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 Your List of Storylines

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PostSubject: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 12:01 am

We all have that problem.

That problem you have when you're looking for that one storyline you joined forever ago (or yesterday), and you see like 17 pages of OOC boards/4 subforums of rp boards and just cry, using whatever functions you can (search, ctrl+f, google, faulty memory, page jumping, rumors of your involvement) to attempt to find that one storyline, and still it takes forever and just blah.

Or maybe you're in a bunch of storylines and just want a place where you can click down a list to check to see if it's your turn to post or see the latest ooc decisions/get in on that conversation. 


Such nifty.

Much useful. totes original board formatting. 

Please update your posts in your posts - no need to create a second post in this thread. ((and no need to bump the thread with an "updated!" status ♥ let's let as many players as possible get their profiles linked on the first page or two!))

  And thanks to Vbabe for the original board! This original board will remain available for a while to allow people to copy over what they used to have if they are so inclined!



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Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 12:01 am

Consecration - Crysdal

Active Challenge Threads:
All Active Storylines

 Gravity - Endymion (Discord)
 The Warrior Princess and the Miraculous Enyalian - Nikos (Discord)
 Journals of Achelois - Enyalius (Discord)


 Tsubasa: ReSerVoir Crossover - Endymion (OOC)(Discord)

Hall of Fame
 The Collector - Enyalius
Decay - Enyalius
Return to Zenar - Enyalius
 Remnants - Enyalius
 Andromeda Spire - Enyalius
 Leviathan Core - Enyalius
 Fields of Enyalius - Enyalius, Nikos, Wigglebottoms
 Light in Darkness - Mars, Wigglebottoms
 Conscription - Crysdal
 Conviction - Crysdal
 Conflagration - Crysdal
The Lunar Chronicles: Phase I - Endymion
The Lunar Chronicles: Phase II - Endymion
 The Lunar Chronicles: Phase III - Endymion
 The Lunar Chronicles: Phase IV - Endymion
 The Lunar Chronicles: Phase V - Endymion
  Dream Maze
 Rebel Recon - Tesherin (Skype)
Rebel Recon: Storytime - Tesherin Walker (skype)
 Strength - Enyalius (Skype)
Jailbirds - Sailor Enyalius (Skype)
 Between the Stars - Enyalius (Skype)

Starseed Senshi Adventures - Tantalos
Alpha and Omega - Queen Serenity
Aegis - Prince Endymion (when called upon)
Jealous Much? - (1) Usagi
Genesis - (2) Saiph and Sirius
Earth Kingdom Adventure - (1) Endymion
Senshi Pokemon trainers - (2) Mamoru, Usagi
 Surviving High School - Mamoru (OOC)
 Survival of the Fittest - Sailor Lead Crow (OOC)
  The Element Senshi - Sailor Flourine (OOC)
 Immortals - Chibi-Usa / LUNA (OOC)
 Helpless Girls - Cinderella / Sailor Papillion (OOC)
  Batteries - (3) Mamoru, Togarishii, Usagi  (OOC)
 Sailor Art Online - Sailor Enyalius / Liera Smith (OOC)
 Usagi Tsukino and the Lunar Prophecy - Mamoru (OOC)
 Metamorphosis - King Endymion (OOC)
 Concordia - Mamoru (OOC)
 Regress - Mamoru (Skype)
 The Little Moonbeam - Endymion (Skype)

Stepped Back From
 Ghost Planets - (2) Usagi and Mamoru (OOC)
 Hecate's Uprising - Sailor Golmore (OOC)


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 12:46 am

A Midsummer Night's Scheme - Titania Le Fay / Sailor Titania [Discord OOC]
Beyond the Sea of Stars - Princess Calypso of Neptune [Discord OOC]
Chibi Guardians - Hikari Aino/Sailor Chibi Venus [OOC Thread]
Dance with the Devil - Neo Queen Serenity/Usagi Tsukino [Discord OOC]
Fait Accompli - Titania Le Fay / Sailor Titania [Discord OOC]
Four Corners - Minako Aino/Sailor Venus [OOC Thread]
Gates of Horn and Ivory - Reika Nakashima/Sailor Thalia [OOC Thread]
Hecate's Uprising - Titania Le Fay/Sailor Titania [OOC Thread]
Love and Justice League - Usagi Tsukino / Serenity [OOC Thread]
Sailor V: Phantom Love - Minako Aino/Sailor V [Discord OOC]
Red String of Fate - Titania Le Fay / Sailor Titania [Discord OOC]
Sins of The Heart - Minako Aino/Sailor Venus [Discord OOC]
The Warrior Princess and The Miraculous Enyalian - Kira Alderran / Sailor Andromeda [Discord OOC]

