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 [Multiverse][Advanced] Yue

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Advanced] Yue   6th August 2015, 7:59 pm

Character Name: Yue
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown but way over 100 years old (though Yukito's birthday is December 25th)
Universe: Card Captor Sakura
Canon or Original: Canon
Appearance: Yue has more severe features than Yukito and often seems indifferent or utterly bored with what surrounds him. He also isn't very expressive. He has small eyes with a large pale blue (or silver-blue) iris that are cut in their centre by small vertical and black pupils. He has a pointed nose and small ears. A large earring pierces his left ear lobe. His brows are white and his hair are between a pure white and a pale silver, long enough for even the ponytail to trail on the ground. The hair around his face are shorter and rest against his jaw while in the back it flows down freely until just above the hips where they are then attached by a white ribbon.

EK has trouble describing this idiot:

If Yue and Yukito share a slender figure, Yue imposes more than his normal counterpart. Even if smaller than said Toya, his general aura generally suffice to be taken seriously. Yukito's preferences for casual and comfortable clothing is not shared by the guardian who is always seen in his guardian clothing. He wears white silken robes with a dark blue collar and a pale blue border. There is a blue gem at chest level and his sleeves go all the way down and ends in purple fabric slightly after his wrist; where a blue gem rests at the centre of it. He usually keeps a white sheet around his right (sometimes left, depends on his mood apparently) arm that he tucks in a tight blue cloth-like belt. His robes are split at hips level in four points and reveal white pants underneath. He usually goes barefoot and his pants continue around his feet in a spats-like cover. As for his hands, it has a purple end and a blue gem thrones at its center.

He has large and white wings that are at least twice his own size.

When Yue uses his powers, his eyes glow blue.

None of my muses knows how to dress properly:
Yue can seem indifferent to people's fate and the way he behaves can strongly reinforce this idea. He is cold and aloof, the hardest of both guardians not only to approach but also to relate to. Reading his expression and guessing his moods aren't easy. He is practical and prefers logic over emotions.

Interpersonal relationships clearly aren't his forte. Most of his life before Clow Reed's passing was secluded from civilization and shared with two other people and it is a way of life Yue is the most comfortable with. He appreciates old traditions and dreads changes. Reserved, he trusts with difficulties and doesn't share a lot of his own experiences or stories to others, keeping mostly to himself or to the few companions he actually appreciates. If his trust is not easily given, his love is even rarer. Once he does love or appreciate someone, however, he can have problems detaching himself from them.

The guardian has a calm exterior, often relaxed, sure of himself. He is confident in his control and powers and can be a tad arrogant, so much that if he knows he can win, he usually doesn't give his 100%. Yue is also very proud which makes defeat very hard for him to accept. Losing against someone he deems unworthy is unacceptable. Despite this, he can recognize a good opponent when he sees one, ill faith or not.

He is not overly fond of useless gentleness, but he is known to show sympathy or kindness to others around him from time to time. He is shown to have mercy and to be able to show gratitude. There are even times where he will kneel down in order to calm a child if need be.

It takes a lot to impress him. Smart, knowledgeable, but also wise, it is not rare for him to lecture other people if he considers their choices not to be the good ones. He is serious and not very incline to jest and such. He finds Keroberos immature, even naive, but though he does lack tact most of the time, if he comes off mean, it usually not on purpose. He's not naturally cruel, but he will generally put his duties before anything else and if it means fighting off children, well it means fighting off children (even if he has to defeat them, as seen during the Final Judgment where he fought both Shaolan and Sakura). He is also not overly patient.

Clow Reed is a touchy subject for him. Not only is he not over his former Master, but there was a bond between them that never existed between Kero and Yue and of which the guardian doesn't like to talk about. Despite this, his features usually soften every time Clow Reed is mentioned.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
General abilities:

  • Yue has the ability to fly thanks to his two large and white wings.
  • He has a great agility.
  • He can conceal himself within the body of Yukito when not needed.

Guardian powers:

  • Shields: Yue can create powerful barriers that usually can only be broken by either his former master (Clow Reed) or his current Mistress (Sakura).


