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 (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Helios

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Helios   31st July 2015, 5:15 am

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Helios
Gender: Male
Age: 1000+ (doesn’t age, appears 16-17)
Character Image:

Storyline Specific Information: After being revived and sent to Elysion with their own dreams, the Amazon Trio now struggles with adapting themselves to human’s values and manners. However, Helios, who works on rebuilding Elysion in the meantime, had set himself the task to help them with their issues and now tries to convert the selfish, emotionless Trio into three good-hearted and caring individuals with own dreams and goals, so that they can eventually return to Earth someday.
However, this is easier said than done. Although Hawk’s Eye and Fisheye work hard on becoming a human and help him to rebuild Elysion, he also gets many problems thanks to Tiger’s Eye. Will he be able to convert him into a real human at the end?
Additional Information: Helios guards the Golden Crystal and lives in the Golden Kingdom, Elysion. Always at his side are his two Maenads. Also noteworthy is that his spirit can take the form of a Pegasus.
RP Sample:
The longer he stood in his beloved homeland the queasier he felt. Seeing how the buildings, the nature, the magic - just everything - had been destroyed, made his belief in the good fade and his heart almost stop.
Trying to avoid shedding tears he breathed in and out, calming himself down and hoping it would get better once he was calm.
But it didn’t.
Whenever he looked at it again, the feeling came back again. The feeling of sorrow, the feeling of anger, the feeling of guilt. He was the guardian of the Golden Crystal, the priest of Elysion – it was his duty to protect those things by all means. And yet the Dark Moon Clan managed it to destroy all of it only in a few minutes.
“You did all you could, Helios-sama,” he suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind. “It’s not your fault.”
With surprise he turned around, finding his two maenads in front of him with a comforting smile on their faces.
“Thank you both,” he said sincerely and returned the smile. Though it didn’t really soften the pain, he was glad that he could count on them. Always.



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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Helios   31st July 2015, 4:57 pm

Approved. Smile

(I think he is kind of both, but more of a civilian)


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(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Helios

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