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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Kakyuu / Princess Kakyuu

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Kakyuu / Princess Kakyuu   Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:26 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Princess Kakyuu
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown / Appears late teen - early 20s
Used Canons: Manga and anime
Appearance: Kakyuu is a slender woman of average height. Her skin is white, while her eyes and hair are red. Her hair is long and is typically worn in the form of two loose loops on each side, while the remaining strands dangle loosely all the way down past her waist. She wears a black gold-trimmed hat that is reminiscent of Mongolian style, resembles a crown, and is decorated with Osmanthus olive blossoms on each side as well as pearls along the bottom. It is also decorated with round jewels of yellow, green and red along the middle. She also wears Chinese style hair pins with more Osmanthus blossoms dangling from them. Her earrings are also in the shape of those flowers, and on her forehead she wears the symbol of the Osmanthus olive blossom.

She is most often seen in her princess attire. She wears a flower-shaped blue ribbon necklace around her neck that dangles past her waist. Her gown is off the shoulder, with long loose yellow sleeves attached to red puffs at the top. The sleeve cuffs are black. The middle of the dress is form-fitting, a mix of blue, red, and yellow, and the full length skirt is red and semi-transparent, showing a similar puffed style around the waist underneath the skirt layer that functions a little bit like tights.

Personality: Not much is known about Kakyuu in canon since she does not feature majorly in the storyline, so some of this will be headcanon and things expanded from canon. Kakyuu is a kind-hearted warrior who admires Sailor Moon after having watched her from afar while she recuperates. She is a princess who is also a senshi, which means she isn’t afraid to fight alongside her guardians, as proven in the manga when she fought alongside the Sailor Starlights against the Shadow Galactica.

It can be inferred that perhaps Kakyuu isn’t someone with the best self-confidence, or does not trust people easily, given how she stayed in hiding long after she found the Starlights and after she finished recovering from the battle that forced her to flee to earth due to her fear towards Galaxia.

As a princess, she also feels the distance between her and her guardians, because they started out in different positions as opposed to friends like Usagi and the others. She sees the camaraderie and sisterhood shared between the Starlights and knows she will never become truly one of them. She knows that while they love her and would always devote their lives to her, she will never have what she has seen Usagi and her senshi have. That kind of makes her feel envious of the close bond that they share. She wants to be a part of her guardians, too, but they will always see her as their princess first and foremost. Even though she hurts them, she feels that they will always forgive her and will hold her to a different standard. She never tells them about these feelings, of course, but then again, Kakyuu also keeps a lot of her private thoughts and feelings to herself.

Because of the way she feels she stands apart from her guardians, Kakyuu, without realizing it, also does not trust them completely. It’s partly why she chose to remain near Chibi Chibi and in turn Usagi—with whom she feels much safer—than reach out to her own guardians once she has sufficiently recovered.

Kakyuu is a pacifist and dreams of a world without war, especially because she lost her lover during the battle against Galaxia. She spoke of this dream when she died in Sailor Moon’s arms in the manga. Also because she had a princess upbringing, she appears very polite and proper.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: N/A
History: Kakyuu was the princess of planet Kinmoku, protected by the Sailor Starlights, her designated guardians. One day Kinmoku was attacked by Sailor Galaxia, and they were not strong enough to fight back. Kinmoku was destroyed, Kakyuu’s lover was killed, and Kakyuu herself was heavily injured in the battle. She managed to escape to Earth without her guardians and lost contact with them. She came to earth because she sensed Sailor Moon’s Silver Moon Crystal, and hid in an incense burner that eventually was picked up by Chibi Chibi.

Once she felt ready, she revealed herself to Usagi and the Starlights, reunited with her guardians and explaining her story. She offered to accompany Sailor Moon to confront Galaxia and end this war for good. She revealed that she had a senshi form too; Sailor Kakyuu. Unfortunately during a battle facing Sailor Phi and Chi, part of the Shadow Galactica, Kakyuu was mortally wounded by Sailor Chi. She died in Sailor Moon’s arms, hoping that she could be reborn again in a world without war where she could be with everyone.

In the anime, Kakyuu was looking for the Light of Hope, which she believed was the key to defeating Galaxia. That turned out to be Chibi Chibi. While she hid in the incense burner guarded by Chibi Chibi, Kakyuu heard the Starlights’ song, but was too afraid of Galaxia to reveal herself too soon. She finally appeared only when Sailor Moon was in mortal peril. However, not long after, Galaxia killed her by taking her star seed.