Cat's Paw - Leora / Sailor Felis [Discord OOC]
Crossed Wires - Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury [OOC Thread]
Gravity - Princess Serenity [Discord OOC]
Phantoms - Princess Esmeraude [OOC Thread]
Royal Trouble - Titania Le Fay / Sailor Titania [Discord OOC]
Silver Discordia - Freyja Ásynja [OOC Thread]
The Hero's Knight - Kira Alderran/Sailor Andromeda [Discord OOC]
The Hunted Hunter - Makoto Kino [Discord OOC]
Toxic - Kira Alderran/Sailor Andromeda [Discord OOC]


In Planning


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 2:04 am

Four Corners - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino (OOC)
The Dark Side of the Moon - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino (OOC)
Crystal Academy - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno (OOC)

Elysion - Sailor Mars/Princess Mars (OOC)
Usagi Tsukino and the Lunar Prophecy - (2) Artemis, Zoisite (OOC)
Silver Discordia - Amara Ceylan (OOC)
Sailor Art Online - (2) General Klein/Tsuboi Ryoutarou, Sailor Apollyon/Melantha (OOC)

[Advanced] Promises on Stars - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno (OOC)
[Relaxed] Mommy's Little Girl - Neo Queen Serenity (OOC)
[Relaxed] Tempest in Elysion - (2) Helios, Fisheye
[Relaxed] Surviving High School - Setsuna Meioh (OOC)
[Relaxed] Survival of the Fittest - Galaxia (OOC)
[Advanced] Dreams Untold - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino
[Advanced] Second Self - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno
[Relaxed] Hassle in the Castle - Sailor Mars/Rei Hino (OOC)
[Advanced] Infection - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino (OOC)
[Advanced] Usagi the Vampire Slayer - Makoto Kino (OOC)
[Relaxed] Four Kings and a Princess - Jadeite (OOC)

RP Event: CrackShips // Flat Tire - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino
RP Event: Alter Ego - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno
[RPG Event] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase II - Waxing Crescent - Sailor Mars/Princess Mars
RP Event - Gloria: Revives - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno
The Calcite Senshi - Sailor Stellar Beam Calcite/Kari
RP Event: The Dream Maze - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno
RP Event: Remnants - Sailor Panacea/Kiyoko Chiyuno
The Lunar Chronicles: Phase III - Waxing Gibbous - Jadeite
RP Event: Vacation to the Dark Side

In Planning:


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 2:32 am


[Advanced] Batteries ~ Sailor Venus ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Burn With You ~ Sailor Venus ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Chibi Guardians ~ Small Lady Serenity ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Crystal Academy ~ Sailor Mercury ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Dead Ringer ~ Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Eternal Senshi ~ Sailor Mercury ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Four Corners ~ Sailor Moon ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Fractured Zenith ~ Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Heart of the Ocean ~ Captain Endymion and Kunzite ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Helpless Girls ~ Sailor Lumina ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Hotline Tokyo ~ Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Hypothesis ~ Sailor Neptune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Infection ~ Sailor Uranus and Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Kinmoku Lullaby ~ Sailor Star Maker ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Light and Darkness ~ Queen SerenityLady Beryl, and Prince Endymion ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Listen to Your Heart ~ Sailor Star Fighter ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Metamorphosis ~ Sailor Jupiter and King Endymion ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Miscommunication ~ Kunzite ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Moon River ~ Queen Serenity ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Second Self ~ Sailor Varuna and Selena DeLune ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Solar Prominence ~ Sailor Varuna ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Tale as Old as Time ~ Princess Celia ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] The Dark Side of the Moon ~ Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] To Kill A Moon Princess ~ Sailor Mercury and Sailor Uranus ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Twisted Nightmares ~ Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Usagi the Vampire Slayer ~ Mamoru Chiba ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Bleeding Blue ~ Sailor Moon ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Crossed Wires ~ Sailor Venus ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Daybreak ~ Serenity Tsukino and Motoki Furuhata ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Elysion ~ Prince EndymionKunzite, and Queen Serenity ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Four Kings and a Princess ~ Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Ghost Planets ~ Sailor Mercury ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Hassle in the Castle ~ Sailor Neptune ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Immortals ~ Ami Mizuno ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Little Moon Soldiers ~ Queen Serenity ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Love's Spiral ~ Sailor Venus ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Magnetism ~ Sailor Mercury ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Mystery at the Big Apple ~ Sailor Venus ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] My Little Pony: Love and Justice ~ Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Once Upon a Dream ~ Kunihiro Kinzoku ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Peril & Petticoats ~ Amelia "Amy" Blair Hadley ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Playground Jungle ~ Sailor Uranus and Sailor Chibi Moon ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Queen of Discord ~ Minako Aino ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Sailor Art Online ~ Kirigaya KazutoMinako Aino, and Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Suitor Shenanigans ~ Mamoru Chiba ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed[ Surviving High School ~ Michiru Kaioh ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] The Price of Freedom ~ Sailor Moon and Selena DeLune ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Usagi Tsukino and the Lunar Prophecy ~ Rei Hino ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] We Could Be Heroes ~ Sailor Aluminum Siren ~ OOC Thread


