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 [multiverse][relaxed] Life after Lyoko

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PostSubject: [multiverse][relaxed] Life after Lyoko   11th August 2015, 8:19 pm

Storyline Name:Life after Lyoko
Creator(s):Sailor Saturn & JupiterThunderCrash
Forum: Gates to the Multiverse
Universe:Code Lyoko
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed
Plot Summary: 

Yumi has just entered into her second year at her University, while Ulrich has just started his first. Ulrich is from Germany and his family, more specifically his father, had made him return to his home country for his college years. Ulrich will still be in contact with his friends from Kadic through texting and emails, however he feels heartbroken that he may never see them again, especially Yumi. 

During the summer before Yumi starts her second year at her University, she earns a scholarship to travel abroad and study for both a fall and spring semester. Without a doubt, she decides to study abroad in Germany at the college Ulrich will start attending that coming fall semester. Ulrich doesn't know about Yumi's decision, and will have the shock of a lifetime! Will the two friends who have always been eyed as romantic interest finally admit their feelings to one another? 

Details on any necessary information: Xana is defeated while Yumi and Ulrich are both still attending Kadic. However, for storyline purposes, they are much older and Yumi is in her first year of college and Ulrich is high school senior when Xana is defeated. Odd, will be a background NPC, who will occasionally interfere with Ulrich and Yumi by using Jeremy's gadgets, along with the usual phone texting.

  • Odd: Friend of Yumi and Ulrichs who is prankster. He will not be at the school.
  • Jeremy: A Genius. He is also a Friend of Yumi and Ulrichs
  • Xana: Super evil bad computer program. 
  • Kadic is a dorm high school in France

Restrictions: Only Yumi and Ulrich will be playable. Odd will be an NPC when called upon for antics. (Such as a silly text, or using one of Jeremy's inventions to spy on Ulrich and Yumi)

Source: n/a
OOC Thread:skype
Member to Character List:
Yumi Ishiyama: JupiterThunderCrash
Ulrich Stern: Sailor Saturn


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PostSubject: Re: [multiverse][relaxed] Life after Lyoko   14th August 2015, 1:53 pm

Approved. Smile


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[multiverse][relaxed] Life after Lyoko

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