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 (Approved) Advanced Senshi: Sailor Pluto

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PostSubject: (Approved) Advanced Senshi: Sailor Pluto   3rd June 2015, 8:40 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Setsuna Meioh
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 1000+, Appears 20 / October 29th

Used Canons: 90's Anime & Manga

Appearance: Setsuna has very long, thick, dark green hair that appears almost black. She always has it in a style that includes the top half of her hair being spun into a bun at the top of her head. Her eyes are a very striking garnet shade, and her skin is naturally tanned. She is the tallest of the sailor senshi, standing at a legendary 5'10". Her body is very mature, complete curves and a balanced physique. Setsuna always wears fashionable clothing, but she especially loves high-waisted skirts and pants and sophisticated blouses. Despite already being extremely tall, Setsuna always wears heels to complete her outfits. 
Personality: Throughout most of her lifetime, Setsuna has always been very lonely. This makes her quiet, introverted, and very eager for friendship. She typically has an air of authority, and can be very frightening if need be. Despite her stern side, Setsuna can also be very lighthearted and playful. She has a deep love for children, and they seem to have a special bond with her. She serves as a very important role model for all of her peers because of how kindhearted and responsible she is. Friendship is very important to her, and Setsuna will never betray someone who she considers a friend. She has a fear of letting others down, because the last thing she wants is to lose a friend when she has so few. When it comes to her friends, Setsuna will do absolutely anything to help. She is very loyal to the Moon family, and Setsuna is more than ready to make sacrifices for the greater good. To the other senshi, Setsuna can be seen as a mother-ish type. She is the oldest and wisest of them all, and often advises them on right and wrong. Setsuna's morals are set in stone - there is not a bad bone in her body. She is extremely intelligent and wise due to her centuries of experience. She always wears the trendiest of clothing, and she dreams of becoming a fashion designer someday. She has a very close friendship with Chibiusa, who had been her sole companion for a very long time. Setsuna also has romantic feelings for Mamoru, but she keeps them hidden deep inside, knowing that she was never meant to fall in love.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Setsuna can travel through time freely, so long as she doesn't break any taboos. She is a fantastic seamstress, and she is great at physics. 

History: During the Silver Millennium, Setsuna served at the Gates of Time under instruction of Queen Serenity. She guarded the gates all by herself, destined to remain lonely and friendless for eternity. But Setsuna was proud of the job she had been graced with, despite it being very solitary and depressing. When the Silver Millennium was ended by Queen Beryl, Setsuna remained at the Gates of Time, waiting for the day when her fellow senshi would be reincarnated on Earth in the future. 
When Crystal Tokyo came to be, Neo Queen Serenity allowed Setsuna to leave her position at the Gates from time to time. While serving at the Gates, Setsuna became very close with Chibiusa, seeing as the both were very lonely and were in need of friendship. Their bond was evident when Setsuna appeared to the sailor senshi in the past as Sailor Pluto and asked them to save Chibiusa, who was trapped in her dreams. Setsuna appeared to the senshi again a year later, this time disguised as a civilian. This time, Setsuna came in order to aid Sailor Moon in saving Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's lives. She also revealed that she was the holder of the third pure heart, as well as the third Talisman, the Garnet Orb. Setsuna stayed in the past with Haruka and Michiru in order to aid them in stopping Sailor Saturn, the senshi of destruction, from waking up and destroying the world. Setsuna sacrificed herself to save the lives of Haruka and Michiru by stopping time so that they would escape a helicopter crash.
Despite having died after breaking one of her taboos, Setsuna was reincarnated in the past and able to live a somewhat-normal life with her friends. Along with Haruka and Michiru, Setsuna adopted baby Hotaru, who was reincarnated after the defeat of Pharaoh 90. From that point on, Setsuna lived in the Tomoe Mansion, becoming both a mother to Hotaru and a university student studying physics. Whenever a new threat arose, Setsuna would assist in fight as Sailor Pluto. She played a key role in the defeat of Sailor Galaxia, despite having died during the battle, and she assisted in several other conflicts dealt with by the sailor senshi. 
Other Noteworthy Facts: Setsuna is deathly afraid of cockroaches. Her blood type is A.