[Advanced] Elemaximum ~ Sienna Eylin ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] In The Shadows ~ Neo Queen SerenityKunzite, and Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Lovely Dragonriders: The Shade King ~ Lord Mamoru ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Seven Sisters ~ Sailor Sterope ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Children of the Stars ~ Princess Kakyuu ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Moon Wars ~ Minako Aino ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] The Amazing Race ~ Sailor Moon ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] The Legend of Usagi ~ Rei Hino ~ OOC Thread

Hall of Fame:

[Advanced] Decay ~ Sailor Venus ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Jar of Hearts ~ Haruka Tenoh ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase I - New Moon ~ Princess Serenity and Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase II - Waxing Crescent ~ Princess Serenity and Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase III - Waxing Gibbous ~ Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] A Star and Rabbit Pillow ~ Sailor Moon ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Burning Passions ~ Sailor Mars ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Opposites Attract ~ Sailor Mercury ~ Skype OOC
[Relaxed] Without a Shadow of a Doubt ~ Neo Queen Serenity ~ OOC Thread


[Advanced] Auxiliary Reserve ~ Sailor Neptune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Betrayal of Our Prince ~ Prince Endymion and Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Boys and Knights ~ Kunzite and Nephrite ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Codename: Sailor V Crystal ~ Artemis ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Digimon: Digital Senshi ~ Sailor Venus ~ Skype OOC
[Advanced] Dream vs Duty ~ Sailor Mercury ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Falling Ashes ~ Sailor Mars ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Forgotten Heroes ~ Kunzite and Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Love's Menagerie ~ Sailor Uranus ~ PM OOC
[Advanced] Promises on Stars ~ Mamoru Chiba ~ OOC Thread
[Advanced] Puella Magi Usagi Magica ~ Minako Aino ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] A Chaotic Mother's Day ~ Neo Queen Serenity ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] A New Ally for the Sailor Senshi? The Rise of the Dark Knight Atem ~ Sailor MoonSailor Venus, and Dmitri ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Fusion ~ Sailor Venus and Calaveras ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Love and Spite ~ Ami Mizuno and Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Mommy's Little Girl ~ Sailor Pluto and Selena DeLune ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Saving Tien ~ Sailor Varuna ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] Survival of the Fittest ~ Kunzite ~ OOC Thread
[Relaxed] What Could Have Been ~ Usagi Chiba and Chibiusa Chiba ~ OOC Thread


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   22nd July 2015, 9:03 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   30th July 2015, 7:00 pm

Silver Millennium:
Boys and Knights ~ Prince Endymion (OOC)

Tokyo City:
Infection ~ Sailor Saturn (OOC)
Hotline Tokyo ~ Tuxedo Mask (OOC)
Listen to Your Heart ~ Chibiusa (OOC)
The Dark Side of the Moon ~ Sailor Mars (OOC)

Crystal Tokyo:
Chibi Guardians ~ Sailor Chibi Jupiter (OOC)
Hypothesis ~ Sailor Saturn (OOC)

Free Form:
Crystal Academy ~ Sailor Mars (OOC)

Free Form:
Hassle in the Castle ~ Sailor Saturn (OOC)
Survival of the Fittest ~ Cyprine/Ptilol (OOC)

In Planning
Pure Hearts ~ Sailor Cyprine/Sailor Ptilol (OOC)


The Lunar Chronicles: Phase III - Waxing Gibbous ~ Sailor Saturn (OOC)

Auxiliary Reserve ~ Sailor Pluto (OOC)

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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   5th August 2015, 9:09 pm

