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 Advanced Civilian: Mamoru Chiba

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PostSubject: Advanced Civilian: Mamoru Chiba   27th April 2015, 7:57 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Mamoru Chiba
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 20 (centuries in reality, but 20 in appearance) / August 3rd

Used Canons: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, some 90s SM Anime and Manga

Appearance: Mamoru is often taller than most of his peers, standing at a high 5'9".  His ebony hair has the rugged messy-but-kempt look, and his eyes shine a midnight blue shade. The pigment of his skin is olive-toned, and he has a warm, friendly smile.  He is rather muscular, but not to the point where you could physically see his muscles through his clothing.  Mamoru has a perfect, white, dazzling smile. When he lets his vampire self take over, fangs appear instead of his regular perfect teeth. He also has a very sophisticated fashion sense, composed mostly of crisp button-ups, pants, blazers, and the occasional fitted tee with jeans. Typically, he'll wear dark colors, including black, dark gray, navy blue, and deep red.
Personality: Because of his childhood at an orphanage, Mamoru is a very secluded, introverted person.  He spends most of his time studying or staying at home.  He doesn't have many friends, and is seen as a role model to underclassmen.  He is very polite and intelligent, and often fraternizes with people who are much older than him.  He doesn't trust many people, and likes to keep things to himself.  When there is a problem in his life, he typically dwells on it without help or advice from others.  He has raised himself to be a very respectable, disciplined young man, but he has natural charm. Because of Mamoru's long life span, he is extremely intelligent over history and demonology. Mamoru is very tactical and great at forming strategies. He likes to live by the rules and always have a set, organized plan, but that doesn't always go well with his surroundings. New technology is not something Mamoru is fond of, and he prefers to stick with the old-fashioned ways of doing things. He is very physically fit, but a lot of his strength and speed is part of him being a vampire. He does not like to let his hunger cloud his judgment and morality, so Mamoru only feeds off of pig's blood (unless there is a rare case that his full vampire-self takes over). His weakness is yet to be identified, mainly because Mamoru doesn't let any kind of weakness show. His goal in life is to achieve atonement for all of the horrible crimes he committed in his past. 
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Mamoru is a vampire who just-so-happens to still have his soul. This allows him to feel guilt and other human emotions. He is immortal, he regenerates damage, possesses superhuman physical attributes, and has heightened senses. He can withstand sunlight and holy items much longer than regular vampires because of his age, but if he is in the sunlight for too long, he could light on fire. Mamoru's age also gives him advantages in other areas, including running and pain tolerance. He has supreme fighting skills, and is able to defeat entire groups of demons all by himself. He knows martial arts and can work with a variety of weapons - primarily swords and axes. He also has a photographic memory. He has some knowledge of magic, and can perform spells and exorcisms if he needs to. He is able to manipulate others' emotions if he needs to. He is exceptional at art, and he is an impossibly good driver. He can also speak multiple languages. Mamoru always wears a special ring on his right ring finger that allows him to dwell in the sunlight without being burned. 

History: Mamoru was born in the early 1700s, living  life in Europe when he was turned into a vampire by Beryl. His home life had not been kind to him, for Mamoru was always arguing with his father over what he was going to do with his future. After his transformation, Mamoru became one of the most notorious, renowned vampires in all of Europe. He went so far as to slaughter everyone in his village, including his family. His ruthlessness was recognized and acknowledge by all vampires, including the Master, Queen Metalia. In historical texts, Mamoru was identified as 'the demon with an angelic face'. The power went to Mamoru's head, and he began to act carelessly. In doing so, he killed a member of a gypsy clan. As revenge, the gypsies cast a curse on Mamoru, returning his soul to his body and forcing him to live with the guilt of all the innocent people he had mercilessly killed. Mamoru disappeared from Europe, never to be heard from again. He went and lived in the mountains, avoiding humans altogether in order to train himself not to feed. The only ones who knew his whereabouts were Metalia, Beryl, and Beryl's henchmen. He fled to Japan, where he decided to pursue a normal human lifestyle and refrain from committing any more crimes. He dwelled peacefully for quite some time until he met a young Usagi Tsukino, a girl who was a Slayer designed to kill vampires and other demons. Despite Beryl's attempts to get Mamoru to fall in love with her, he found himself attached to Usagi and wanting to know her better. 
Source: Buffy Wiki

RP Sample: He knew after he laid eyes on her that this was someone he would not be able to avoid.

It wasn't just her beauty or her scent that attracted him - it was her smile, the brightness of her eyes, her constant cheerfulness. He wasn't quite aware of it at that moment, but he had fallen in love with her at first sight. 

Every day, Mamoru made an attempt to charm Usagi and show her how much of a gentleman he was. Every logical part of him screamed for him to stop and get away from her before things got out of hand, but he just wouldn't listen. His soul didn't want to listen. And so he defied everything he had ever learned and cared about and went after this beautiful, flawless angel. 

And he didn't regret a single second. 


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Advanced Civilian: Mamoru Chiba

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