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 Show By Rock!!

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PostSubject: Show By Rock!!   12th August 2015, 6:03 pm


Quote :
Cyan Hijirikawa, a first-year high school student with a passion for music, wishes to join the music club at her school, but is too shy to do so. One night, after receiving a special guitar called "Strawberry Heart" in a rhythm game, Cyan is sucked into the game world and turned into a cat girl with the ability to harness the the power of Strawberry Heart to defeat monsters. Stuck in Midi City, Cyan soon meets the band Plasmagica, and, presented with the opportunity to fulfill her dream, signs onto their label.

Wanna know who made this? Sanrio. Yes, the people behind Hello Kitty and all their cute characters. But this is their attempt at widening their demographic to include adults, particularly men. I just started watching this, and...it's...really weird. It's still kind of a stereotypical anime that's really flashy, has rock music, crazy rock bands, animal people, cute girls with annoyingly high pitched voices, CGI, etc etc etc. The animation can be really blinding, the characters are all bland, and there isn't much that's particularly noteworthy. But I actually like the CGI, as it kinda looks a lot like the Jimmy Neutron style CGI and it actually looks good.


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Show By Rock!!

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