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 [Relaxed]Cross Over: Chii

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PostSubject: [Relaxed]Cross Over: Chii   27th August 2015, 7:56 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Chii
Gender: Female
Age: Chi is a persocom, so the age is unknown.
Character Image: 

Image original link

  • Fun fact: Chii's ears are actually ports! She has wires in there that can link to computers, or where computers can plug into her. The more you know

Personality Traits:

  • +Big heart/caring
  • +Always happy, almost never sad
  • +Willing to learn
  • - No common sense, easily confused with logic

Storyline Specific Information:
--Chi Eye

  • Alternate universe: Chi ends up in the Sailor Moon Universe, where Hawk Eye is living his dream of being a shop owner

  • Hawk Eye finds Chi in the garbage wrapped in rags, just like the original Chobits Manga/Anime. However, Chi awakens when Hawkeye steps on her foot and she turns on. It begins to rain and Hawkeye offers her a place.

  • Chi must learn to live in harmony with the redeemed Amazon Trio

Additional Information:

  • Chii is a Persocom = Robotic Humanoid Super Computer (my own words)
  • Her hard drive has been damaged, however her system allows her to learn
  • At first, Chi can only say her name, but over time Chii learns to speak and how to interact/be human

RP Sample:
Chii was trying to remember how to put the piece of clothing on that Hawkeye had given her. He said it was called a dress, but her learning mind sometimes forgot the simplest of things. The pink fabric finally made it's way around her body as she looked at herself in the rectangular mirror that laid vertically against the wall. 

"Pretty" Chii said to herself as she turned slightly to see the back of the dress. She was proud of herself that she was able to remember that word. It was one of Chii's favorites. With a smile on her face, she ran out of her room to find someone, anyone. She wanted to show them her prettiness


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed]Cross Over: Chii   28th August 2015, 2:34 pm

Yaaaaay XD Adorable~ Approved!


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[Relaxed]Cross Over: Chii

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