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 (Approved) Advanced Antogonist: Mimete

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PostSubject: (Approved) Advanced Antogonist: Mimete   3rd August 2015, 10:43 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Mimete
• She sometimes uses the alias Hanyuu Mimi (羽生 美々) when posing as a human student. The surname contains the characters for "feather" and "life". In this case she spells Mimi with the character for "beauty" and the small marker indicating to repeat the sound of the previous character.
• Mimete is named for mimetite, a lead arsenate chloride mineral. The mineral is named for the Greek Μιμητής (mimetes) meaning "imitator".
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Her age and birth date are unknown. She looks like a teenager roughly within the age range of the sailor soldiers, approximately 14 to 16.

Used Canons: This profile incorporates information from the the manga, the 90s anime, the musicals, ...and a snippet from the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story.

Appearance: Mimete stands at approximately 160cm or 5'3", as she appears to be slightly taller than Sailor Venus. She has a curvaceous appearance, with a look more "cutesy" than "waif-like". Her childish face is very round--accentuated by her large round eyes. Her eyes are a bright persimmon orange, and like the other members of the Witches 5, she lacks traditional black pupils. Instead, the center of her eye is slightly darker in colour than the edge. This is perhaps a nod to her status as non-human Daimon, despite her otherwise human appearance. She has pink lips and a button nose. Her hair is a bright tangerine orange colour. It is extremely wavy and has a lot of volume. She does not have bangs; her chin-length hair is center parted and curls away from the center of her face. The edge of her hair is a fairly blunt cut, although it is not typically a straight line.

In the 90s anime, when attired in her white lab coat working for Professor Tomoe (and sometimes while otherwise posing as a civilian), she often wears very large round-framed red glasses. Her attire is often flirtatious or provocative. For example, she appears to wear nothing under her lab coat and she pairs it with lavender high-heeled pumps. One of her other common outfits is a yellow trench coat, white driving gloves, a flowing red silk scarf wrapped around her head and neck, and elaborate red high-heeled boots. With this outfit, her red-rimmed glasses are often sunglasses. When she meets Minako Aino at the idol contest, she wears short yellow shorts with a high waist, a t-shirt of the idol judging the contest, a red blazer, tan boots, and a blue kerchief around her neck.

In the manga, she disguises herself as a student of Infinity Academy and wears the plaid uniform--although she retains the pearl tiara from her Witches 5 outfit.

Personality: Mimete is childish and petulant. She dislikes responsibility and is used to using her appearance and other tactics to avoid hard work. She gives up easily when things are difficult, often running away from battles and leaving her Daimon to fight without her. When her missions fail, she blames other Death Busters, the Daimon she has been given, or other circumstances beyond her control for her lack of success. She refuses to accept that she is not performing well. Trying to force her to admit fault makes her defensive and grumpy, usually resulting in crocodile tears to garner sympathy.

As a member of the Witches 5, she exploits her over-exaggeration of traits typically interpreted as "cute" to cover up her laziness and underhandedness. She speaks with a high-pitched "little girl" voice that often makes others act more favorably towards her--particularly men. Professor Tomoe treated her gently and often consoled her when she would come back crying after a failure. Mimete has typical "teenage girl" interests--handsome boys, popular music, and romantic stories. She often used her position as a Witches 5 member to get close to various celebrities, sometimes dreaming they would fall in love with her and sometimes just seeking a photo or autograph. (Well, and their Pure Heart Crystal, of course.)

Mimete is not sweet and innocent--underneath those batting eyelashes is someone who wants to get to the top without working hard. She has used all sorts of lies and trickery to get her way. Mimete loves fame and attention, and that is what she constantly seeks. She disliked being second to Eudial, so she laid constant traps, left cruel notes, and started up rumors to bully the red-haired woman. She doesn't see anything wrong with lying and cheating to wind up ahead--it's being at the top that counts, not how you got there. It is only her dislike for hard work that limits the potential of her sneaky tricks.

(Mimete is given very little personality in the manga or musicals. Most of her personality is based on her portrayal in the 90s anime.)

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Mimete has a good singing voice and knows how to act to charm others. She would be well-suited as an idol even without the influence of the Death Busters.

History: Mimete is the second member of the Witches 5, supporting Professor Tomoe/Germatoid in his mission to welcome the arrival of Pharaoh 90. In the manga, she was a perfect Daimon created by the professor and tasked to collect hoste by her master, Kaolinite. In the anime, the Witches 5 operated separately from Kaolinite--often hostile towards her--and received their orders from Professor Tomoe.

In the manga, Mimete became a famous idol known as "Hanyuu Mimi", appearing in television dramas, commercials, and other advertisements. She advertised a concert that only Infinity Academy students could attend, hoping to attract hoste. Her performance coincided with a violin concert by Michiru, hoping the other woman's fame would draw even more victims. Minako, investigating the idol concert disguised as a student, transformed into Sailor Venus and interrupted Mimete's plan. Mimete begged Kaolinite to send Daimon reinforcements, but even that was not enough to allow her to triumph over the sailor soldiers. Sailor Neptune swept away the Daimon and Sailor Uranus destroyed her.

In the musicals, Mimete's back story is similar to the manga. She works with the other Witches 5, rather than operating separately, to interfere. They initially prevent Sailor Moon from lending aid to a refuge family from the planet Grimm, which the Death Busters destroyed. Mimete draws Venus into a singing contest--hoping to fight and defeat her, but when Sailor Saturn awakens and ends the world everyone dies. Mimete is briefly brought back when Sailor Moon restores the world, but ultimately she (with the other Witches 5) are defeated by the sailor soldiers.