  • Crystal Shards: Yue usually cast a sphere of light from which he throws multiple shards of crystal at his opponent. It could start at three shards the second to ten shards the second, depending how much power he wants to use.

Yue's shards:

  • Offensive energy: Yue can attack using a beam of energy he can control to hit his enemies as one would do with their fist (or even sword depending on the energy concentration Yue uses).

It's usually just a line of energy that apparently hurts like hell:

  • Energy Manipulation: Yue can manipulating the energy to create objects, such as a bow and arrow.

Robin Hood in white:

  • Mind Control: Though he doesn't use it very often, this power is used during the Final Judgment where he takes control of both Shaolan and Sakura's bodies to bring them to the fight area, but also to make Sakura use her Clow Card when she refuses to fight him the first time.

Mind control in use, please wait:

  • Clow Cards: Yue had a certain control over the moon related cards such as Watery (his agressive element), Windy (his innofensive element), Dark, Dash, Erase, Time, Dream, Sleep, Silent, Change, Mist, Freeze, Bubbles, Wave, Wood, Snow, Cloud, Rain, Fly, Jump, Storm, Float, Move, Voice, Song, Illusion. It means that those card are under his jurisdiction and control, but also that they are the only cards that would be effective against Keroberos. If Yue is attacked by those cards, he can usually send them back against their current owner (except in the case of legitimate masters such as Clow Reed and Sakura who could resist his power).
  • Transformation: Yue can go from Yukito to himself and from himself to Yukito easily.

Just like this (looks comfy):
Yue wakes up for the first time after Sakura finally captured the last of the Clow's Cards. Keroberos had chosen a candidate, but it was now his turn to judge Sakura in order to discover if she was worthy of being the new Mistress of the cards. But first, as both Shaolan and Sakura had captured cards of their own, he challenged Shaolan, winning easily the fight. He then forced Sakura to join him in the fight area, but was soon met with resistance. Impatient and also refusing to even consider the child as his new Mistress, he controlled her then made her use the jump card to join him on the Tokyo Tower.

He fought against her – or anyway attacked her while she escaped his attacks – until she finally did a mistake, sending Wood to attack him. As it was a card under the moon's influence, he was able to turn the attack against her. It sent her to an illusion of what the future would hold if she did not win (everyone she knew would forget about their most precious love) and the sheer horror she felt at it (she was 12-14 at the time) woke her up. Refusing still to attack Yue in a way that would hurt him, the guardian was instead attacked by Wendy and tried once again to reflect the attack. To his unpleasant surprise, Windy ignored him and imprisoned him gently into a bubble of wind, bringing him back safely to Sakura's side.

Prideful, Yue made a quick duty of naming her the new Mistress of the card, reluctantly saying he was accepting her as such. He then took on again the form of Yukito until he was next needed.

Not long after the cards were finally together and safe, a new menace arrived, at first unknown of them, but Kero shared with Yue his doubts. It felt like the energy of their old master was back. Both Yue and Kero were mostly convinced when they weren't able to protect Sakura against a mysterious energy. Two people in the world were able to keep them in check like this. One had passed away centuries before (and was their former Master) and the other was the one currently struggling with her own powers.

At Yue's puzzlement, Sakura transformed her seal, her sceptre and one of her card, making them all officially hers. It seemed at first to have no real effects on her surrounding, but at the same time Yukito, Yue's other form, started to eat twice as much as usual.

Yue stays within Yukito after that but slowly starts to notice the weird behavior of the Akizuki girl, though he chooses not to do anything about it, leaving to his alter-ego the chance to live a little without being bothered by magical beings. It's also his way to keep an eye on thing unseen. He allowed himself one intervention after an interaction between Yukito and the young Shaolan where the latter had ran away after being too embarrassed. Seeing how Shaolan wasn't able to get rid of the strange attraction he felt for his alter-ego, he explained to the boy how Clow's blood in his veins caused the attraction and that it was only due to the moon's magic and how he would need to seek answers within himself to find the real answer. It was the first time Yukito woke up from Yue's control with a weird feeling of memory loss considering he didn't remember being able to catch up to Shaolan.

