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 [Advanced]Civilian: Ami Mizuno

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PostSubject: [Advanced]Civilian: Ami Mizuno   9th June 2015, 12:27 pm

Character Name: Ami Mizuno
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16, September 10th

Used Canons: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series), and Sailor Moon (bits of all continuities)

Appearance: With long and rather unremarkable straight hair*, Ami is not one to stick out of a crowd - and she generally likes it that way. She has blue eyes, and very pale skin as she doesn't spend much time outside. She is small in all ways, including height and stature, and she holds herself fairly close to herself so as to make herself appear even less in-the-way as possible. Ami prefers clothes that are comfortable and bigger than they need to be. Things that hide her are best, as she believes that she wouldn't look right in something tighter or more revealing. She also tends to go for muted colors, never picking anything too bright or vibrant.

*Note: I figured I could start with Ami being similar to Willow, in that, she starts with a rather plain look, but will eventually cut her hair into a style she enjoys (the one we know her to normally have)once she gets more confidence.

Personality: Though incredibly intelligent, Ami is reserved and doesn't speak much unless spoken to. She gets excellent grades in school, top of her class, and has a reputation of "geek" or "the smart girl". Her love of computers especially brings about some name-calling. Being known only for her brain is something Ami struggles with every day, but is hard pressed to actually change her reputation in school. She does enjoy studying, and she challenges herself well beyond the basic curriculum, but getting teased for it is a tough thing to deal with. She is often the target of bullying, especially from the so called "popular crowd", but Ami has learned to avoid that particular crowd as much as possible. She also has to deal with another kind of bullying from the school's sports-loving principal: whenever a star athlete is failing, Ami is recruited to "tutor" them. The "tutoring" generally leads to Ami completing the work for them.

Ami isn't a complete push over, however, despite her quiet demeanor and tendency to allow people to take advantage of her. She does find small ways to fight back, in her own way. She doesn't lash out, but instead finds a more clever and sneakier way to get back at those who wrong her - this is a trait she continues to develop even further as she gains more confidence.

When not studying in the library or doing homework, Ami loves to swim and relax with a good book, or simply browse on her computer.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Intelligent and resourceful. Later on in the RP she will tap into magic and witchcraft.

History: Even as a small child, Ami was interested in book and learning. Her favorite thing was when her father would read to her, or told her great stories about his travels. Her mother was very busy with her work at the hospital, and so Ami relied on her father's upbringing for most of her childhood. However, her father began to take long and long trips away for work, until suddenly he simply did not come home. Deciding to split up, Ami rarely saw her father any more, and with her mother still very busy, Ami learned to care for herself. It was up to her to make sure she had dinner ready and to do her homework and keep the apartment clean.

Ami never really got the hang of making friends at school, and her prestige as the school genius certainly did not help her case. People were either intimidated by her, or wanted her "help" with schoolwork. After getting hurt by her so called friends multiple times, Ami learned to keep to herself most of the time. Instead of friends, she found knowledge, computers, and books full of adventure and unlimited possibilities. Ami often has to remind herself that she likes it better this way.

Studying is something she enjoys, but she still has not quite figured out what she would like to do with her life after school. She defaults to saying that she wants to be a doctor like her mother, but a deeper part of her wonders if that is really true, or if it is just something she learned to say to pacify her family.

Now in high school, Ami doesn't expect this school year to be any different than any other previous school year. The only thing she looks forward to checking out the library at the new school, as it is rumored to be full of ancient books that are difficult to find elsewhere. A part of her hopes that this year will be the one where she makes a proper friend, but she has learned how to quiet that part of her a long time ago.

Storyline Specific Information:
Usagi the Vampire Slayer: In this RP, Ami is a normal teenager trying to make her way through high school in one piece. Everything gets turned upside down when she meets Usagi, and finds out the truth about the new girl in school. She is a vampire slayer, and somehow, Ami gets drawn into the world that Usagi is forced to fight against every night. As time goes on, Ami learns to become more confident and even learns some special skills of her own. But will the newly gather group be enough to fight against the queen of vampires?

RP Sample:
The rhythmic clicking and clacking of the computer keyboard lulled Ami into a typing machine. She loved trying to type fast enough to keep that constant chain of sounds going. It was almost as calming as the sounds of a bubbling stream, and it always helped her stay focused on her task.

Her mother sometimes commented on how Ami wasted her time on the computer, but Ami tried to ignore the sentiment. Her mother didn't understand. The computer allowed her to have so much information available to her at her finger tips. Just a few movements and she could virtually learn about anything she wanted. If her mother spent more than five minutes at home, maybe Ami could have explained it properly to her.

A tap on her shoulder jolted Ami out of her calm trance-like state. She twisted her torso to look behind her. The confident smile and green eyes took her by surprise. She couldn't remember his name, but she knew that he was the football team's star quarterback. He was said to be one of the most handsome guys in the school, and looking at him now, Ami could definitely see how he got that reputation.

A blush came to her cheeks as that thought passed her mind.

What could he possibly want with her? A traitorous part of her thought that maybe, just maybe, he was interested in her. To think, the cutest guy in school talking to her. It was almost straight out of a romance novel.

It was then that Ami realized he had said something, and she missed it. Her blush deepened, though she tried to fight it. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"You're Ami right? The genius girl?"

Ami froze, smile stuck in place only from repeated practice. Oh. So that was it. She should have known. She should have kept her fantasy thoughts far away. After all, no one was ever interested in her. How could she have let herself entertain the idea that the cutest guy in school would be interested in someone like her?

"That's me, genius girl extrodinaire," Ami replied.

The sarcastic tone was lost on the guy and he held up a stack of papers. He smiled, but Ami had seen that kind of smile before, and knew what it meant. "Great! Coach said you could help me get my grade up in math." He handed her the paperwork. "The packet is due on Tuesday."

Ami looked down at the papers in her hand. Her smile slipped away.

The guy misinterpreted her reaction. "I know it's a lot, but it would really help me out. My team needs me on Saturday, you see. But if I don't turn this in, my math grade will be too low and I won't be allowed to play."

She knew how it worked. She also knew, that if she tried to get out of it, it would only cause more problems. So she looked up, and forced another smile. "Sure. Okay. I'll get it back to you before then."

At least he said thank you before leaving to rejoin his group of waiting friends.

As they walked away, Ami pretended to not hear their whispers.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced]Civilian: Ami Mizuno   9th June 2015, 4:03 pm

Awh, I love what you did with Ami here! I felt so bad for her while reading the RP Sample. I look forward to reading your posts!



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[Advanced]Civilian: Ami Mizuno

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