with us to find new meaning and purpose for himself. He seems to be harmless but I'm a little suspicious all the same."
"How so Raye?" Luna put in her two cents.
"Well just because of the uncanny coincidence that he happens to appear shortly after Grandfather had his attack. Whatever it was. That's for starters. Anyway he seems to be harmless but this morning after breakfast Grandfather started acting even more strangely when he took Chad for tutoring."
Serena was very intrigued. "What did he do?"
"Oh it's really weird. He took two of the tablecloths and tied them around his and Chad's necks dangling them down over their backs just like they were meant to be capes. Then he had Chad climbing the trees with him and he spent the whole morning swinging through the treetops using ropes like vines and turning somersaults in mid-air. When he landed on the ground he instructed Chad to do the same. Chad seemed to be fearful but he obeyed crashing into a few trees and landing on his face. But he keeps getting up and following Grandfather again."
Luna, Amy and Lita were all open-mouthed in concerned astonishment, but to everybody's annoyance Serena started to giggle.
"Hey! Why are you laughing?" Raye began to scowl.
Serena had tears of laughter in her eyes. "Oh I wish I could have seen it Raye. Your grandfather's turning into a combination of Superman and Tarzan. Hahaha."
"IT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!" Raye shouted.
"Serena be serious," scolded Amy.
"That's right. What if the Negaverse is making him act so weird? Think about poor Raye." Luna added sharply.
"Yeah. And I don't know whether I should trust Chad or not. He could be exerting some influence over my Grandfather for all I know."
Silly Serena wouldn't take a hint and opened her big mouth again. "Oh I wouldn't worry about him Raye. He seems willing to take a few knocks and bruises to become as good as your grandfather. For all you know he may be trying to impress you because he likes you."
That did it. As the others all gasped Raye became furious and shoved her face into Serena's.
"Are you totally deranged? I'm worried sick about Grandfather and you just try to tell me everything's fine and all your other garbage?"
Serena began to cry bitterly. "Raye. You meany. WAAAAAAAHH"
"Raye. Serena shouldn't have been so inconsiderate to you, but you didn't need to be so harsh just then," admonished Lita.
"That's right," agreed Amy. "Please apologize to her so she'll stop that loud crying."
Raye immediately regretted losing her temper. She smiled composedly. "Okay. I'm sorry Serena."
Serena turned off the tears and smiled back. "Apology accepted Raye."
Raye went on to say, "Of course you'll apologize to me in turn won't you?"
Unfortunately Serena was defiant. "Why should I need to apologize to you Raye? I never said anything wrong. I still think it's hilarious to think of your grandfather swinging through the trees and this Chad sounds like a really cool guy."
"Serena!" Amy, Lita and Luna all gasped exasperatedly while Raye looked like she was going to have a fit. For one brief second she opened her mouth then she snapped it and her eyes shut and made grunting, groaning noises clenching her fists and shaking.
Fighting to keep her cool she spoke slowly. "You're severely testing my patience Serena. I'm leaving before you make me scream again. Lita and Amy. When I check out Chad I shall ask you both to meet and discuss things with me. But this meatball-head can stay out of this investigation if she won't be sensible. Bye."
As Raye stormed off Lita, Amy and Luna all said "Okay Raye," and then told Serena how disgusted they were with her.
Amy walked away holding Luna. "I'm sick of you provoking Raye with your insensitive behaviour and stupidity." All Luna had to say was "Humph."
Lita also left her behind. "Sometimes you really do act like you have spaghetti brains like she said."
Serena stubbornly refused to admit she was in the wrong and yelled at their backs. "Why are you all picking on me today?"
When they just ignored her Serena stamped her foot indignantly. "I'll show them all. I'll go spy on Raye at the Temple and I'll make her realize the truth about this Chad."