In both versions, after Sailor Moon defeated Chaos, she was revived and returned to Kinmoku with the Starlights to rebuild the planet and start over.

Other Noteworthy Facts: N/A
Storyline Specific Information:
Kinmoku Lullaby: After the end of Stars, the Starlights and their Princess return to Kinmoku to face the destruction of the planet they had left behind and attempt to rebuild it, now that they've found each other again. But too many things have happened since their separation. Kakyuu had fled Kinmoku, leaving her guardians behind, and they were left to search for her for a very long time. And even after she did hear their song, she was too afraid to reveal herself, afraid that Galaxia would find her, and did not trust her guardians to be able to protect her just like they had not been able to protect her back in their own planet. Making things even more difficult is how Kakyuu has always felt that despite being their Princess, she and the Starlights do not share the same bond as the one they share with one another. There will always be a distance between them, and she is envious of their close relationship, their sisterhood, the one she could never be a part of. With guilt added into the mix on everyone's part for each of their own failures that led to the destruction of the planet they were supposed to protect, their journey to return Kinmoku to its glory days will not be easy. After spending so much time on Earth, they have forgotten just how bad their planet looks in comparison. Will they be able to overcome their exhaustion and trauma to rebuild Kinmoku to its former glory and peacefulness? Because it used to be a peaceful place full of pacifist and yet the Starlights were forced to kill many phages they encountered due to their inability to purify them - yet another thing that happened during their separation that Kakyuu was not aware of. And how would she react to knowing that one of her guardians had fallen in love with another Princess?

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Kakyuu
Realm of Influence(s): Cards, osmanthus olive blossom
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up
Senshi Fuku: Sailor Kakyuu’s color theme is red. She retains her princess hat and necklace in senshi form, has a red sailor collar with no stripes, and instead of wearing a leotard, she wears a red top with black lining and short skirts that resemble the shape of flower petals. On her chest she wears a white winged pin with a gold star on it like the Starlights. She also retains her red puffy sleeves. Her shoes are red slippers with a pointed front like those often worn in Middle East or China.

  • Starlight Royal Straight Flush: She generates cards that form a circle around her, which she sends flying toward her opponent. They can cut through the air and move extremely fast.
  • Kinmoku Fusion Tempest: She can create a flurry of Osmanthus olive blossoms which can block an incoming attack. It was also used offensively in one musical.

Weapons or Magical Items: N/A
Guardian: N/A
RP Sample:

Kakyuu had never met someone as amazing as Sailor Moon. Usagi Tsukino, a regular sixteen year old girl, who was also the strongest and most inspiring person she had ever met. She was simultaneously a princess, a warrior, and an ordinary girl. How could she manage to be all of those things at once? And her friends… no wonder they loved her more than anything in the world.

Kakyuu was a princess too. She was a warrior as well. But she had always felt anything but ordinary back home. Everyone served her, tried their best to please her. Forgave her mistakes easily and treated her with the utmost respect. Sometimes, she just wanted to be one of the girls. But the Starlights almost never let her forget that her rank was higher than theirs. Every time the four of them got carried away and started getting too rough in their play, one of them would snap out of it and remembered that she was supposed to be the princess. And she could literally see them retreating back into their polite speech and gestures.

At the same time, Kakyuu also felt more ordinary than ever. What use was she as a princess and as a senshi if she could not protect her own planet? She might as well not be any of those things. She was entirely useless in this whole venture, had only managed to worry her guardians and probably brought Galaxia to earth, causing all this trouble.

As they prepared to leave for Kinmoku, Kakyuu felt anxiety plaguing her. Did she still deserve to be the princess and leader of that planet? Could she tackle the monumental task that was rebuilding it? She who paled in comparison to Sailor Moon, the greatest guardian this galaxy had ever seen?

Still, she saw that the Starlights still looked at her in the same way. Reverent, loving, respectful.

She wondered how that was possible, for she could barely look at herself in the mirror.



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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Kakyuu / Princess Kakyuu   Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:09 am

Approved! Smile

(Side note: if it’s not too much trouble, could you mention Kakyuu appears to be very polite? Smile Thanks! )


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Kakyuu / Princess Kakyuu   Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:09 am

No problem, I'll add it in!


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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Kakyuu / Princess Kakyuu

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