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 (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Senshi: Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Senshi: Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer   22nd August 2015, 4:38 pm

Character Name: Kou Yaten
Gender: Female on Kinmoku. Female as Senshi. Only male as a terran civilian. 
Age and Date of Birth: 16 (in Sailor Stars) / February 8th
Used Canons: Anime/Manga/Sera Myu

Appearance: Yaten has very long white hair that he always fastened into a low ponytail with a spring green ribbon. Some of his hair are too short and frame his face to the middle of his neck. He has an elongated face, but rounder than Taiki or Seiya and gray eyes that often sports a very annoyed expression. He weights - or so he boasts - 38 kg, wears emerald earrings and measures 5'4'' which makes him the smallest of his trio.

At school, Yaten goes with the male student uniform that consists of navy blue pants and jacket - that he finds barely fashionable and when on stage, he can be seen wearing a blue shirt, red tie and blue jacket. As a civilian, however, he prefers to wear comfortable clothes, yes, but that usually follows the trend of the current season. He likes to be dressed elegantly. When doing sports, he doesn't mind to show off, as long as it protects him from feeling his sweat against his skin.

Healer liked to show off. Not only would she dressed as if she was the queen of the soirée - though never to attract the attention off of Kakyuu - but she would do so with confidence. She preferred dresses that were eye-catching and tasteful, never showing too much. That would be on formal days. Otherwise, she preferred a top and pants that would stand out, often with intricate designs and original figures. She wore heels in events, but would opt for slipper-like shoes, putting her comfort first and still looking good.
Personality:  Healer always was a wild card. Unpredictable, she had a strong character that attracted the eyes. She was the most individualistic of her trio, often going by her own rules and own ideas and appeared unconventional for others though it was never to a degree where her behaviour would be considered unacceptable. She disliked custom but conformed to it for her princess and companions' sake. Practical, she was often the one with an idea, knowing what to do in many situations, when to start a project, when to stop in order to think and she would take the extra time to understand how a system worked and how certain things should be done. She was very goal-oriented, though not single-minded, and would do her best to follow through, no matter how hard or impossible it seemed. She always preferred to excel in more things than one instead of being just an average skilled person. She was curious, full of enthusiasm and energy, but as she payed more attention to what she thought than how she expressed it, many around her thought she was more serious, even cold. She wasn't one to keep her mouth shut either and could appear rude to anyone not knowing her better.

Yaten is sarcastic, often rude, very egotistical – mostly appearance wise – in short, she can be a bit of a jerk in her everyday life, would her interlocutor be friends or acquaintances. She can become very annoying for other people for she does not hesitate to mock them when she wants or feels the need to – mostly on grades, appearances, habits, etc and will rarely interact with others outside Taiki and Seiya. It's one of the reasons she isn't in any club once they become students at Juuban – plus the fact she hates to get dirty – and she'd rather go home and wait for the others instead of participating in activities or helping others in one way or another. In that, she isn't known to be very cautious of others' feelings, especially when rejecting them. She absolutely loathes people that aren't honest, which is why she cannot stand most of the fangirls fawning over her or even the letters they would send. She doesn't understand how someone who doesn't know anything about her can pretend to love her. It upsets her to no end. Anyway, girls don't really interest her.

She is very delicate, very frail also and simply cannot stand being injured on her face or body (she will usually avoid hand-to-hand combat because of this, though she also have a great confidence in the strength of her main attack). She is unable to bear being sweaty or dirty and often gives the impression that she never lifted anything heavier than a chopstick in her life (which would be a mistake to believe since it would mean to highly underestimate how powerful she actually is). However, she needs a lot of sleep to be functional and becomes quickly grumpy or sulky when she doesn't sleep enough. She can be really nervous and will scratch her head when it happens (or when she is deeply lost in her thoughts). Better not get on her bad side, because she can hold grudges for many years and doesn't take no for an answer.

Yaten is not devoid of feelings and she can have outbursts of empathy as shown with Luna where she showed worry about the cat's well-being – and giving her a lot of affection (not the fake kind). She is also very artistic and likes photography. She has also a very strong loyalty and devotes herself only to Kakyuu, but she can lose patience when it takes so much energy and time to find her. She can be won over by someone who has the patience to see past all of her quirks and her friendship is always true – else she simply does not give it and treats the other like garbage.

