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 Relaxed Civilian: Serenity Tsukino

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PostSubject: Relaxed Civilian: Serenity Tsukino   Wed 10 Jun 2015 - 18:12

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name: Serenity 'Sere' Tsukino
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Appearance: Sere is a petite young woman who doesn't really look her age. She has extremely long blonde hair that she keeps in pigtails with buns at the top. Her big, bright, blue eyes are always filled with curiosity. She has a neutral complexion, and she stands at the short height of 5'4". Sere likes to wear cute, stylish clothing that is either brightly colored or in pastels. This typically consists of shorts, skirts, casual dresses, and cute blouses. She hates to wear heels because she can't walk in them, so a nice pair of Converse or sandals will do the trick for her.
Storyline Specific Information:
Daybreak - Sere is a first-year college student in Japan, and so far it has been a wild ride. Throughout her first few months, Sere got her own apartment, got her first job at the campus salon, made a new friend named Leah, and met someone who she secretly hoped could become more than a friend: Endo Mizuki. Endo is a complete mystery to Sere, and she is determined to find out more about him and unlock the secrets of his past.
Additional Information: Sere is a bubbly, fun-loving, carefree girl who loves to make new friends and enjoy what life has given her. She comes from a dark past - one where her father became an alcoholic and her mother and brother left to restart their lives elsewhere. Sere stayed with her father, knowing he couldn't be left alone in his state, and endured the physical and verbal abuse he gave her on a weekly basis. After her mother and brother left, Sere knew she would have to pull herself together and stop slacking off in school if she wanted to get into a good college and build a healthier future for herself. And so she became an A-B student, graduated high school, and got into a great college that would definitely push her on her way to starting a career in cosmetics and beauty. She checks on her father from time to time, and still receives calls from her mother so the two can stay in contact. 

RP Sample: It was a gorgeous fall morning, and after getting her daily dose of tea from the campus cafe, Sere was on her way to her first class. As she walked, Sere wondered if Endo would speak to her today. He was so strange, and it seemed like one day he would behave a certain way, then the next he would be entirely different. And the way he made her feel was different to what Sere had been used to. Sure, she had her schoolgirl crushes, but something told her this wasn't like any of those silly daydreams. She knew this was something more, and she was determined to find out if he felt the same way.


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Relaxed Civilian: Serenity Tsukino

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