Little he knew that his presence would be required once more after a small teddy bear offered from Sakura to Yukito transformed into a gigantic walking bear. When it tried to crush her, Yue transformed into his guardian form and saved her at the last minute, lifted them both into the air. He casts his crystal shards into the palm of his hand and threw them at the bear, only for them to be stopped by a magical barrier. He had no time to react however that he was distracted by Clow's energy, his wings disappearing instantly.

He fell, keeping Sakura close so she wouldn't be the one to get most of the shock, but their fall was cut short by Kero avoiding them a painful collision. Though he assured them he was fine, Yue knew this was no coincidence, feeling the magical presence still watching them. Sakura won the fight (Yue's lack of wings forcing her to change both Jump and Fly in the same night), but Yue was still distracted by the energy he knew he'd felt, but choose not to share his thoughts with neither Kero or Sakura.

It's soon after that that Yukito starts having difficulties. He eats but is still hungry, he has memory holes he cannot explain and he feels sleepy more and more, even falling asleep against a tree during school. Yue starts getting agitated when Toya seems to be on to him, but Akizuki (Ruby Moon)'s intervention, though unwanted, saves him from that discussion.

When he visits Sakura later on (as Yukito at first), he seizes the opportunity to speak with Keroberos. Sakura's magic, despite being powerful for her age, is not enough to sustain Yue's powers or original form and if something is not done about it, both Yue and Yukito might disappear. Both Kero and he worry about the consequences of such revelation but prefer not to speak of it with Sakura as of yet. Yue knows that the other alternative to save himself would erase Yukito entirely and both of them are aware that he has now become too much of a part in Sakura's life to do that. As it takes him more and more energy to keep his original form, he changes back to Yukito in order to rest.

It will take a while before he is needed again: Sakura, sensing Clow's aura calls upon their help. When they show up on the scene, nobody's here and nothing happens. Yue, however, feels his former master's energy but stays silent, simply following Sakura without saying anything. Once at the Cards Mistress' house, they noticed nor Keroberos nor him can transform back into their other appearances, which forces them to stay in Sakura's room until the day after when both Sakura's father and brother are gone for the day.

A domestic accident forces Sakura to change the Clow Card Bubbles into a Sakura Card in order to wash the flour off Keroberos entire body. After he made a mess of everything, Yue was the one to clean behind the other guardian while nobody could see him. Weirdly enough, it gives Sakura and Yue the chance to speak a little more freely with each other than usual. Their transformation problem is soon dealt with when Sakura uses a card to keep Eriol's magic to bind Yue and Keroberos' magics to his will.

Leaving again a confused Yukito wondering how he got there.

He only appears again when Eriol meets Yukito, transforming right away under the surprise. For him, Clow Reed was dead and even if his aura was obvious since the beginning, there were little possibilities for him to have come back. However, Eriol forces Yue to fall asleep and erases their encounter from his memory.

Things started to be worrying when during one of Toya's visit, Yukito started to fade. It became more frequent and if Yue was able to feel it was critical, even Toya ended up noticing that something was wrong. The boys' school was practicing a scene for a movie when Sakura interrupted them. She was offered a small role beside Yukito and while they were at the Kinomoto's house, Toya tried again to make Yukito understands that he knew everything about him. The conversation was interrupted by Sakura this time.

Toya finally is able to corner Yukito and Yue is forced to appear, explaining to Sakura's brother that it was Yukito who didn't want him to know he was of Yue only the temporary form. It soon comes to the topic of their survival for which Toya offered his own magical energy that Yue accepts gratefully. As soon as he takes it away from the other, the guardian regains all of his powers. Sakura arrives in tears, having heard the conversation and apologize deeply for not being strong enough. They both sense Clow's aura, but it disappears before they could see anyone.

He continued in helping her in her task until she finally was able to change every existing Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, becoming the true Mistress of the Cards.

