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 [Advanced] Sailor Moon: Devil Survivor Overclocked

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The Sleeping Dragon
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PostSubject: [Advanced] Sailor Moon: Devil Survivor Overclocked    18th July 2015, 9:35 am

Storyline Name: Sailor Moon: Devil Survivor Overclocked

Creator(s): The Sleeping Dragon

Forum: Free Form

Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced

Plot Summary: Since the dawn of time, demons have existed among us. Whether they be hiding among us, or in the realm of demons, they do indeed exist. Sailor Moon and her friends can attest to this fact. The young women have fought many a youma since their awakening to their powers, protecting the innocent. But what happens when a demon outbreak occurs and the government puts the whole of Tokyo under lockdown, no one allowed in or out? Well whether he's ready or not, Kazuya Tokugawa is about to find out. After being called up by his cousin for a fun day out on the town, Kazuya is given a new phone, (after his old one was broken) and this phone can predict various deaths and events via The Laplace Mail app. He shrugs it off, thinking it's just a spam app. But then, the Laplace Mail predicts the death of one of Usagi's best friends, Naru Osaka. And sure enough, when Naru is found torn apart limb from limb, Kazuya realizes it's no game. What's worse? Demons have been slowly turning up, leading to a city wide lockdown, trapping him and the senshi inside. What he doesn't know is that a woman named Amane, has orchestrated the event in cooperation with the Dark Kingdom to destroy the Senshi once and for all. Thankfully Naoya put another app into Kazuya's phone that allows him to summon demons to do his bidding and protect him.

But soon lines are drawn, friendships are shattered and in a plot that diverges greatly from the original plot of DS Overclocked, Kazuya learns he has only 7 days to escape the lockdown before...something happens to the city. And soon, he will have to make a choice that will change the outcome of mankind's future and the future of Crystal Tokyo. So, will he ally himself with Naoya and lead a war against God himself? Will he ally himself with the senshi in order to restore order to the city? Will he ally with the Dark Kingdom to conquer mankind? Or will he remain neutral and just attempt to find a way to break through the lockdown? Only he can decide that for himself dear reader.

Peaceful days died, let's survive.

Details on any necessary information: Characters such as Naoya (Cain), Amane and the various random mooks and civies are NPCs I control. The reason for this is that they are integral to the plot of the original DS Overclocked. This goes for demons that appear in the SMT series. With that said, I promise not to make them in anyway OP or make them untouchable. All foes and enemies will be balanced towards the Senshi's abilities and Kazuya's own abilities. 

Restrictions: Only Inners and Outers and Dark Kingdom Members if you would. Oh and Mamoru too.

Source: N/A

OOC Thread: N/A

Member to Character List:

Kazuya Tokugawa: Me (obviously)

Naoya Tokugawa: NPC

Amane Kuzuryu: NPC

Metatron: NPC

Various demons: NPC

Thugs and civies: NPC

Usagi Tsukino: Open

Rei Hino: Open

Ami Mizuno: Open

Makoto Kino: Open

Minako Aino: Open

Mamoru Chiba: Open

Luna: Open

Artemis: Open

Metalia: Open

Jadeite: Open

Nephrite: Open

Zoisite: Open

Kunzite: Open
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Moon: Devil Survivor Overclocked    18th July 2015, 7:48 pm

Quote :
And sure enough, when Naru is found torn apart limb from limb, Kazuya realizes it's no game. 

Can you change this so it isn't so gruesome? Please keep in mind forum, along with the roleplaying section, must maintain pg-13.

You mention something happens. Is there more detail about what the something is?

I notice you do NPC quite a bit of characters. How frequently will these characters come up? I want to make sure bios aren't needed, and that they are just background characters that don't play important roles.

You are also missing the Source field in your summary


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[Advanced] Sailor Moon: Devil Survivor Overclocked

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