 Conviction { Amarachius Sworn } RP OOC

 Dance with the Devil { Diamond & Saphir } RP OOC 
Fait Accompli { Oberon } RP OOC
Hecate's Uprising { Oberon } RP OOC
Love and Justice League { Zoisite & Seiya } RP OOC
Midsummer Night Scheme { Oberon } RP OOC
Red String of Fate { Oberon } RP OOC
Sins of the Heart { PGSM Zoisite } RP OOC

Chaotic Mayhem { Zoisite } RP OOC
 Toxic { R } RP OOC

 Royal Trouble { Oberon } RP OOC
Murphy's Law { Oberon } RP OOC
 Phantoms { Diamond } RP OOC
 Waning Moonlight { Yue } RP OOC

 Lab Rats { Hawk's Eye } RP OOC
 The Lunar Chronicles - Phase III { Zoisite } RP OOC
 Villain Vacation { Diamond } RP OOC
 Conscription { Amarachius Sworn } RP OOC
 Leviathan's Core { Oberon } RP OOC
 Fields of Enyalius { Oberon } RP OOC
Light in Darkness { Oberon } RP OOC

 Boys and Knights { Zoisite } RP OOC
 Chii Eye { Amazon Trio } RP OOC
 Survival of the Fittest { Hawk's Eye } RP OOC
 Tempest in Elysion { Hawk's Eye, Tiger's Eye } RP OOC
 Four Kings and a Princess { Nephrite } RP OOC
 Crystal Academy { Zoisite } RP OOC
 Dark Side of the Moon { Zoisite } RP OOC
 Kinmoku Lullaby { Sailor Star Fighter } RP OOC
 Suitors Shenanigans { Diamond } RP OOC
 Children of the Stars { Sailor Star Maker } RP OOC In planning
 The Choosing { Kou Seiya } RP OOC In planning
 Usagi Tsukino and the Lunar Prophecy { Nephrite } RP OOC
 Magician's Favour { Keroberos } RP OOC
 Golden Secrets { Kunzite } RP OOC

 Multiverse  Crossover
Characters List


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   10th August 2015, 12:42 pm

Consecration - Sailor Panzer, Sailor Xtal-Diamante

Beyond the Sea of Stars - Ulysses of Uranus
Black Rain - Peridoto, Sailor Moon
Chibi Guardians - Sailor Chibi Mercury*, Small Lady (OOC)
Four Corners - Sailor Moon (OOC)
Gates of Horn and Ivory - Sailor Elysion, Sailor Moon (OOC)
Hotline Tokyo - Sailor Mercury (OOC)
 I Wheelie Like You - Diana
Newlyweds - Sailor Moon
Phantoms - Koan (OOC)
Pokemon Prism - Mary "Jones" Joy (OOC)
Reconnecting - Sailor Chibi Moon
Silver Discordia - Xihe of Huo Re Temple (OOC)

Chaos at the Candy Kiosk - Theron Barton (OOC)
To Rise Again - Luna (OOC)
Rite of Legacy - Rusu (OOC)
Winter Resort - Kousagi Tsukino (OOC)
Dinner at the Axis - Jigglypuff (OOC)

Hall of Fame
 The Collector - Sailor Nocturnus
Return to Zenar - Sailor Moon*
Remnants - Sailor Nocturnus
Andromeda Spire - Sailor Nocturnus
Leviathan Core - Sailor Nocturnus
Fields of Enyalius - Sailor Nocturnus, Sailor Panzer
Light in Darkness - Sailor Nocturnus
 Conscription - Sailor Xtal-Diamante
Conviction - Sailor Xtal-Diamante
Conflagration - Sailor Xtal-Diamante

Lunar Chronicles Phase III - Sailor Mercury (OOC)
Lunar Chronicles Phase IV - Sailor Mercury (OOC)
Lunar Chronicles Phase V - Small Lady, Diana (OOC)

Across the Seven Seas - Sailor Moon (OOC)
Alter Egos - Sailor Nocturnus (OOC)
 The Calcite Senshi - Sailor Grey Calcite (OOC)
The Element Senshi - Sailor Magnesium
The Element Senshi, Again! - Sailor Magnesium (OOC)
Gloria: Revives - Sailor Nocturnus (OOC)
Halloween Bash - Tiger's Eye (OOC)
OC Trick or Treating - Sailor Nocturnus (OOC)
The Otakus Grimm - Sailor Lir (OOC)
School Ghost Hunt - Naru Osaka (OOC)
Shattered - Chibi Usa (OOC)
A Trip to Naida Beach - Sailor Whelk
 Twelve Stars - Sailor Star Cancer (OOC)
Vacation to the Dark Side - Professor Tomoe (OOC)

 An Andromeda Adventure - Sailor Nocturnus
Between the Stars - Sailor Nocturnus
Dead Ringer - Sailor Mercury (OOC)
 I'M ALL IN - Mimete
Ice Cream Storytime - Sailor Nocturnus (Skype OOC)
Rebel Recon: Storytime - Daisy "Dee" Moore
 Thunder and Rain - Sailor Mercury (OOC)


*Indicates adopted character.