In the 90s anime, Mimete sabotaged Eudial's station wagon with caustic snails, causing her death and Mimete's promotion. Unfortunately, she had a hard time picking targets, her choices typically celebrities that she had a crush on. (Reflecting this, her Daimon typically used a kissing action to remove Pure Heart Crystals.) She had very little success, constantly defeated by the sailor soldiers and running home empty-handed to Professor Tomoe. She eventually decided to create her own Daimon, but her attempt overloads the oven and system, creating warped space in the lab and Tomoe's house. Following that situation, she overhears that she will be replaced by Tellu. Hoping to keep her job and status, Mimete steals and uses Eudial's unfinished last invention, the Witches Electric Warp. This machine allows her to transmit herself into an audio-visual system and amplify her powers. Tellu pulls the plug while Mimete is inside the machine, and Mimete disappears, trapped forever.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
• Mimete is the lowest-powered member of the Witches 5, at Level 40.
• She was paired against Minako Aino / Sailor Venus.
• In the Materials Collection, she is described as having a "bimbo voice".

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

Antagonist Information
Witches 5: Mimete
Level 40

Realms of Influence: Charm and music, specifically in a way related to popular idols

Antagonist Uniform: Mimete wears a black strapless bra top that exposes most of her upper back. At the front, the top edge separates into three petals. The central petal is attached to a large black star hung from the black ribbon that loops around her neck. The two side petals are equally spaced across her neckline. Covering her stomach is a diamond of black fabric. At each edge of this central piece is a bright persimmon-hued star. The stars attach to the other aspects of her costume--the top star connects to the pointed lower edge of her top, while the side stars affix to her skirt. The bottom star is connected to another star which then attaches to the lowest point of the v-shaped waistband of her black skirt. The skirt portion of her uniform covers only her upper thighs, but is nearly as full as a ballerina's tutu. It is not pleated, but is instead loosely gathered into the v-shaped waistband. The top black layer is about four or five inches shorter than the lower tangerine layer. The lower layer seems to be made of an almost gauzy material. Her legs are covered in semi-opaque tights of the same colour as the lower layer of her skirt. On her feet she wears low cut black high-heeled shoes that just barely cover the toes. Decorating the arch of her foot are three connected black diamonds, finished with two black straps around the ankles. Slightly higher above the straps of the shoes on each ankle are two silver bands of a moderate thickness. On her left wrist she wears a thick bracelet of the same shade and materials as the stars on her uniform. Her nails are painted the same bright persimmon colour. Her earrings are very large oval white pearls that nearly cover the entire lobe. She wears a white pearl tiara in a slight v-shape across her forehead. It consists of two stacked bands of medium-sized pearls that join at a central large oval pearl. Stemming upward from the central pearl are three equally-spaced pearl antennae--each made up of two medium-sized round pearls with one larger oval pearl at the end.

In the musicals, Mimete also wore a sheer long-sleeved top underneath her uniform. The pearl tiara sat horizontally across her forehead, instead of the v-shape, and the antennae were much longer.

Charm Buster - Using her staff, Mimete directs a blast of star-shaped sound waves towards her opponent. This distorted noise is painful to hear. It can also physically blast opponents backwards. It has low to moderate power.
Fascination - In Sailor Moon: Another Story, Mimete could use an attack that caused a single ally to only be able to attack other allies, against their will, instead of opponents. It wears off after four or five rounds of attacks. It has low power, but interrupts a group dynamic.
Daimon Control - Mimete can direct and order Daimon, although she cannot create them but in the 90s anime must carry them with her and in the manga must request them from Kaolinite. They follow her instructions (mostly) and will do her bidding without question (mostly). Sometimes she asks things of them that are impossible.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Infinity Staff - Mimete carries a tall crooked staff that reaches shoulder height. It appears to be made of wood with an orange tint, and it has an organic waviness like a tree branch. The bottom of the staff has what appears to be a knot or bead approximately five inches from the bottom. The top of the staff has a loop that twists into the infinity symbol. Nestled within the center of the crossed figure 8 is a black star made of a shiny material. She uses this staff for her Charm Buster attack. She may also be able to use this staff for other energy attacks or to deflect attacks.
Microphone - Mimete has a standard-looking microphone that she can use to amplify her voice when hypnotizing targets with her charm. She typically uses this microphone when performing--either as an idol or in her Witches 5 form.
Daimon Briefcase - In the 90s anime, Mimete carries a hard-sided silver briefcase with the Daimon symbol (somewhat like a bird and vacuum cleaner hybrid) in yellow centered within a black five-pointed star. This contains the Daimon that have been prepared for her to use for collecting Pure Heart Crystals.

RP Sample: Two bright orange eyes watched in horror at the scene unfolding. Professor Tomoe's hands were laid on another woman's shoulders, his gaping red smile directed at someone other than her. She was being replaced? Mimete, the second member of the Witches 5, did not need to be replaced! None of these unsuccessful missions were her fault! The Daimon weren't strong enough! The sailor soldiers kept interfering! She was given poor targets!

She watched the green-haired woman smile and nod, accepting the promotion--the promotion she didn't deserve!

Mimete pounded her fist on the wall, clenching it tightly and looking up.

"Mimete is still in charge!" she declared, eyes blazing.

She knew what she had to do. She had to find a better way to prove herself. And she had to get rid of that pest, Tellu!
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Antogonist: Mimete   3rd August 2015, 11:27 am

Ready for Review; thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Antogonist: Mimete   3rd August 2015, 5:58 pm

Approved! Smile


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(Approved) Advanced Antogonist: Mimete

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