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 [Advanced] Tale As Old As Time

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Tale As Old As Time   27th April 2015, 12:44 pm

Name of the Storyline: Tale As Old As Time
Name of the Creator(s): Sailor Mercury
Forum: Silver Millennium
Plot Summary: Before they took up their duties as senshi, Princess Neptune and Princess Uranus lived their respective lives in their own kingdoms, unaware of each other's existence. Until one day, the kingdom of Neptune threw a ball and invited royalties from other planets to attend. It was here where the two princesses first caught sight of each other.

It was not love at first sight; far from it. Instead, their first impressions were quite unfavorable. Princess Neptune thought Princess Uranus was an uncouth, strange princess who for some reason liked to climb trees and running. Did she even learn proper manners? What kind of upbringing did she have that left her so spoiled? She had no idea about the anxiety that plagued Princess Uranus ever since she learned she would one day have to inherit the position as guardian senshi from her mother. Meanwhile, Princess Uranus thought Princess Neptune was one pretentious snob, a boring prim and proper princess who didn't seem to have her own personality. She most certainly wasn't aware of the other princess' insecurities and how she was just trying so hard to live up to her parents' ideals and not disappoint them.

A relationship between them was not a good idea; they both would eventually be posted at far away places once they became senshi and would scarcely be able to see each other. But as they got to know one another better and looked under the surface, they found that they both had more beyond the layers that they had seen, and maybe they were falling for the person underneath the masks they wore because no one else ever cared to look that deep.

The story's end is already known; with them both watching the Silver Millennium fall without being able to do anything to help, and when Saturn eventually lowers her Glaive, everything they know and love would vanish. But before that point, there are plenty more that happened in this tale.

Details on any necessary information: This storyline takes place in the Silver Millennium and would start with the ball where their first meeting takes place. It will end with the fall of the Silver Millennium when Saturn destroys the world.

Restrictions: Only for Princess Uranus and Neptune, everyone else will be NPCed.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Tale As Old As Time   27th April 2015, 6:34 pm

OMG yes. Two beauty and the beast themed stateliness going now. Yes yes approved yes.


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[Advanced] Tale As Old As Time

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