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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   16th August 2015, 12:04 pm

*Looking for RPers for Characters

Listen to Your Heart - Mamoru Chiba
Infection - Mamoru Chiba and Luna
Eternal Senshi - Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Helpless Girls - Ariel/Sailor Cascade
Kokua ka'u Kaikaina - Luna
To Kill A Moon Princess - Minako Aino/Sailor Venus
Usagi the Vampire Slayer* - Usagi Tsukino and Luna
Four Corners - Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Dead Ringer - Luna
Queen of Discord - Michiru Kaioh
Bleeding Blue* - Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus
Auxiliary Reserve - Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus
Crystal Academy - Prince Endymion 
Lab Rats - Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

In Planning:
Seven Sisters* - Amber Ashwin/Sailor Electra
Solar Prominence* - Aria Blomgren/Sailor Quaoar
Peril and Petticoats - Raechel Blackwood/Sailor Mars

RP Events:
Alter Ego Event - Amber Ashwin/Sailor Electra
The Enchanted Ball Light RP Event - Minako Aino/Sailor Venus
[Casual Event] Vacation to the Dark Side - Black Lady

RP Games:
Clue Christmas - Silverbells

Hall of Fame:
[RPG Event] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase 1 - New Moon - Luna
[Hardcore Event] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase 3 - Waxing Gibbous - Beryl

Genesis - Princess of Orion
Reversed Sailor Moon, A Different Story - Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
My Little Soldier Adventure - Nightmare Moon/Sailor Luna
A Chaotic Mother's Day - Selene and Hyperia
Dream Vs Duty - Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Betrayal of Our Prince - Beryl
Moon Wars - Jedi Master Luna


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   18th August 2015, 11:00 pm


Avatar thanks go to Zoey900. YAY! Signature thanks go to Zoey, Sailor Saturn and Mysteryloveandjustice and Diana YAY! (Halloween avatar thanks to CrystalBunny YAY! Adoptable's thanks go to NQS!!!) Adopted Brother/BFF CrystalBunny!

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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   30th August 2015, 7:35 pm

I will update everything when life settles down. hall of fame and graveyard will be added later.

Afire Love- Sailor Mars (OOC on Skype)
Beast Mamoru Chiba (OOC on skype)

End of My Immortal Dream- Nehelenia (OOC on skype)
Playground Jungle- Usagi Tsukino (OOC Thread)


Hall of Fame:
Mystery Castle: Leah Lolita
Halloween RP Event: Leah Lolita 
Gloria: Time is Running Out- Leah Lolita- 
The Lunar Chronicles Phase I Sailor Jupiter (OOC Discussion)
A Chance at Normal: Usagi Tsukino
The Lunar Chronicles Phase II- Waxing Crescent: Sailor Jupiter (OOC Discussion)
Decorator and the Beast-Mamoru
Gloria Revives: Zena (OOC Discussion)
Around the World Paris and Shadows- Yuuta Minasaki (OOC Discussion)
Calcite Senshi: Sailor Green Calcite (OOC Discussion
The Lunar Chronicles Phase III- Princess Serenity (OOC Discussion)
The Dream Maze- Zena (OOC Discussion)
Alter Egos: Usagi ((OOC Discussion)
A Senshi Dollhouse- Leah Lolita (OOC Discussion)

(Relaxed) A Chaotic Mother's Day- Hikari
Clue: Elf
Otaku Club House- Leah Lotlita (Relaxed)
Days of Silver Nights of Gold: Endymion
Birds of a Feather: Akane Karasuma
Locked Out- Sailor Lead Crow
A Normal Life Ripping at the Seams- Usagi and Yuuta Minasaki
Promises on Stars- Usagi Tsukino
Mommy's Little Girl- Small Lady
What Could Have Been: Mamoru
We Could Be Heroes- Sailor Lead Crow (OOC Thread)
Daybreak- Endo (Otaku) (OOC on skype)
Light and Darkness: Princess Serenity and Queen Nehellenia (OOC Thread)
Love Under the Sakura Tree- Yuuta Minasaki (ooc on skype)
Elysion- Sailor Pluto (OOC Thread)
Infection-Usagi Tsukino (OOC Thread)

