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 [Relaxed] Werewolf - Makoto Kino

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Werewolf - Makoto Kino   30th June 2015, 12:45 am

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Character Image:

Storyline Specific Information:
The Hunted Hunter - Nephrite is an expert on the supernatural, and often tracks down and kills dangerous creatures that live among the unsuspecting population of modern day Japan. When  Jadeite, a close friend of his, is murdered in Tokyo by what he suspects was a werewolf attack, he journeys to the city to hunt for both the beast and his revenge. But as he investigates the bloody trail left behind, he meets a young woman named Makoto and finds himself falling in love with her. Makoto is not all that she seems though, whether she is aware of it or not.

Additional Information:
Makoto is somewhat of an oxymoron. She has both a masculine and a feminine side. She is physically strong and practices martial arts, able to defend herself and fight in hand-to-hand combat very well. She's also excellent at sports like basketball and ice skating, yet she is also a wonderful cook. She's also great at gardening, arts and crafts, and dancing. Her dream is to get married and own a cake and flower shop; which shows that despite her tomboyishness at first glance, she is in many ways a girly girl at heart.

Makoto has been forced to become self-sufficient and independent when she lost her parents in what seemed like a brutal murder. Mako was the lone survivor and was taken in by an orphanage, though her parents' killer was never found. The case became a cold case that was never solved and Mako didn't remember much of the details either because it was a traumatic event and her brain must have tried to protect her from remembering.

After she was old enough, Mako started living on her own and put her violent past behind her. But she is still defined by her loneliness. Having no other family members, she seems to have been truly isolated from the world because her classmates seemed afraid of her and she continually got into trouble/fights with other people.

Makoto is brave, strong, and loyal. She does have quite a temper (though this is usually reserved for the bad guys and boys who mess with her) and has been known to impulsively jump into a fight without thinking carefully because she's mostly guided by her emotions. Mako is definitely someone who's ruled by her heart and she has a lot of love to give because despite being alone and left by people all her lives, instead of building up walls to protect herself, she keeps waiting for and believing that someday she will have people to love and who would also love her.

Source: N/A
RP Sample:

Mako had never liked the full moon.

Something about it always unsettled a part of her. She had made a point of avoiding even looking at it if she was aware it was there, but she never quite knew what bothered her about it. Most people found it pretty, right?

But there was that one full moon night that she could not remember. It was all a blur, and she woke up the next morning feeling like crap. Had she had a fever or something? She definitely hadn’t been drinking—at least, she didn’t remember planning to do so.

At any rate, tonight was another full moon. She knew because… well, that same part of her that avoided it also seemed to keep a mental track of it in some way. She always knew when the moon would rise fully in the sky.

For a moment, she was tempted to gaze at it as she walked past her still open window. But then she thought better of it and pulled the curtains close without once looking up.

A strange sense of relief filled her as she turned her back on it.

Alter Ego Information

Alter Ego: Werewolf

In reality, it had been a werewolf who attacked and killed her parents all those years ago. For some reason the werewolf could not bring himself to kill the toddler, but he didn't stop before leaving a scratch on her, which infected Mako with the curse. However, the curse is only triggered when she happens to look at the full moon directly. When she completely misses it, she's fine. Mako isn't in control of herself in wolf form and she doesn't remember what she does when she transforms. She just wakes up the next morning not recalling anything.

Wolf Transformation: She transforms into a wolf under the curse of the full moon. The transformation doesn't take more than a minute tops and during this she loses her human consciousness until she returns to human form. In her wolf form she has incredibly sharp teeth and claws. She is also bigger than the average wolf and can stand and walk on her hind legs. Her eyes are yellow.

Superhuman Strength: In wolf form Mako is incredibly strong and can easily rip apart things, pick up heavy stuff like cars and throw them with ease.

Superhuman Speed: She is also much faster in this form and is able to run as fast as an ordinary wolf, allowing her to attack her prey sometimes before they even realize she's there.

Silver: In wolf form silver is deadly to her and could easily kill her if a wound is inflicted on her with a weapon made from silver. In human form she is also allergic to it and it creates rashes on her skin, though it doesn't have as deadly consequences.


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Werewolf - Makoto Kino   30th June 2015, 2:19 am

Awesome profile! I'll definitely be keeping up with your RP! 



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[Relaxed] Werewolf - Makoto Kino

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