Even if it's something Yue is not totally in peace with, it's not something he can deny anymore.

Other Noteworthy Facts: 

  • Yue does not eat or drink. He can sleep but doesn't necessarily need it. There's no particular reason to this other than Clow Reed having a weird sense of humor. (Keroberos is addicted to sweets, Spinel Sun cannot eat sweets without becoming totally crazy, etc, etc).
  • He cannot get ill (unless played with by his former master).
  • Yue hides himself behind a false form named Yukito Tsukishiro, a 17 years old student with brown eyes, grey hair and large glasses that makes him look studious. Yukito is everything Yue is not or is in a lesser extent. He is kind, affectionate, he always smiles (even when confronted with meaner people), he is non-violent and he cares deeply for any living being though he aims usually his love towards the most important people of his life.
  • Unlike Keroberos, Yue's strength and powers are heavily connected to his Master/Mistress' powers and own strength. If they cannot sustain him, he will fade away.
  • According to Keroberos, both Clow Reed and Sakura spoil Yue and use Kero for chores.
  • Yukito likes maths, snowdrops, the color white, makes a wonderful curry and there's not one meal he doesn't like.
  • Yue needs for energy is the reason his alternate form, Yukito, eats so much.
  • Though Yue can force Yukito to transform at any time, he will usually respect the other's emotions.
  • Yue uses moon based Eastern magic.
  • Yue wasn't born, he was created by Clow Reed.
  • Yukito doesn't remember what happens when Yue takes control of their bodies, but Yue remembers everything Yukito lives and does while he rests in the back of their minds.
  • If in the beginning Yukito was only supposed to be Yue's temporary form, it is clear that he becomes much more as pointed out by Eriol and even Yue who sees that his human alter-ego is very different than him, but also has his own heart.
  • As the moon cannot create its own light (it needs another one to shine), Yue cannot create his own energy, he needs his master's own to remain.
  • It's funny to note that Yukito's existence started shortly before he encountered Toya.
  • Surprisingly, Clow Reed was more similar to Keroberos in that that both of them weren't very serious.


  • Clow Reed: Yue shared a special bond with his former master and had a really hard time getting over him. Despite the fact that Clow had predicted he would fall in love with Sakura, he instead stayed true to his old bond and his other form fell in love with Sakura's brother.
  • Eriol: Clow Reed's reincarnation.
  • Sakura: Though he is reticent about working with and for her, Sakura is the new Mistress of the cards, there is no denying it. Contrarily to Keroberos, however, he is not too keen in accepting that fact. He is, however, a creature of duty and thus protects her when the need occurs.
  • Toya: Yukito's lover. Sakura's brother. It's unclear to even Yue what's his relationship is with him or even how he feels about him. The guardian owes Toya his life, that much he knows, but wouldn't it have been for Yukito, Yue doubts Toya would have done the same. Having different emotions than his temporary form is not an easy feat.
  • Keroberos: Fellow guardian. They lived together back in the time when Clow Reed was still alive and developing his magical powers. They have been guardians of the book since their master's death and despite looking exasperated most of the time by Kero's vivid personality, he still holds the other dear. Somewhat.

Storyline Specific Information:
Waning Moonlight: 
It's been four years since Sakura trained nonstop to perfect her magic as the Mistress of the card. Both her guardians, Yue and Keroberos stayed beside her during this, the first under the disguise of Yukito and the second under his smaller form. When she thought her powers were enough to  Yue's form, she gave both Yukito and Yue a body of their own. If the guardian wasn't convinced right at the beginning, he found himself surprised when it actually worked. After that, he went to live with her and Kero, but soon noticed that his energy was fading again... He has no way to know how that will go, but he hopes they'll find a way to fix this mess before he disappears from existence. 
Source: N/A
RP Sample:

Yue needs to chill:

Gifs and pictures not mine but were marked as free to use if not edited.

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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Advanced] Yue   8th August 2015, 9:37 pm

I think this monster is ready for review...


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Approved! Smile


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[Multiverse][Advanced] Yue

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