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 [Relaxed] Queen of Discord

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Queen of Discord   18th June 2015, 3:12 pm

Storyline Name: Queen of Discord
Creator(s):  Sailor Mercury and JupiterThunderCrash
Forum: Free-Form
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed
Plot Summary: Usagi thought that she was an ordinary girl from California, although a little hyperactive and not very good in school. This all changed when she and her friends are attacked by a Greek monster at school and are saved by a Satyr and strangers who call themselves demigods. They are brought to Camp Half-Blood and told of their divine heritage, as children of the Greek and Roman gods.

Before they can get settled and think much about their new identities, a new threat is about to topple Mount Olympus. The goddess Eris has gained a huge amount of power from an unknown source, and is slowly knocking the weather and nature out of balance, and out of the gods' control. Soon the world will fall prey to endless stroms and natural disasters. Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Rei are selected by the Oracle to go on a quest to find the Apple of Discord, in hopes of removing Eris from power. But can they stand up to the goddess of Chaos herself and the forces she commands?

Details on any necessary information: All of the characters will have their divine heritage predetermined, and their histories are changed as this is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Percy Jackson. No one is a senshi, but they do have powers based on their parents, and can use weapons and magical items they find. 

Usagi is the child of Selene, the Moon Goddess
Ami is the child of Hermes, the Messenger of Gods
Rei is the child of Mars, the God of War and Destruction
Makoto is the child of Jupiter, God of the Sky and Thunder
Minako is the child of Venus, Goddess of Love and Desire
Mamoru's origins are Unknown to the character.
Haruka is the child child of Zeus, the Greek aspect of Jupiter
Michiru is the child of Posideon, the God of the Sea and Earthquakes
Hotaru is the child of Hades, God of the Underworld and Riches
Setsuna is the child of Chronos, God of Time. 

Only Setsuna is aware of her legacy at first, as she lives primarily with her divine father and is actually far older than the rest. The rest discover that they are demigods as the RP goes on.

Restrictions: Only Usagi, Ami, Minako, Makoto, Rei, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotary, and Mamoru are playable Canon characters. 
Source: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus Series.
OOC Thread: https://www.thegalaxycauldronforums.com/t10703-queen-of-discord-ooc-thread#298980
Member to Character List:
Usagi Tsukino (OPEN)
Addelyn-->Ami Mizuno 
Sailor Mercury-->Rei Hino
JupiterThunderCrash-->Makoto Kino 
Sailor Pluto--> Minako Aino
Mamoru Chiba (OPEN)
Haruka Tenoh (OPEN)
Michiru Kaioh (OPEN)
Hotaru Tomoe (OPEN)
Setsuna Meioh (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Queen of Discord   18th June 2015, 5:48 pm



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[Relaxed] Queen of Discord

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