So Serena set off for the Cherry Hill Temple area but she didn't know that Luna had made Amy agree that somebody should watch Serena closely. They had decided that Luna would be the best candidate for the task so Amy had set her down and she had followed Serena from a safe distance, conveniently hiding behind trees, rubbish bins and other observation points being a cat.
Luna had had a feeling she knew where Serena was going and she finally caught up with her while she was hiding behind a big tree herself watching Raye standing nearby talking to Chad. Chad was smiling and blushing while she questioned him about where he came from, what his background was and why he had come to stay with them.
Serena with a gaga look of excitement on her face had just pulled out the special disguise device that looked like a pen when Luna cried out, "What are you doing Serena? You promised you wouldn't use that magic device for pranks anymore!"
Serena was startled to hear Luna suddenly but she quickly composed herself and said, "This isn't a prank Luna. I'm going to play matchmaker. I can see that Raye and this Chad would be so perfect for each other."
Luna began to protest saying that Raye was angry with her enough as it was but Serena wouldn't listen.
"Disguise Power! Turn me into a fortune-teller matchmaker!"
Serena was transformed into a fortune teller with dark glasses and a square carry stand in her arms with shoulder straps for support. She had her hair covered in a brown hat and a brown coat with sandals and a pack of tarot cards sat on the stand. "Here I go." She giggled while Luna buried her face in her front paws and moaned frustratingly.
Chad and Raye were both taken aback when the mysterious figure walked up to them and started to speak. "Aaah. I'm sensing strong vibrations coming from both of you."
Grabbing up the deck of cards she continued. "You see I'm going to shuffle these cards and they're going to predict your future. And I have a strong hunch wedding bells will be ringing."
Chad was getting a very fearful look on his face as Serena shuffled the deck and dealt out one card after another until a lovers card was set upon the top of the pile."
"Aha!" Snatching it up triumphantly she held it high for them both to see. "You see this card came up when I was dealing just then? You know what this means? Time for you both to throw your arms around each other and have some kissing."
Luna groaned as if she was in pain and Chad's nerves finally cracked and with his face red he yelled, "I'm getting out of here!" With that he turned tail and ran off. "I'm seeking sanctuary back at the Temple from this creepy person."
Serena was flabbergasted but before she could say anything Raye stormed over to glare at her in the eye behind those glasses.
"This is the last straw Serena!"
Serena gasped. "You recognize me?"
"Did you really think you could fool me? I know all about that Disguise Power of yours. And I'll have you know you just ruined my efforts at getting Chad by myself to try to question him and see if he says anything suspicious. THIS TIME I'M REALLY SICK OF YOU! IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN I'LL SET YOUR MEAT-BALL HAIR ON FIRE! LEAVE ME ALONE!"
With that Raye walked off in a huff as Serena fell to her knees and began to cry and wail like a baby once more.

Later that night while Raye was relaxing in her bathtub at the Temple inwardly she was feeling anything but relaxed. She was all the more worried about her grandfather, though she was beginning to feel almost certain that Chad was indeed completely innocent. She thought, "I must consult the Sacred Fire about this matter. I just don't know what to do."

But at that moment her grandfather was fervently bowing down to and petitioning the Sacred Fire himself. "Most Holy Flame. I have been pushing myself to the limit in extraordinary training with my new apprentice Chad to strengthen my nerves and will to fight the evil forces threatening me. I beseech you to help me should they appear again."
"You think you're stronger old man but you've just worn out and weakened yourself with your monkeying in the trees."
It was Zoicite who had just spoken and Grandfather turned to stare at her and Titus where they had materialized behind him.
He defiantly grabbed a staff to attack but Zoicite's words proved to be justifiably correct as she sent him flying backwards out the door into the temple grounds landing in a sprawled heap.
Inside her bathtub Raye sensed that something bad was going on. "I feel serious Nega-activity nearby," she said as she jumped out to dry herself and get dressed.
But meanwhile Zoicite and Titus were getting the upper hand. "We want that crystal!" Titus shouted as Grandfather feebly attempted to resist but he was struggling helplessly in paralysis as Titus held him still while she thrust her hand inside his chest. Grandfather roared and cursed as Titus withdrew the Rainbow Crystal from within his body.
"Here General Zoicite." She tossed it to her commanding officer who was ready to catch it but a rose flew through the air striking it and it fell to the ground.
Zoicite and Titus both looked up to behold Tuxedo Mask standing atop a stone pillar. "No you don't Nega-trash. I'll get the crystal this time." He yelled down at them and prepared to jump and fight.
"Titus. Stop him!" Zoicite commanded sharply.
"I'll give him plenty to worry about instead of our crystal," Titus answered weaving the magic of the Negaforce upon Raye's grandfather where he lay stunned from shock. Even as Tuxedo Mask made his leap landing gracefully like a cat Grandfather was in the midst of transformation.
"Not again." He cried in dismay as the old man of the Temple changed into a hunchbacked, red-faced demon with googly eyes and pointed horns on his head.
While he was distracted Zoicite stamped on the rose he had thrown crushing it and levitated the crystal grabbing it out of thin air. "We got you again silly cape boy."
Tuxedo Mask yelled, "I swear you won't escape with that crystal!"
Titus responded thusly. "You think so? Destroy him!" She mentally commanded the demon and it charged at Tuxedo Mask who flew aside as razor- sharp claws were slashed at him just barely missing.
"Come back you cowards!" He called out to the two women who were running away into the nearby trees. The monster who was poor Grandfather was just about to chase after Tuxedo Mask as he went in pursuit of them when his attention was diverted by the arrival of Chad. Chad had come running as fast as he could in response to the agonized noises Grandfather had been making and he almost died of horror when he saw the hideous demon leering at him.
He turned and ran screaming for help as the creature chased after him. If it caught up with Chad it would surely tear him to pieces.

