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 August Town Hall Meeting Notes

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PostSubject: August Town Hall Meeting Notes   5th August 2015, 5:51 pm

New in August! 
♥️ The Fate Exchange - a brand new shop opened in OSA-P to sell you the finest in Hardcore Event extra equipment! Fancy more MP or armor? Grab some there~ but it'll cost you GC points! (which, I mean - RP Activity Card points should totally help out with that XD) (THIS JUST IN purchases will come with a cute bumper made by Tsuki!)

♥️ Character Adoption has just been reopened with Sailor Pluto at the helm! Head on over to adopt characters from Otaku's R Us, both canon and otaku, to use in your next roleplay! Start off with the adopted profile for a relaxed story, or delve deeper into the character and make it advanced to get to know them better! You can also donate a creation for others to adopt! And, of course, all this can earn you points and bumpers while you're having fun creating! (AND LOOK AT TSUKI'S GRAPHICS I MEAN OMG)

♥️ The Gates to the Multiverse have been opened! While searching around the forums we found a key to a world without Sailor Moon, and have opened it for everyone to enjoy! But there may be a catch, and there are definitely procedures in place, so please check out that linked thread to find out more about the Multiverse! ! And please remember to tag OOC ideas! ♥️ Want examples of Multiverse profiles? Check the Multiverse Character Submission Form!

August's Schedule
1st::   August RP Activity Points Card posted, with post counts
1st::   Lunar Chronicles: Phase III Waxing Gibbous begins!
5th::   Villains Challenge begins! Challenge Initiated!
5th::    Roleplayer of the Month Announced! OuterHarmonie23!
5th::  Featured RP Announcement: Miscommunication!
5th::    Town Hall Meeting Highlights Stickied in RP Announcement Area ((you're here XD))
15th::   Villains Live-Chat Event #1!
16th::   Featured RP Liveblogging Chat - Skype; 12PM CST! Read and talk about the Miscommunication Storyline with fellow RPers! 
21st::    Casual 2-Week Event: Villains Themed
22nd*::    Villains Live-Chat Event #2*!
30th*::    Villains Live-Chat Event #3*!

* indicates that the date may change! Stay tuned throughout the month for more!

Have any questions or comments (you know maybe like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY lol) about August's announcements? Share them below! (and we'll YAAAAAY with you XD)(and answer any questions too ^^')


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August Town Hall Meeting Notes

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