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 (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Aluminum Siren

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Aluminum Siren   12th August 2015, 6:51 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Civilian Name Unknown / Reiko Aya (Pseudonym) / Sailor Aluminum Siren
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown / Appears early 20s
Used Canons: Manga and anime
Appearance: Sailor Aluminum Siren stands at average height with white skin and long light blue wavy hair that reaches down to her ankles. Her eyes are also blue. She is most often seen in her senshi form or her disguise in the anime, which inexplicably includes a furry blue hat, pearls, shades, blue business suit, and gloves. She seems to favor old-fashioned outfits, though this might just be due to her research in what Earth people usually wears for someone in her profession.

Personality: In the anime, Siren is depicted as someone who could easily be underestimated. She appears ditzy at times, having an extreme amount of interest in food and always munching something even during the missions in which she’s meant to look for potential true Star Seed holders for Galaxia. She is called Crow’s number one rival and shares a close relationship with Crow. Unlike most villains, she is polite, always handing her name card first to her victims, can sometimes appear scatterbrained, and quite lighthearted, which sometimes frustrate Crow because it seems she’s not taking things seriously.

However, that does not mean Siren is useless at her job. There is a reason that Crow deems Siren her rival, something that she would not have bothered to do if Siren cannot live up to the title. Despite appearing scattered, Siren has her own method in picking her victims, and in fact she is the only one among the Sailor Animamates who managed to find a true Star Seed in Usagi. Once she did, she also devised a strategy that held hostage Usagi’s friends in a plane, ensuring the highest chance of success because there was no escape.

Siren’s focus and terrifying determination appeared the moment she saw Usagi had a true Star Seed; she was ready to literally claw that out of Usagi’s body. She is a dangerous enemy and will not hesitate to put her all into achieving her goal the moment she finds her objective, and the worst mistake someone can do is underestimate her or think she is as undependable as she thinks. Siren is not just a mini-boss that’s there for comedic relief. She might be easygoing or lighthearted to begin with, but when things get serious, she becomes ruthless and laser-focused. Though it is unknown whether or not she volunteers her services to Galaxia, she is well aware of the consequences of failure and she most certainly does not want to die.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: N/A
History: In the manga, Aluminum Siren is not a true senshi. Like the other Sailor Animamates, she was granted her powers by Galaia in exchange for killing the real senshi from her planet. In Siren's case, she had usurped the powers of Sailor Mermaid, the Sailor Senshi of planet Mermaid.

Aluminum Siren first appeared in the manga in Act 44 when she spied on the Sailor Senshi during a Three Lights concert. The next day, she appeared at Juuban Municipal High School to attack Sailor Moon. She ultimately managed to trap Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter, using her hair to choke them to death and extract their Sailor Crystals. After she did this, however, the Sailor Starlights transformed, and Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker destroyed her.

In the anime, she works under the pretense of being talent agents for the Ginga TV station, together with Sailor Lead Crow, who reveals that they once competed for the position of Number One Animamate. Using the pseudonym Reiko Aya, Seiren's job was to scout for potential Star Seeds and extract them.

Siren's temperament did not win her any success with finding true Star Seeds, nor did it impress her employer. After some time, Sailor Galaxia, frustrated by her subordinate's failure, finally got rid of Siren by taking back her bracelets by force as punishment for her failure despite Lead Crow's pleas. Ironically, her death was to Galaxia's detriment: Siren had managed to learn the secret identities of the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Moon (whose identity was learned the earliest, and which she had even written in her diary), and the Inner Senshi, information which would have benefitted Galaxia, but in the end would only benefit her partner, Lead Crow, in a limited way.

Other Noteworthy Facts: According to the Materials Collection, she sings and writes ballads as a hobby.
Storyline Specific Information: Infuriated by previous defeats at the hands of the Sol Senshi, Sailor Ixalia knows she must become stronger to be able to have her revenge. Using Chaos’ dark powers, she resurrects those who have been defeated by the Sol Senshi, and kidnaps others who are still alive. She returns to them any powers they once had in order to study their powers and tactical abilities. Wanting to put them through their paces, putting them in life threatening situations. Sailor Ixalia vows find out where they went wrong against Sailor Moon. Was it lack of power or lack of tactical planning or something else entirely? Whatever it was, she will find out and will not make the same mistakes as these defeated villains did.

Waking up on an abandoned jungle-like planet, the villains soon learn their fate. Whoever can make it to a specific spot on the island will be released, free to live their lives. However, it soon becomes clear that this is easy said than done. Each villain needs to figure out if they will work with their former colleagues and should they work with the others on the island. Can anyone be trusted?

When Siren sees that she is alive again, she is beyond joyful. She is even more excited to see Lead Crow with her. But one of them is still under Galaxia's control while the other is not... and once Siren realizes she has to fight her way to keep this second chance at life, and that she may be forced to fight against her best friend, things will not be as fun anymore.

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Aluminum Siren
Realm of Influence(s): (presumably) Ocean since she hails from Planet Mermaid
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Unknown
Senshi Fuku: Siren’s main color is light blue. She wears two crisscrossing purplish blue ribbons across her face, which meets in a single yellow star above her nose. She wears yellow star shaped earrings with what looks like fins jutting behind her ears and a pearl-like necklace with a shell pendant and a yellow star on it. Her sailor collar is light blue with no stripes. Instead of a skirt, she wears a dress that is a bit like a cape and only covers the sides of her body, leaving her midriff bare for the most part except for more crisscrossing ribbons across them. She wears dark blue thigh high stockings with lighter blue heels and more light blue crisscrossing ribbons around her legs. She also always wears Galaxia’s yellow bracelets.

Galaxia’s Bracelets: Mainly to remove a person’s Star Seed, but can also send out deadly projectiles.
Galactica Tsunami: Sailor Aluminum Siren's primary attack, with which she attacked her opponents using her long hair.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Galaxia’s Bracelets

Guardian: N/A
RP Sample:

Siren never thought that she would have a friend.

Serving Galaxia was not a particularly pleasant way to live, but she found that it was much easier with Crow around. Food made things easier, too, but Crow’s effect was more long-lasting. (Besides, food always ran out. Crow didn’t) When Galaxia announced that they were coming to Earth in order to conquer it next, Siren didn’t think much about it. She certainly never thought it would be where she died. Actually, all she could think about was what sort of delicacies they had there. That planet looked so blue and green and pretty; it must have lovely food, right?

Siren absolutely couldn’t wait.

“Hey, Crow-san, we should totally go for a food tour first thing tomorrow morning,” she nudged her friend. “You would accompany me, right?”

Crow didn’t look very happy, but then again Crow hardly ever looked happy. That didn’t bother Siren, though. She was sure she could coax out a smile from Crow sooner or later.

As soon as she found the most delicious dish on earth.

After all, who could be unhappy when they were eating such good food?



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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Aluminum Siren   12th August 2015, 5:22 pm

Approved! Smile

About Survival of the Fittest SSI: If it’s not too much trouble, could you mention how Siren feels about her situation? Thank you! Smile


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Aluminum Siren   12th August 2015, 11:34 pm

Added Smile


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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist - Sailor Aluminum Siren

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