Raye had just finished getting dried and dressed as fast as she could and was on her way to find out what was going on when Chad ran into her and they both sprawled to the ground. "OW! Chad! What are,,," Raye began to say but he pointed behind him in terror.
Raye gasped in shock as she beheld the creature lumbering towards them on all fours like a wild animal. There was nothing she could do. In a matter of seconds they would both be mauled to death where they lay. They both screamed. Chad covered his face with his arms but before the monster could get its claws upon them it pulled up short and turned around walking away from them slowly and groaning as if it were fighting against its own will.
Raye wondered what was going on but Chad stood up and said, "I'm no longer afraid Raye. I'm going to charge that beast and tackle it."
"No Chad. Don't be a fool. Those claws are deadly."
Chad protested. "But your grandfather has been teaching me to overcome and conquer my fear. This is my big chance before it recovers its senses."
So saying he prepared himself to run but Raye knew it would be suicide in a matter of seconds and quickly thinking she made a lunge grabbing his foot making him stumble and fall on his face. While he lay there dazed and struggling to get back up saying, "I must have tripped over something," Raye took one of her magic charms and stuck it on the back of his head.
"You need to take a nap for your own good Chad," she declared as the enchantment washed over him and made him collapse in a charmed state of sleep with his eyes closed and deep rythmic breathing.

The monster seemed to be just about to resume its attack as it lost the fight to control itself and Raye was preparing to yell out to get it to follow her and lead it away from Chad when Serena showed up alone at the Temple. She had been so upset about how she had made Raye angry at her that Luna had suggested in her bedroom that she go humbly to beg Raye's forgiveness to her face. Luna had told Serena that she was depending upon her to do the right thing if she sent her alone. Not like the time when she had made a mess of conveying the concern she had been feeling to her friend Molly about her affection towards Nephlite a good long while ago. Serena had given Luna her solemn word that she would make a clean break of everything and not continue to try to deny or excuse any of her wrong actions or words. "Well be sure you don't disappoint me Serena." Luna had remarked.
"I won't let you down Luna. I promise," said Serena. So off she had set and on the way decided to duck into the bakery and buy a huge bag of chocolate cupcakes as a peace offering to help pacify Raye's temper. "Raye loves chocolate cake. Surely this will soften her resentment towards me," she had cheerfully hoped.
So she was carrying the bag in one hand when she beheld the monster at her arrival. "Don't worry Raye. I'll save you. Moon Prism Power."
The creature was distracted enough by her transformation as it watched trying to figure out what to make of this strange new arrival.
"Sailor Moon!" Raye gasped in honest relief to have some help in handling this mysterious beast.

