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 [Relaxed] Wizard: Nephrite (Crossover)

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Wizard: Nephrite (Crossover)   14th August 2015, 11:40 pm

Character Name: Nephrite
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Character Image:

Personality Traits: Impulsive, Intense, Arrogant, Smart
Storyline Specific Information:
Once upon a time, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took a stand against the ultimate evil. A group that consisted of mostly Gryffindor students managed to save the wizarding world from the most dangerous wizard it had ever known.

But now, decades later, a new threat loomed in the horizon. And this time, a single house wasn’t going to be enough to save the world. This time, it would require all four to stand united…

A new Chosen One legend was born. A prophecy spoke of a girl with a dormant power lying inside her, the only power in the world that was strong enough to eradicate the most dangerous evil ever seen since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But that power was not awakened yet. It was not even whole yet. The prophecy said that it was divided into seven pieces and scattered across the realm, and whichever side managed to gather them all first would have the balance tipped in their favor. Can the good guys find these seven pieces before the bad guys do, awaken their savior, and win the war?

The race for the seven Rainbow Crystals is on…

Nephrite is a pureblooded Slytherin who mainly followed the others in their race for the Crystals. Sure, the promise of powers is interesting, but he hates owing to someone else any part of his glory. The fact his friends are in this is probably the main reason why he accepts to go through with it.
Additional Information:

  • Nephrite is the student you wouldn't expect he passes his classes, but he does and without too many efforts. In class, however, he is bored quickly and easily, sometimes being more of a nuisance than the average troublemaker. If he studies, it will never be in public and sometimes only will he study around even his closest friends. He does study, just not overly so and when he has the time. He will never admit that he actually has to take a whole day sometimes if he doesn't want to get behind in History.
  • He is hot headed and might get himself in trouble more often than not. He isn't very patient and doesn't always think before he jumps into a situation, but he can usually get himself out of it. He has some small problems with authority and has trouble with any lack of action.
  • He is confident, sometimes overly so and will brag about his success.
  • He can be a legendary flirt.
  • He has a fondness for aggressive sports and thus was chosen to be one of the Slytherin's beater.
  • He is overly achieving in both Astronomy and Divination (the first more so than the last), often to the misfortune of his teachers.
  • Though he is quite easy going and somewhat popular, Nephrite prefers to keep to his closer circle. Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite and Minako. He didn't know what to think of it when Minako started hanging out with such a variety of other students.
  • He doesn't speak with most of his family at all. It's a sort of cold that happened without any of them really caring or doing anything about it. He still goes home every summer and his parents buy him his stuff, but they aren't close.
  • Even if he is a pureblood, Nephrite cares more or less about other's blood. He will brag about his own if needed or provoked, but as long as nobody nudges him, he won't beat someone up because they are muggleborn.
  • He likes to be the best in everything he does and competition is aggressively met.
  • He can be a bit spooky when it comes to stars, prediction, astronomy, astrology, divination, etc.

Source: /

Hogwarts Student Information

House: Slytherin
Year: 5th
Pet: A owl named Malachite
Magical Items:
Wand - Spruce, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches, firm
Broomstick - Nimbus
Broom cleaning kit
School Strenght: Divination, Astronomy, Spells.
School Weakness: History of Magic.
RP Sample:
Insert the Harry Potter tune that everyone always have stuck in their minds:


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Wizard: Nephrite (Crossover)   15th August 2015, 6:51 pm

This profile looks great!



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[Relaxed] Wizard: Nephrite (Crossover)

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