Dropped Out:
Mystery at the Big Apple: Mamoru Chiba
Four Knights and A Princess- Small Lady
Survival of the Fittest- Nehelenia
Kakua Ka'u Kaikaina- Usagi
Surviving High School Makoto Kino (OOC Thread)
Ghost Planets Sailor Jupiter (OOC Thread)


  Sigs by Mercury, NQS, Venus, mystery, and green pea. Avie by Sunyeons
   Yumi's forum wife   Batgirl's soul sis

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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   30th August 2015, 7:57 pm

Current Storylines:
Little Moon Soldiers (Relaxed) - Character: Luna - OOC
Fractured Zenith (Advanced) - Character: Luna - OOC
Vacation to the Darkside (Casual GC Event) - Character: Nephrite - OOC

None ATM


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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   23rd October 2016, 1:26 pm


[Hardcore Event] Concatenation Series: Conviction ~ Sailor Nyx (OOC)
[Relaxed] Dissidia Multiverse ~ Angela (OOC)
[Relaxed] Silver Discordia ~ Celeste Deveraux (OOC)


[Hardcore Event] Concatenation Series: Conscription ~ Sailor Nyx (OOC)
[Advanced] Dead Ringer ~ Artemis (OOC)
[Light RP Event] The Enchanted Ball ~ Sailor Saturn (OOC)
[Hardcore Event] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase III - Waxing Gibbous ~ Artemis (OOC)
[Hardcore Event] The Lunar Chronicles: Phase V - Waning Moon ~ Artemis, Sailor Saturn (OOC)



Signatures by Sailor Neptune and Roro
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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   7th May 2017, 1:44 pm

:diana1: [Multiverse][Relaxed] Dissidia Multiverse (Character: Rocbouquet)
:diana1: [Relaxed] New Heights [CrackShips] (Character: Kyan)
:diana1: [Relaxed] You Got a Pizza My Heart [CrackShips] (Character: Rocbouquet)

Currently inactive, but still interested in:
:diana1: [Advanced] Fractured Zenith (Character: Kyan)
:diana1: [Advanced] Love and Justice League (Character: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy))

Hall of Fame:
:diana1: [Relaxed] I'M ALL IN! [CrackShips] (Character: Eudial)

OC Play
:diana1: [OC Play] Coffee Shop (Character: Kyan)

Past Casual Events
:diana1: Alter Egos (Character: Nikolina Kovačić)
:diana1: Crystal Palace Masquerade Ball (Character: Ptilol)
:diana1: Dinner at The Axis (Character: Arya)
:diana1: Father's Day Celebration (Character: Byunei)
:diana1: Minako's Love Potion Fiasco (OOC) (Character: Viluy)
:diana1: OC Trick-or-Treating (Character: Kyan)
:diana1: The Chaos Agency (Character: Ptilol)
:diana1: The Element Senshi (Character: Zirconium (& Hafnium))
:diana1: Vacation to the Dark Side (Character: Viluy)

:diana1: [Relaxed] Peril and Petticoats (Character: Valentina "Viluy" L'vovna Romodanovska)
:diana1: [Relaxed] Sailor Art Online (Character: Kyan)
:diana1: [Relaxed] Survival of the Fittest (Character: Eudial)
:diana1: [Relaxed] Chaotic Mayhem (Character: Viluy)


Banners made by Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Gemma, StarChild, Tiny Kitten, & me!

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PostSubject: Re: Your List of Storylines   7th May 2017, 6:19 pm

Conflagration - Ari Tansya//Sailor Bastet
[Casual Event] Rite of Legacy - Latheli

[Relaxed] Crossed Wires - Rei Hino//Sailor Mars
[Advanced] Love and Justice League - Minako Aino//V-Babe (AU)
[Multiverse][Relaxed] Dissidia Multiverse - Sunset Shimmer

Complete//Hall of Fame
[Relaxed] Whale You Be Mine [Crackships] - Ari Tansya//Sailor Bastet
[HC Event] Conscription - Ari Tansya//Sailor Bastet
[HC Event] Conviction - Ari Tansya//Sailor Bastet
[Casual Event] Dinner at the Axis - Sunset Shimmer

Old//I dunno where it goes?? xD
[Casual Event] The Spring Time Ball (Closed)



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Your List of Storylines

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