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 The Whats, Why, and How of Points

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The Whats, Why, and How of Points Empty
PostSubject: The Whats, Why, and How of Points   The Whats, Why, and How of Points I_icon_minitime29th May 2015, 12:01 pm

The Whats, Why, and How of Points 454avG1

Welcome! If you are new to the Galaxy Cauldron Forums, you may have noticed a monthly sign in thread and wondered what it was for. That is to sign in for our points system!  What are points? Well, this thread is to help with a quick run down to explain any questions you may have about points, and the rules regarding points and prizes.

Please note that this thread is a duplicate and slightly edited version of the original Points, Rules Information and Member Balances thread. There is no NEW information here. Just in a convenient to get to spot for members checking out our rules. Wink

The Whats, Why, and How of Points JcR9aPX

For Member Balances and Points Earning Scale Click Here or the Image ^

What Are Points?
Points are the system we use to reward members for being long term active members on the site. This is a special system we have implemented to encourage people to participate in a variety of activities we have on the site.

Why do we have Points?
Points are actually optional, but for those who DO wish to earn points, they are a tangible method of tracking how involved a member is on the site so we can reward them and say thank you for being awesome.

Who is able to earn points and spend them?
All members are able to earn points. We do not want any one to feel like their time is "wasted" here and not participate in things until they reach the Lotus Crystal level. However there is a scale for how many points you earn which varies based on your rank, with star seeds earning the least amount of points and lotus crystals earning the most.

While all levels earn points, only Lotus Crystals are able to spend them. All members of GC can see the OSA-P Shop, however only Lotus Crystals will be able to post. The points system is meant to be a reward for long time activity, and to encourage and thank people for being on the site so long.

How do you earn Points?
You can earn points by being involved around the site. Here is the list of what earns you points:

  • Hosting a Game
  • Hosting an Event
  • Won a Contest (artists, writers, etc)
  • Entered a Contest
  • Won a Game (Juuban game center)
  • Entered a Game
  • Won a Guild Challenge/Contest/Event
  • Entered a Guild Challenge/Contest/Event
  • Voted in a Guild Challenge/Contest/Event
  • Approved Game Suggestion
  • Earning points on your Monthly RP Score Card
  • Being a Forum Mentor
  • Being a Forum Super Mentor
  • Being a Forum Uber Mentor
  • Donating Money
  • New Member Referral
  • Member Yearly Anniversaries
  • Livestream Attendance
  • Happy Birthday Points
  • Monthly Sign in
  • Good Deeds Points (handed out by staff)
  • Points received as Gifts
  • Monthly Thank You Points to Admin
  • Monthly Thank You Points to Mods
  • Fulfilling Requests in the Signature and Avatar section

Rules regarding points and prizes
Admin reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

#1. The biggest rule.
Any prizes NOT purchased as a Lotus Crystal that are found on a member's profile
will be immediately removed, and a warning sent.
A 2nd infraction will result in a 3 day ban.
A 3rd violation will result in a 1 month ban.
A 4th Violation will result in a permanent ban.

#2. Only Lotus Crystals can post in the OSA-P Shop, so do not ask why you can't post, or pester for permission.

#3. Do not trade prizes or "gift" points as favors for services. If it's a genuine gift that is fine.
No blackmailing or bartering is to occur.

#4. Read the rules on how to post.

How do I read the Points Google Document?
We track our points via Google Documents. The spreadsheet can be found here
All members should be able to view this document, however no one will be able to edit it.

There are 7 "tabs" located on the bottom of the document.

Points Scale
- Shows how many points each rank can earn for the various activities.
(N/A means Not Available, and that rank can not earn points or do that activity)
(Total max points possible in 1 year - is the most number of points a
Lotus Crystal should be able to earn in 1 year)

The other 6 tabs are users divided by rank.
If you find your name under the wrong rank then please report that here.
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The Whats, Why, and How of Points Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Whats, Why, and How of Points   The Whats, Why, and How of Points I_icon_minitime17th December 2016, 6:19 am

The Whats, Why, and How of Points P3iSG4t

In this Post you can find everything you need to know about the Monthly Sign Ins!

Like a Star @ heaven What is the Monthly Sign In? Like a Star @ heaven

The monthly Sign In Thread is a Topic, usually opened by the OSA-P Shopkeepers, where every member can sign in to get their monthly points. Per month these points are 25 for a Lotus Crystal, 10 for a Pyramidal Crystal, and 5 for a Star Seed, adding up to a total maximum of 300 points per year.

Like a Star @ heaven This sounds great, how can I sign in? Like a Star @ heaven

Signing in is simple: all you have to do is to make a post in the Sign In Thread for your current month. The topics look like this and can be found in the Announcements Section, where they are usually pinned.

Like a Star @ heaven How long do I need to wait until the Points are added to my Balance? Like a Star @ heaven

The Sign In Points are usually recorded once or twice per month by the OSA-P Shopkeepers. A "recorded to here" by the Shopkeepers will indicate which points have been recorded yet. If you are still missing your points after they have been recorded, please contact the Shopkeeper who recorded them.

Like a Star @ heaven Does my post have to include something, and are there any other rules? Like a Star @ heaven

A post does not have to include anything to be recorded, so feel free to post whatever you like. But please post into a Thread only once, to make it easier for the Shopkeeper to record the points, and to avoid confusion.
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The Whats, Why, and How of Points

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