Any Uniques Abilities/Skills: Yaten can control the strength of her attacks whether it is to kill or only to weaken.

History: Healer was born on one of the three smaller bodies orbiting Kinmoku and was brought to the princess Kakyuu very young to be her guardian and soldier. She grew up with her and two other Starlights, Fighter and Maker. With them, she formed bonds of friendship that lasted through more things that she first thought it would and when their planet was attacked by Galaxia she feared she would lose everything she cared for in the universe. Her princess had to leave and soon after, the Starlights followed. Their mission would always remain her safety and Healer would be damned if something happened to Kakyuu.

It led them to Earth where they took male appearances and Healer became Yaten. He agreed with the other two. In order to be able to find her, they would have to be visible and thus became the Threelights, a band that became quickly popular. They sang their hearts out and though it wasn't always easy, nor for his mind nor for his metabolism.

They met Sailor Moon - then Usagi Tsukino from the touring they were making with their band, but also all of the girls orbiting around her: Minako, Rei, Makoto, Ami. None of them really impressed him, but he kept following his own friends around and kept meeting the girls. Yaten wasn't sure about being a student on Earth, but in the end, it was more entertaining than he feared it would be.

Unfortunately, they weren't there on vacation and Galaxia ended up arriving on Earth. Healer fought with her princess and her friends, but it seemed almost hopeless. Under Fighter's guidance, she ended up believing in the power of Sailor Moon and so when she finally won, the respect she had begun to feel towards her highly increased. She ever brought them back their princess and the four together could finally go back to Kinmoku.
Other Noteworthy Facts:
 She can alter her body's gender.
Yaten sings and plays the keyboard in the Threelights
She is one of the guardian senshi of Princess Kakyuu
Blood type: B
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
 Favorite food: Caviar
Favorite subject: Art
Worst Subject: Physical Education
Has trouble with: Physical Exertion, sweating, dishonesty
Hobbies: Photography
Clubs: None

Storyline Specific Information: None yet

Senshi Name: Sailor Star Healer
Realm of Influence(s): Stars and light/lightning
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Healer Star Power, Make up! It should be noted that this phrase not only allows her to transform, she also returns to her original female form.
Senshi Fuku: 

Healer's uniform consist in many parts brought together. She has a green bra strap that goes around her breasts and it attaches together on her back with two yellow stars. Her top is bikini-like and navy blue, ending in point near her collarbone. Then she has a navy blue sailor collar that seems to be attached to the strap. She wears long blue navy gloves that go over the elbow. The bottom part of her fuku are blue navy and gold hotpants. She has long over-the-knee navy blue boots that have the same point as her top and a green belt that forms an X both in the front and the back. The center front seems to be fastened by a star. She wears two thin green beaded chokers that form an 'X' in the front and back and green protectors that are on her forearms (at the opposite of Fighter and Maker that have them on their arms). There are crystal bells studding her belt and protectors. Her earrings change from simple buds to two yellow stars and her tiara is a simple beaded golden circlet with a star in the middle. She has a triangular shaped brooch with two wings attached in the middle of her top.


Star Sensitive Inferno 
This is an offensive attack where Healer gathers energy in her hand before releasing it in the form of lightning bolts. It is powerful enough to kill instantly.

Weapons or Magical Items: 

Sailor Change Star 
It is actually a two pieces set that consist of a microphone and a brooch. The microphone is used by the Starlights to transform, it is not visible while they are in civilian form (unless they use it). It usually disappears once they've transformed.
In their civilian form, the brooch is hidden under their clothes and attached to a chain while once transformed, they keep it on their fuku approximatively where Sailor Moon has her own. Healer's brooch (as Maker's and Fighter's) contains her Sailor Crystal.

Sailor Star Yell
[Anime only] The three Starlights often use this object when they are about to cast one of their attacks (even though they totally can attack without it). It is star shaped with a red jewel embedded in the centre surrounded by five other gems that shine blue, pink, yellow, green and red when used. It has small white wings on each side of the top point.
Guardian: There's not a lot left for Yaten to say in his defence xD

RP Sample:
See Me, Bokutachi no Jidai:


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Senshi: Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer   22nd August 2015, 6:01 pm

I think this is ready for review Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Senshi: Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer   23rd August 2015, 1:30 pm

Approved! Smile


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(Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Senshi: Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer

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