Storyline Specific Information: 
Twisted Nightmares - After the defeat of Pharaoh 90, the inner senshi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa go on a vacation to Europe. While they're gone, Nehellenia makes her debut in Japan, attacking the inners' plane and trapping them in her mirrors. Meanwhile, the outers sense the danger that befell the inner senshi, but find themselves helpless to do anything. Their powers are stripped away, and Hotaru begins to grow at a rapid rate. The awakening of Sailor Saturn combined with the power of the Talismans gives the outers enough power to transform for a limited time. Now it's up to them to save the inners and defeat Nehellenia before it's too late. 

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Pluto
Realm of Influence(s): Time and The Underworld
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: 
Pluto Planet Power, Make-Up!
Pluto Crystal Power, Make-Up!
Senshi Fuku: Pluto's fuku is white, like most sailor senshi. The bows on the front and back are a dark garnet, and her collar and skirt are black. A garnet-colored brooch is in the center of her bow. Her collar doesn't have any stripes. Unlike the other senshi, Pluto's fuku doesn't have any sleeves. Her white gloves extend to her elbows, and the trim is black. Black heeled boots with white trim stretch all the way up to Pluto's knees, and a silver ring with silver keys attached is around her waist. The black choker around Pluto's neck has a red garnet hanging from it, and large garnet-colored chevron earrings dangle from her ears. Completing her fuku is a golden tiara with a garnet gem in the center on her forehead.
When Pluto is in her Super form, she gains one white stripe on her collar and ringed sleeves - two rings being opaque and one ring being translucent. 
In her Eternal form, the sleeves of Pluto's fuku become puffy and translucent with black trim. The white stripe on her collar turns gold, and the garnet brooch in the middle of her bow becomes a black star. Her gloves extend the the middle of her bicep, and the back bow is changed to two black ribbons that are held together in the front by a golden star. The skirt gains a second grey layer below the black one, and the garnet gem hanging from her choker is changed to a golden star in the center of the choker. 
Dead Scream
Time Stop
Chronos Typhoon
Garnet Ball
Dark Dome Close
Dimension Dance
Strict Sweep
Action Spinster
Destiny Spinster
Weapons or Magical Items:
Garnet Orb
Garnet Rod
Lip Rod
Pluto Crystal

RP Sample: "Hotaru, come in here!"

Pounding footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway, causing a smile to form on Setsuna's face. Her adopted daughter came into the room, smiling broadly. "Come here, I made you something," Setsuna said. Hotaru eagerly approached, bouncing on her toes as she anticipated what was to come. Setsuna grabbed the dress she had sewn and stood, holding it out in front of her so Hotaru could see the whole thing. As the tall woman peered around the dress to look at her daughter's face, she was surprised to find Hotaru in tears. 

"Hotaru, it not what you wanted? I'm sorry, I can make any changes you want," Setsuna said, putting the dress back down on her desk. Hotaru shook her head, suddenly throwing her arms around Setsuna's legs. 

"No! I love it! It's the prettiest dress I've ever had!" Hotaru cried. "Thank you!"

Setsuna smiled, bending down and hugging Hotaru tightly. She had been so afraid that she had let Hotaru down, but she did the exact opposite. The warm satisfaction of having made someone happy was still so foreign to Setsuna, but she loved every second. 



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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Senshi: Sailor Pluto   5th June 2015, 2:40 pm

Approved! Smile

(Tiny side note: If it’s not too much trouble, could you perhaps note Setsuna is very loyal to the Moon family, and is ready to make sacrifices for the greater good if the situation calls for it? Thanks! Smile )

Your RP sample made me go awww, by the way!


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Senshi: Sailor Pluto   6th June 2015, 9:26 pm

Thank you! Added!


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(Approved) Advanced Senshi: Sailor Pluto

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