Running up to her Raye panted. "You have no idea how glad I am to see you."
Serena smiled and held up the open bag. "Aw Raye. I'm deeply sorry for the unfeeling things I've said and done. Please forgive me with a bite of chocolate cupcake?"
Raye cried urgently, "Sailor Moon! Of course I'll forgive you but don't you think we have more important matters than cake on hand? Watch out!"
She grabbed Sailor Moon's arm and pulled her out of the way just in time to avoid the beast's sudden charge.
"Yikes! I see what you mean Raye."
She put her hand to her forehead to grab her tiara. "MOON TIARA,,"
But before she could throw it a red rose suddenly flew across her path of sight distracting her. She and Raye looked up in surprise to see Tuxedo Mask standing on the same stone pillar from which he had accosted Zoicite and Titus earlier. He called down in urgency. "Sailor Moon! You must not attack him like that. That monster is the old man who runs this Temple."
"What?" Sailor Moon was shocked at what she had almost done and Raye was horrified.
"My grandfather?"
"He had a Rainbow Crystal inside him," Tuxedo Mask went on to explain as he jumped down to stand in between them and poor Grandfather who was once again moaning and shaking as his inner conscious human self struggled vainly against the spell that held him prisoner. "Titus extracted it and changed him into this creature. See how he is desperately trying to resist. You must both act quickly now to stun him and restore him to normal."
Then the animal instinct took full control once more and the beast raced at Tuxedo Mask snapping, slashing and snarling. Tuxedo Mask steered him away from the girls fighting back with his cane deflecting the claw swipes. "Hurry and do it now!"
He urged them and Raye said "I'll stun him from behind." She pulled out another charm. "I call upon the power of Mars. Fireballs charge."
She slapped the charm on his back making him stiffen up and howl.
"It's your turn Sailor Moon," cried Tuxedo Mask and she pulled out the Crescent Moon Wand. She sheepishly thought to herself that she thought she had heard it faintly beeping inside her shoulder-bag as she had left the bakery earlier but she had blocked it out of her mind thinking about how she was going to patch things up with Raye. But there was no point fretting about it now and thankfully she had been on her way to the very place she was needed. She waved the wand towards Grandfather. "Moon Healing Activation."
The monster vanished revealing Grandfather back to normal. He collapsed unconscious and Raye caught him in her arms sobbing.
"Is he going to be okay Raye?" Sailor Moon was deeply concerned but Raye answered that she thought he'd be fine once he woke up.
"Well done you two. I must go now."
"Wait a moment Tuxedo Mask. I want to know something." Sailor Moon begged earnestly and he consented to stay and hear her. "Can you please tell me what became of the Rainbow Crystal he was carrying?"
Tuxedo Mask's voice was pained. "I tried to catch up with those two Nega-witches but unfortunately they had quickly disappeared. They obviously escaped with the crystal so they now have four of them."
Sailor Moon and Raye were both distressed by this bad news. Tuxedo Mask maybe had no idea of what the secret of those crystals were but this meant that four of the Seven Shadow Warriors of the Negaverse were now back with Queen Beryl.
Tuxedo Mask spoke again. "Now I must go. Take care." And he bounded away before either of them could say anything else.

Later when Grandfather and Chad were both back to consciousness Serena and Raye sat with them on the Temple entrance porch and the four of them shared the bag of chocolate cupcakes. They had explained that after Chad had fallen and been knocked out fortunately Sailor Moon had been passing by and driven the monster away. Grandfather had no remembrance of his transformation but secretly he hoped that this incident was related to those two evil women who had been harassing him and that they had been sent away for good along with their creepy powers.
"I'm very sorry I wasn't more help though Raye." Chad sighed regretfully but she smiled and spoke to him cheerfully.
"But you were triumphant in overcoming your fears Chad. That's what really counts." She put her arm around him and hugged him to her and he blushed. But he was smiling at the same time when he looked at her.
"So Chad. Do you think you might return to your travels as a musician soon?" Raye asked.
"No! He should stay!" Serena cried but Chad knew what he wanted in his heart and slowly answered the question.
"Well I'd like to. But first I'd like to stay on as your grandfather's assistant for a little bit longer."
Raye gasped and added "I hope you eventually go back on tour."
Before Chad could say anything else Raye went on. "I had a vision and it told me why you came here. It was to conquer your inner fears to master your stage fright. And you've done it. If you want to stay you're most welcome but I hope you will go back confidently on tour one day." Then remarkably she kissed him on the cheek making everybody gasp in surprise. Chad was so excited he leaped to his feet and cried with jubilation.
"I feel like I can face the world and whatever it throws at me. I could write a song for you Raye and perform it just for you."
Raye was herself taken aback unable to contemplate what she had just done while Serena digged her in the ribs with her elbow and grinned.
"I knew Chad was perfect for you Raye."
Raye was immediately defensive. "Quit trying to set me up with Chad already? There's only one guy I'm interested in and that's Darien. Understand?"
"Wait a minute! Raye what's this? Have you been dating behind my back? I should have been entitled to know about this!" Raye's grandfather was incensed and then a big argument began to ensue between him, Raye and Serena. When Chad tried to defuse the situation he was dragged into the conflict.
It was a very intense fight but through it all Serena thought in the back of her mind that Luna, Lita and Amy would all be so very happy that she and Raye were friends once more. "We may be having an argument but we're speaking to each other. That's the main thing," she quietly thought to herself.
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